Becker CIA Review and its Best Alternative: My Recommendation


I’ve got quite a few questions on Becker CIA Review: on whether it is good, how to get it and the cost.

The reality is that there is no such thing as Becker CIA Review.

But then, if you like the Becker brand, I can recommend review courses that live up to your expectation.

Why Do People Like Becker CIA (or Other Courses)?

1. Solid Reputation

Becker has been around for 50+ years and is best known for the CPA review courses. The live classes are endorsed by the Big 4, and they partner with thousands of CPA firms and corporations to offer deeply discounted courses for the employees. The lecture notes and questions are also well organized and well written.

2. Price Premium isn’t a Concern

Unless you get a discounted price (or free offer) from the employer, you have to pay $3,300 for each course. We are talking about at least 50% premium to the next expensive option.

It’s arguable whether it’s worth it, but in any case, price sensitivity of Becker customers is low, meaning they are willing to pay a premium for a product considered the best in the market.

Are there an Equivalent Review Course for CIA Exam?

We have discounts for major course providers here, but in my opinion, if you are to fit the two criteria above, I would recommend Gleim.

This is because:

1. Great Review System that comes with Video, Lecture Notes and Practice Questions

For CIA exam prep, Gleim is the most widely used in the CIA review course market with 40+ years of experience.

Similar to Becker, Gleim offers an online video instruction. The practice question database is also among the biggest.

2. Among the Pricier Option, but Not the Most Expensive

Given its reputation and the big upgrade in recent years, the Gleim Review System is now priced as a premium to competitors such as Hock. It remains to be slightly more affordable than the IIA Learning System (which doesn’t have video instructions and study planners).

3. Other Value Adds

Gleim has other great offers such as free trial, pass guarantees, exam mentors as well as translated versions in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Turkish.


Is Gleim CIA Review perfect for your needs? Not exactly. As you may see from our Part 3 tips page, they could do a better job in CSR and ISO31000, and probably cut down some of the computational questions. Becker isn’t perfect either right?

There are ways to overcome the limitations. You can get most of the necessary supplementary for free as discussed on the Part 3 page. For now, Gleim Part 1 and 2 are as good as it gets.

All in all this is a better product and better deal among the CIA review courses. All our bloggers so far choose Gleim CIA Review. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below.

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