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This page contains my analysis of the pros and cons of CIA review courses in 2020. I've also included my recommendation for the best CIA review course based on my readers' experience and comments from major accounting forums.

CIA Review Course Comparison Contents

CIA Review Courses

Wondering how to pick the best CIA review course? I recommend you check out the options below and use my comparison to help you find the best course for you! 

If you prefer to get our recommendation, we'd highly encourage you to try Gleim CIA Review. They are the #1 best-selling CIA review course, and everywhere we go, we find CIAs who used Gleim to pass the CIA exam. Plus, our friends at Gleim have provided us with the best CIA review discount on the web, so it is an affordable course as well.

CIA Review Course Disclosure 

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CIA Learning System

CIA Review Course

Pricing for 3 Parts






Video Lectures Led by Professors
Adaptive Learning Technology
Test Prep Software
# of Practice Questions






Audio Review
Free Trial
Money-Back Guarantee*
Customer Service

Personal Counselor

Tech Support

​Teacher Support & More

Tech Support

Tech Support

Access Time Limit

Access Until You Pass



12 Months

12 or 24 Months 

Pricing for Single Part






Recommendation & Analysis

*Conditions apply. For Gleim, pricing reflects Premium version. 

Detailed CIA Review Courses Comparison

gleim cia review discount

Gleim CIA Review

Gleim is the oldest and most widely used CIA exam review course. If you browse my site, you'll notice that most of my readers use Gleim either as their core study materials or as a supplement to the CIA Learning System.

Most noteworthy, 3 of our 4 CIA exam bloggers chose Gleim (on their own) to prepare for the exam; the remaining one started with another provider and switched to Gleim after 2 weeks.


Very established provider

Gleim created the first CIA review course in the industry. They also produced the first CMA course and one of the first CPA courses.

Integrated learning approach

The Gleim CIA Review System includes videos, test bank, audio reviews, textbooks, and an online study tracking system.

Lots of high-quality practice questions

This course contains the most comprehensive test bank of practice questions that closely simulate the real test experience.

Convenient offers

Gleim also offers ​I Pass the CIA Exam readers with a 10% Gleim CIA Discount.


Skips the basics

If you have absolutely no accounting or auditing background either from school or work, this course may be tough to follow.

Personal Counselors aren't accountants

Gleim assigns a Personal Counselor to each customer who purchases a Gleim CIA Review System. However, this counselor is more like a coordinator and a cheerleader. He or she can forward technical questions to the professors, but this process takes time. Otherwise, the Personal Counselors can't help you learn about accounting.


If you have some accounting/auditing experience and are the type of candidate who learns best from doing lots of practice questions, I have no doubt that Gleim is best for you.

surgent cia review discount

Surgent CIA Review (Formerly ExamMatrix CIA)

Surgent CIA prides itself on its adaptive learning technology. Surgent offers the only adaptive CIA review course on the market to feature ReadySCORE technology.


Weakness-targeting technology

The adaptive learning technology feeds students questions about topics for which they have low scores. In this way, the course essentially performs the role of a coach. This approach serves as one of the most effective ways for retakers to improve their scores. Because of this, Surgent CIA Review is a very intriguing course offering if you have failed a part of the CIA exam.


Not comprehensive

The notes are basic, and I wouldn't rely on this product alone. Surgent CIA is pretty much just an online test prep.


Surgent CIA Review is a great choice for candidates looking for supplementary practice questions. It is also good for retakers who appreciate a system that strategically feeds them questions about their weaker areas.

hock cia review

Hock International CIA

Founded by Brian Hock, CPA, CMA, CIA, this ​CIA review course provider is quite popular both inside and outside of the US. Brian brings over 15 years of teaching experience to the course. Plus, Hock has top-notch content and customer service.


​Comprehensive materials

This course features great notes that explain the concepts ​thoroughly. Additionally, the Hock CIA video lectures can be added on as well, and these comprehensive classroom-style CIA lectures are great for visual and/or auditory learners.

Good price point

The Hock CIA course is ​more affordable than some other courses. Also, you can use my Hock CIA discount to save even more!

Excellent customer support & guarantees

​Hock CIA includes access to their popular CIA forum with your purchase. You'll be able to ask questions in the forum, and you can also read other candidates' questions as well. Additionally, you'll be able to email the instructors directly if you have any questions. 

Finally, Hock CIA also includes 4 guarantees and they really stand behind their products.


