Exciting! CIA Exam is available in these 17 Languages

CIA exam languagesThe CIA exam information in this website is applicable to North America. The following countries have separate CIA certification process. Please contact the local IIA representatives for more information.

CIA Certifications Around the World

If you don’t see your country listed above, use the main US website for registration.

Source: IIA global website

A Note on CIA Exam Languages

The CIA exam is offered in Arabic, Chinese (traditional), English, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Thai.

CIA exam language options are available in every Pearson VUE centers, except for Thai, which can only be taken in testing centers in Thailand. The choice is slightly less for specialty exams.

I am Bilingual. Which Language should I Choose?

My general recommendation is this: if you have a reasonably good command of English comprehension (e.g. reading a page of New York Times without much struggling), take the original English version.

I have readers reporting frustration in the translated version of the exams. The questions can be complex, and the exact meaning is somewhat lost in translation.

Having said that there are different school of thoughts. We have a lively discussion in the comment section here:

How to Approach the CIA Exam as a Non-English Speaker

The same issue applies to the review courses as well. While major review providers may have translated courses in selected languages (e.g. Spanish), my readers don’t seem to like it. If your English is good enough, I would stick with the original version.

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