CIA Exam FAQ: Most Popular Questions from CIA Candidates

cia exam faq

I’m always here to answer my readers’ questions about the CIA exam. And over the years, I’ve received some very similar questions about the exam many, many times! So, to help you get the answers you need quickly and easily, I’ve compiled this list of CIA exam FAQs (frequently asked questions). Just click on the links to find all of the answers to these questions.

Considering the CIA Certification

1. What is a career as a Certified Internal Auditor like?

2. Is getting the CIA certification a good idea?

3. Do I have what it takes to earn the CIA?

Becoming a CIA

1. How do I become a CIA?

2. What is the CIA exam like?

3. How do I take the CIA exam?

4. Should I take the CIA exam now?

5. Which part should I take first?

6. Has the CIA exam changed recently?

Preparing for the CIA Exam

1. Which CIA study materials should I use?

2. How do I study for the CIA exam?

Completing the CIA Process

1. How do I prepare to retake the CIA exam?

2. How do I maintain the CIA certification?

Considering IT Audit

1. What is an IT audit career like?

Comparing the CIA to Other Accounting Designations

Getting More Help with the CIA

If you’d like more information about the CIA certification process, you can find it in my free CIA e-course. This course even tells you how to pass each part of the CIA exam on your first attempt. So, learn more or sign up below!

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