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Earning a Certified Internal Auditor credential is a great way to increase your income and increase employment opportunities. However, you first have to prove yourself by getting a postsecondary education and passing the CIA Exam. Both of these milestones require a lot of learning and study. However, you don’t need to do it on your own, even if you’re using a CIA Exam review course. Many individuals and companies offer accounting tutoring to students and exam candidates alike.

In this article, we’ll go over the different types of accounting tutors and what to expect from them. After that, we’ll present some well-known online accounting tutors and the rates they charge. Finally, we’ll address why it’s a good idea to hire an accounting tutor.

Types of Accounting Tutors

There are as many types of accounting tutors as there are types of accountants. Whether you’re looking for a managerial accounting tutor or a financial accounting tutor online, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. For instance, here are some broad categories of accounting tutors.

Academic Accounting Tutors

Often, before you can get a professional certification, you must first earn a degree in accounting. Certainly, this will involve passing some difficult accounting courses. Hiring an accounting and finance tutor to walk you through the tough concepts will give you a firm foundation for your accounting knowledge. You’ll find these tutors at university tutoring centers and independent tutoring companies.

CIA Exam Tutors

The Institute of Internal Auditors administers the CIA Exam to those who want to receive this credential, and a CIA tutor is often a vital part of the studying process. This three-part exam has 325 questions total, and only about 41-48% of test-takers pass every year. Working with a tutor who knows the test’s structure and content will improve your odds of passing.

CMA Exam Tutors

If you’re reading this website, you’re probably on the road to becoming a Certified Management Accountant. There are many perks to choosing CMA accounting as a career, but you must first pass the CMA Exam to work in this field. This difficult test has about a 50% pass rate, according to the Institute of Management Accountants. Therefore, candidates will want to look for a CMA tutor specializing in helping people prepare for the exam.

CPA Exam Tutors

Certified Public Accountants also must pass a difficult exam. This test has four parts, and only about 1 in 5 candidates pass all four on the first try. Thus, in addition to completing a review course, hiring a CPA tutor is a good idea. The exam covers a huge amount of information, so a tutor can help a CPA candidate identify and strengthen any areas of weakness.

What to Expect from Accounting Tutoring

Whether for an academic course or a professional certification, accounting tutoring is no different from tutoring in other subjects. In other words, it’s important to find a tutor you work well with. Subsequently, you’ll get as much out of it as you put in. A good tutor will help you by…

  • …openly discussing your goals and expectations for your sessions together.
  • …assisting you in forming a reasonable study plan.
  • …identifying areas of weakness and strength in your existing accounting knowledge.
  • …preparing you for the specific conditions and format of a standardized test.
  • …making efficient use of your time.

Where to Find an Accounting Tutor

Students can often find these services through their universities’ tutoring centers. However, if you aren’t affiliated with a school, your best bet is to look for an accounting tutor online. Many tutoring and test prep companies have tutors who specialize in helping candidates pass the CPA, CIA, or CMA Exams. Also, most even offer online accounting tutoring over Skype or a similar platform to best fit your schedule.

MyGuru CPA Tutoring

MyGuru tutoring customer reviews specifically mention its tutors’ success record when it comes to standardized tests. Whether you’re preparing for the CMA, CPA, or CFF exams, MyGuru tutoring can pair you with a tutor who has the experience you need. Additionally, since this is a tutoring company rather than a test prep company, MyGuru also offers general accounting tutors.

Darius Clark CPA Tutor

Although Darius Clark only offers CPA Exam tutoring, his reputation is strong enough that he receives a mention here. He claims to be the best online accounting tutor for candidates preparing for the CPA Exam. To clarify, his i-75 review course tutoring bundle comes with CPA test prep materials as well as ten one-on-one tutoring sessions with Clark himself. Most importantly, he asserts that students can add ten points to their exam scores by receiving his instruction.

What’s more, you can save 12% on your tutoring when you use the code ipasscpa.

Becker CPA One-on-One Tutoring

To be hired as a Becker tutor, you have to be an experienced accounting instructor. Therefore, Becker’s 1:1 tutors for the CMA and CPA Exams are some of the best around. However, this tutoring is meant to be a supplement to the company’s review courses.

Additionally, don’t forget to apply one of the Becker CPA discounts to your tutoring too. Becker tutoring is not always discounted, but we recommend snapping it up when it is!

Cost of Accounting Tutoring

The only place you’re going to find legitimate free accounting tutoring is at a university tutoring center, where your school fees pay the tutors. Otherwise, you will pay by the hour for most accounting tutoring. Here are the hourly fees for the companies listed above.

Company Cost per Hour Notes
Becker $149 Also offers CMA and CPA exam review courses
Darius Clark 10 sessions included with $1,599 exam prep bundle For other tutoring options, contact Clark through his website
MyGuru $99 Per-hour charge is lower if you make a 5, 10, or 15-hour commitment


Yes, tutoring can be expensive. However, it can also give you a much-needed advantage in taking and passing the CIA Exam and other tests. The personalized help you’ll get from an accounting tutor may make the difference when it comes to truly understanding a difficult accounting concept.

If your budget can accommodate it, a few hours of tutoring is a great help. You can make the most out of a relatively small amount of time by preparing carefully for your sessions. Additionally, you can use tutoring along with an exam review course to fully get ready to take the test. In conclusion, look for a tutor who has the knowledge and experience to help you meet your goals.

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