Celebrating IIA Awareness Month


 IIA Awareness MonthAnnette is our first exam blogger from Namibia. She passed Part 1 and 2, and started blogging while attempting to retake Part 3. She finally passed in February this year.

By now all of you should be aware that May is the International Internal Auditing Awareness Month. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our profession and passion.

Yesterday I went with a couple of new friends from my Beginners Spanish Class for a drink and we introduced each other properly for the first time. The question was “So Annette what do you do from 8 to 5?” My response was…I am a change agent, I help businesses get better at what they do in a controlled way …. I gave some examples of what processes I had looked at and where I have been etc. Afterwards the one friend looked at me and said “Wow this is the first time I hear accounting can be that much fun” (not that accounting is majority of our work though lol…)

When did you hear about Internal auditing the first time? How do you explain what internal audit is all about? How do you spread the message of internal auditing?

The first time I heard about Internal Auditing was in my second year at University when we had the module on auditing. The lecturer also told us about the CIA program, however I never really thought at that time that I’d pursue that route.

I used to explain my jobs with using a mix of words such as risk and control management, ensuring control design and effectiveness by testing, adding value to the business, helping and consulting. Whatever way, I make clear to distinct between internal and “external” auditors, it’s just one of these things that peeves me when people think as an internal auditor I audit my own firms statements (sigh).

How do I spread the message and passion – by writing in here and by passionately telling everyone I do. There are many more ways as suggested in the IIA Awareness Toolkit recently released. Try them!

And to close off here the typical funny picture as seen on the internet:

 IIA Awareness Month

Note from Stephanie

Accounting and audit is such an important part of everyday business, yet people’s lack of knowledge in our professional always baffle me. People in general still see us as bean counters, a bunch of boring souls toiling in tiny cubicles.

I really like how you package the role of internal auditors. Change Agent… that’s awesome! and I am sure your passion in IA is a big reason why your friends think it’s “that much fun” 🙂

To learn more about this initiative, please check out this page from the IIA. You can download the PDF of the toolkit as mentioned by Annette.

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About the Author Annette S

Hello, I was born, raised and have been working in Namibia as an internal auditor. I finally passed my CIA exam after 7 attempts on Part 3!