CIA Exam Locations: Where is the Nearest Test Center?

cia exam location

Candidates can now take the exam in their preferred CIA exam locations around the world. There are 500+ testing centers available in most days of the year. Let’s look at how you can locate the CIA exam test centers and how the exam scheduling is done.

Find the Nearest CIA Exam Locations

Check out what exactly you need to do to locate the closest testing center:


For those who prefer to read the text, please find the information below.

You can find out the most convenient CIA exam locations for yourself before registering for the exam. Here are the steps:

1. Click this page in Pearson VUE website dedicated to the CIA exam

2. There is a “find your site” button at the right hand side of the page, as shown below.

cia exam testing centre

3. Type in the city you would like to take the test. It doesn’t need to be your home country. I use “San Francisco” as an example and the site shows the testing center in the city as well as several options in adjacent area.

cia exam location

How Your CIA Exam Site May Look Like

Here is a video clip from Pearson VUE showing a typical exam site, and what you can expect to go through the registration process on exam day.

CIA Exam Scheduling

First of all, you need to register for the CIA exam. This can be done most efficiently via the CCMS (Certification Candidate Management System) run by the IIA.

Once your registration is processed and that the data is updated to Pearson VUE’s scheduling system (approximately 48 hours), you can make your appointment online or by phone.

Please note the following:

  • Appointments may be made up to one business day in advance.
  • The registration entitles you to one part of the CIA exam and is valid for 180 days.
  • Candidates are required to go through the same step for each part of the CIA exam. In other words, if you register for two parts, you need to register twice.
  • Pearson VUE administers many certifications other than the CIA, and some sites get full quickly. You should schedule the exam as early as possible.

Hope It Helps!

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  • John Kyebagadha says:

    Enquiry on how to re-register for CIA. An old member

  • Moses B. Bngura says:

    I am a member of an Audit Group of seventeen registered members with th IIA. All the members are working in a Government Internal Audit Institution in Sierra Leone, West Africa. All the 17 members would like to take the CIA Part I Exam. Unfortunately there is no exam center in my country but I understand that the nearest center is in Accra, Ghana.
    Moving all the seventeen members to Ghana for the exam could be very expensive. Can the IIA make provision to create a temporary center in my country for the exam? If not what would you advise for my group to take this exam next year?

  • Ayed says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    thanks for the insights really helpful.

    from reading your page I came to know that I can take the exam at any date during the year ? is this correct ? and can I know my score right after the exam ?

    Also if I fail after how long can redo the exam ?

    thanks for your help in advance.

    best regards,

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Ayed,
      Yes – can take any date when the exam center is open (i.e. normally mean weekdays and maybe also Saturday, depending on location)
      Yes – you know the score right afterwards
      Failed candidates need to wait for 90 days to take the same part. But if they choose to take another part first, there is no restriction. Hope it helps!

  • Neha Tewari says:

    Hi Stephanie – I am not sure when to book the exam. Shall i book the exam now (when i have not started studying but have the study material) and set an end date to race against or shall i complete the course and then set an exam date?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Neha, if you are sure you are qualified for this exam, I would start studying and wait till almost ready to join the CIA program and schedule the exam. This way your extent your 4 year deadline as much as possible.

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Steph,

    I am situated in Costa Rica at the moment. Which test center would you recommend in my case?


  • Dziwanani says:

    Hi Stephanie

    i completed my degree in internal auditing in South Africa 2015, i am currently an internal audit trainee and its only my second month, can i apply now and register for part 1 CIA exam next year February or should i wait till i have gained 6 months experience to apply

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Dziwanani,
      You can certainly start taking the exam now, unless you want to gain more practical experience which is helpful (but not absolutely necessary) for this exam 🙂

  • estelle says:


    I would like to know if it Is relevant to pass CIA exams when You dont have any experience at all in audit? Is it easy to find a work when You pass at least part 1?

    Thank You for your answer

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Estelle,
      I think it helps opening some doors because it shows your commitment, but it’s hard to tell (i.e. no guarantee). I can imagine that employers prefer one with audit experience (or other related areas, e.g. operational, IT) but t depends on the demand and supply of junior IAs in your area.

  • Kiiza Mugisha emmanuel says:

    HI! Jam in Rwanda(Africa) want to sit for CIA which center is near? Can i sit CIA exams all parts in one year?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Kiiza, please follow the instruction above and see which site is the closest to you. Yes you can certainly try taking all 3 parts within a year. It really depends on one’s work schedule and other commitment, but many candidates are able to complete all exams in this time frame.

  • Nams says:


    Currently I am in India for the next three months after which I plan to move to USA. Is there an option to given part 1 exam in india and remaining exams from USA

    Also, in which country I should opt to be member ? before paying fees for exams

    • Stephanie says:

      Sure that’s fine Nams. The membership is global so it doesn’t matter where you live. In fact we join the membership and register online and you can do this anywhere. Cheers, Stephanie

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