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Hello Again! 5/5 (1)

I am so glad you are staying with my CIA exam mini course. Optional: if you have suggestions on how I can improve my course, please drop a note below. Thanks! Please rate this Article Ratings

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Let’s Keep in Touch! 5/5 (1)

Thanks for staying with me all along. There are many reasons why one doesn’t continue to pursue the CIA title. You are definitely not alone. Some of my readers asked me about other accounting certifications. If you are interested, I’ve got info on CPA and CMA: US CPA (for public and general accounting) CMA (for […]

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Hello Again! 4.4/5 (5)

I am so glad you are staying in touch with me. I  will keep sending tips from time to time, and you can always email me with questions. As a token of appreciation, please find below my 5 guessing strategies on CIA multiple choice questions. You can right click the image and save the file […]

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Congratulations! 5/5 (1)

I am so glad that you’ve passed the exam! This is truly a great accomplishment. Have you read our CIA exam success stories? You can now be part of it! Please share your story to support other aspiring CIAs. I’ve got another gift for you… LinkedIn Recommendations Since you’ve passed the CIA exam (any or […]

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Wiley CIA Focus Notes for Part 1 5/5 (2)

Waqar is our first blogger for this CIA exam site. He writes for us every Wednesday. I am glad to say that Wiley CIA focus notes are really something that I didn’t thought it would be — I mean I like them. Today I’m here with Wiley focus notes review, and why I find them […]

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Thank You for Signing Up 5/5 (1)

Hey, thanks for all the trouble — I hope you understand that the verification is necessary to tackle spamming. You will find the first e-lesson in your mailbox tomorrow. See you there, Stephanie Please rate this Article Ratings

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