CIA Exam Journey Started


cia exam journeyWaqar is our first ever blogger for this CIA exam site. He writes for us every Wednesday. This is his first post.

Hello guys my name is Waqar Akmal and I’m starting my journey for CIA. I’m totally excited about this and can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys.

As you know, CIA is the one of the best certifications an auditor can hold. That’s why I have chosen CIA as I want to have a career in which I know everything. I’m also doing CMA, both of these certifications covers (almost) all aspects of an organization.

My CIA Exam Journey Begins

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

The Institute of Internal auditors has given us the flexibility to choose from the three exams — what I mean here is that we can choose whichever exam part to take first. Yes, it totally depends on our own decision. I have decided to take part 1 first and go chronically. That’s what I did with CMA. Also, from what I heard from most CIA exam students, part 1 is easier than the other two parts.

All things are difficult before they are easy”

I consider my self lucky to go for this certification. It’s like dream come true. I got the best mentor and the best place (institute) where I have started my journey. My mentor worked as an auditor and he himself is a CIA. Because of the experience my mentor has on audit, when he teaches us certain concept, he is able to relate it to the real life scenario which he faced himself for many years as an auditing professional. It really helps when he relates the topic or a theory with the real life experience because if you don’t have any experience or a good mentor it would be more difficult for you to understand these topics which CIA covers.

I read this statement on the internet and we all know where I searched 😀 yes ! you are right I’m talking about Google but this is one the best quotes you can ever find. I really don’t know why these quotes motivates me but they do.

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely”

I will share all my experiences with you guys as I get one step ahead in my journey and with the help of Stephanie. I think the journey will be more smooth because she is here for us. A quote for Stephanie as you deserve this.

We rise by lifting others”

Waqar Akmal

From Stephanie

Thanks for your quote! For those who don’t know Waqar, he has been a popular blogger over at my CMA exam site. We have been following his journey from passing Part 1 to finishing Part 2, now waiting together for his result in August.

I am so glad that Waqar continues his quest of excellence on this site and be our very first CIA exam blogger. I hope his ever positive attitude and his quotes keep motivating all of us!

Looking forward to your second post next week.

About the Author Waqar Akmal

Howdy guys, I am Waqar Akmal from Pakistan. I am currently enrolled in MBA program (Third Semester) and have completed the CMA exam. I am now working towards the CIA exam.

  • Umar Ahmad says:

    welcome to CIA and good luck for your studies.

  • Ali says:

    Welcome Waqar, I wish you all the best in your CIA journey!

    You have mentioned the positive role of having a mentor or an experience for passing CIA tests. However, I have a short time of experience in audit but I keep educating myself by reading some related books. I am just wondering whether there are some online sources or groups helping me in understanding CIA materials and passing its test. I prepare for CIA part 1 and will take on the test hopefully next month!


    • Waqar Akmal says:

      Yes brother it’s great to have a mentor/teacher but experience makes it more easier for one to understand and teach the concept 😀

  • odysseas says:

    i have a university degree in economics but i don’t have any experience. Due to the crisis in cyprus is difficult to find a job on your field especially with only one degree in economics is like you dont have nothing. i am thinking to start the certified internal auditor (CIA) but am not sure if i will make it cause my poor experience on the field of accounting. i know that it wiil be difficult but i have the energy. can you give me any advice please?

    • Waqar Akmal says:

      If you have the energy then go for it with your 100% effort because ”The starting point of all achievement is desire” and i think you have the guts for this.
      Waqar Akmal

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi Waqar, a reader told me he made the decision to start his CIA exam after reading your story. He has been procrastinating for a while. Thanks so much to be our inspiration!

    Cheers, Stephanie

  • Odysseas says:

    Hello again. I am from cyprus and there is no one who offers the CIA. If i watch only the online courses it will be satisfactory for me? i dont i have any experience on the field of accounting..

    • Waqar Akmal says:

      I am taking online course of CIA IN PAKISTAN you can try it if you like ! ( Lectures are in english)
      Hope this helps !
      Cheers !

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Odysseas,
      Most people I know in the US rely on online self-study courses. It may not be as popular in other parts of the world, but it’s pretty much the standard here. This is especially the case given the exam itself is 100% computerized. Regards, Stephanie

  • Christopher says:

    Hi Wagnar,

    I am wondering if we can chat privately via email about the CIA Exams.

    My email address is ediaechristopher5[@]

    Thank you.

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