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IIA CIA Challenge Exam 5/5 (1)

cia challenge exam

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification is the most well-known and highly regarded certification in the internal auditing industry. In fact, the CIA is so prestigious that it is the gold standard in internal auditing. And to earn the CIA, most candidates must meet a strict set of CIA certification requirements. However, in order to […]

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How to Pass CIA Part 1 on Your First Try 4.86/5 (7)

how to pass cia part 1 on your first try

The path to becoming a CIA includes several significant obstacles, one of which is CIA exam Part 1. Because it is one of the 3 CIA exam parts, you must pass CIA Part 1 within 4 years of entering the CIA program. And in order to fulfill all of the other CIA requirements in that […]

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How to Pass CIA Part 2 on Your First Try 5/5 (3)

how to pass cia part 2 on your first try

Whether you’re about to begin or finish the CIA exam, you must pass CIA exam Part 2 to complete your journey to CIA certification. And, as with each part, you’ll want to pass Part 2 of the CIA exam as efficiently as possible. By doing so, you can avoid extending the CIA process and increasing […]

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IIA CIA Exam Changes: Major CIA Syllabus Changes in 2019 5/5 (3)

iia cia exam changes 2019

In the ever-changing environment of the business and accounting industries, professional accounting exams must be adjusted every 5-6 years to keep up. Therefore, IIA CIA exam changes arrived on January 1, 2019. So, if you’re starting your exam journey now, let me tell you all about the 2019 CIA exam changes so you can prepare […]

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CIA Exam Part 3: How to Pass CIA Part 3 4.8/5 (5)

cia exam part 3

As the CIA exam pass rates prove, earning the Certified Internal Auditor certification is not easy. The CIA exam is fairly challenging on the whole, and many past CIA candidates (now CIAs) have struggled the most with CIA exam Part 3. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pass it. In fact, even though it’s hard, […]

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CIA Exam Difficulty: How Hard Is the CIA Exam Compared to Other Accounting Exams? 5/5 (4)

cia exam difficulty

Before you embark on the CIA journey, you might want to understand how much of a challenge earning this qualification can be. For example, you may have questions like, “How hard is the CIA exam? How does it compare to other accounting certification exams such as the CPA Exam or CMA exam?” To give you […]

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CIA Exam Part 2: How to Pass CIA Part 2  5/5 (2)

cia exam part 2

In the process of passing the CIA exam, you’ll have to sit for CIA exam Part 2. Passing each CIA exam part the first time is the most efficient and economical way to become a CIA. So, to help you pass CIA Part 2 on your first attempt, learn all about the syllabus, pass rate, […]

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CIA Exam Part 1: How to Pass CIA Part 1 4.83/5 (6)

cia exam part 1

The CIA exam has 3 parts that you must pass. So, at some point, whether the beginning or end of your CIA exam experience, you’ll need to take CIA exam Part 1. And before you do, you should learn all about the syllabus, format, difficulty, and best passing strategies for this part. You’ll find all […]

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How Is the Certified Internal Auditor Exam Scored? CIA Exam Passing Score 5/5 (5)

cia exam passing score

To become a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), you’ve got to take the CIA exam. Passing all 3 parts of this exam is one of several CIA requirements. And, you must finish all of these requirements within 4 years of entering the CIA program. Therefore, you’ll want to pass the exam efficiently, and learning as much […]

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CIA Exam Pass Rate: The Latest (and Surprising) CIA Pass Rate 5/5 (4)

cia exam pass rate

If you want to earn the CIA certification, you must pass the CIA exam. Consequently, you may be wondering just how many people pass the CIA exam annually. Thankfully, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) discloses the CIA exam pass rate every year. Therefore, we can assess the CIA pass rate to determine what it […]

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