CIA CPE Requirements, Course Overview and Common Questions


CIA CPE requirements

Similar to other accounting professional certification holders, Certified Internal Auditors are required to take continuing professional education classes to keep themselves up to speed in the profession.

CIA CPE Requirements at a Glance

CIA certification holders are required to get 40 credit hours per year. Once you become a CIA, 80 credit hours are given to you so you don’t need to take any credits in the first two years of certification.

The logic is that the CIA exam itself is worth 80 CPE credit hours according to the IIA.

After that, you can self-report the CPE credits using the CCMS — the system that logs your profile and your CIA exam status.

Where can you Take these CPE courses?

The IIA lists the approved CPE providers on this page. The IIA itself offer some courses, and there are also third-party providers.

The courses can be taken in the form of seminars, e-learning such as webinars and other interactive online workshops, as well as on-site training and conferences.

In terms of topics, the range is relatively wide, including:

Topics  Examples
Core competencies  Audit reporting, tools and techniques
Soft skills  Negotiation skills, critical thinking, interview skills
Governance  Risk assessment, COSO based auditing
Finance  Sarbane-Oxley, financial auditing for IAs
Technology  Auditing Oracle applications, PeopleSoft, Cloud and other systems
Environment  Environmental and safety audit compliance
IA Management  Auditor-in-charge tools and techniques
Executive Development  CAE development program

Questions from Readers

Here are the common questions. Feel free to ask other questions you may have in the comment section.

1. I heard there is a CPE reporting fee. Is it true?

Yes and no. If you work or live in North America or the Caribbeans, you don’t need to pay for the CPE reporting fee. For others, the fee level varies.

2. What happens if I don’t submit the CPE credits?

If you fail to take or report the CPE credits, you will be placed in inactive status, and cannot hold yourself out as a CIA certification holder.

3. Can I use these credits to fulfill the CPE requirements of other qualifications?

IIA doesn’t have restriction, but you’ll have to check whether these credits are accepted by others. For example, the credits given by passing the CIA exam are not NASBA sponsored, and therefore cannot be used to fulfill the CPA CPE requirements.

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