Smaller bank of multiple-choice questions

The practice questions are good, but the course doesn't include as many as we'd like.


If you need more explanations of the concepts behind the topics covered in the CIA exam but find Gleim CIA Review to be too expensive, Hock could be a good alternative. If you need more practice questions, you can get Wiley CIAexcel or Surgent as a supplement.

Save $

Save $

Get the Hock CIA Code Now!
wiley ciaexcel review discount

Wiley CIA Review

Wiley is another global brand in the accounting exam preparation industry. They are most recognized in the CPA test prep arena for the #1 selling Wiley CPA Exam Review textbooks as well as the fully guided online course known as Wiley CPAexcel.

For the Certified Internal Auditor exam, Wiley CIAexcel is also available using a similar platform. Wiley CIAexcel sells the study guide, practice question test bank, and focus notes individually. Therefore, you can purchase Wiley CIAexcel's products separately and use them to supplement other CIA materials.  In contrast, Gleim does not sell its products separately, with the exception of the CIA test bank.


Global brand

The Wiley name is known around the world and has a reputation for excellence.


Wiley CIAexcel is one of the most affordable systems among CIA study materials.


No​t comprehensive

Wiley CIAexcel features only the textbook, online practice prep, and summary notes. This product is not a fully integrated and guided review course (i.e., there are no videos or study planners).

Not as well-known

The Wiley CIA system is not as widely used as Gleim.


If you have tried Wiley's other products before and are familiar with their focus notes, test prep, and textbooks, Wiley CIAexcxel may be a good choice for you.

CIA Learning System

CIA Learning System

The CIA Learning System is the official review course of The IIA. This course is an integrated review system consisting of textbooks, a study planner, analytics, and practice questions. Even though this system has "IIA" in the name, don't be fooled: The IIA does not produce these materials. On top of that, the actual creators of the IIA Learning System do not have access to any inside information about the exam.


Great learning experience

I feel like the authors really want to teach you the material as opposed to just help you pass. For this reason, you can use the book as a great source of reference after the exam.

Well organized

The content presentation very closely matches the syllabus. However, you should know that the authors don't have access to the exam questions, so the manner in which the content is arranged doesn't provide much of an advantage.

Performance tracking

The course features a built-in performance tracking platform and an online study planner.



No other course on the market costs as much as the IIA Learning System.

No money-back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your purchase after you start to use the course, you're stuck with it.

Not the most efficient

If your main purpose is to pass the CIA exam as opposed to learning about internal auditing through the exam, the CIA Learning System may teach too much and feel like a waste of your time.

Insufficient difficulty

The practice questions in the test bank are not as complex and comprehensive as you might find on the actual exam. I personally prefer tougher practice questions to get me fully prepared for the exam.

Limited demo

The free demo is of little use when compared to the full-access free trial offered by other providers.

Bad value

Because there aren't very many features or any videos, this product doesn't seem to warrant such a hefty price tag.


The IIA Learning System is a great learning tool for those who want to take their time and learn about the best practices in internal audit. If you are on a tight budget or want to earn the certification fast, you might want to check out the other CIA courses.

Other CIA Study Materials

You may also consider these CIA exam preparation materials:

Lambers CIA Review

Lambers is another brand name that has been around for almost 50 years. They have products for CPA, CMA, and CIA exams.

I believe Mr. Lambers sold his business years ago, and as a result, the current products lack the personal touch they used to have. The product line now feels pretty institutionalized but doesn't really have the additional benefits you may get from a big company.

Best CIA Test Banks

In the CIA exam syllabus, we see that the exam contains hundreds of questions about dozens of topics. The exam questions could ask you anything about the exam topics, so you must answer many, many practice questions to be ready to pass.

You can answer plenty of practice questions when you use a test bank, a collection of questions imitating those on the CIA exam. Using a large and comprehensive test bank lets you get more familiar with the exam content and testing environment and strengthen your weak areas.

Available CIA test banks vary in size, but Gleim and Wiley have the best test banks on the market.

  1. Wiley CIAexcel

With more than 5,000 questions, the Wiley test bank is the largest on the market. This many questions enables you to really sharpen your skills and adapt to the testing environment. The Wiley test bank also lets you create practice sets from over 30 exam sub-topics.The Wiley test bank is sold separately, but you can use this Wiley CIA review discount to save on the Platinum course that includes the test bank.

  1. Gleim CIA Review

The test bank within the Gleim CIA Review Course contains 3,000+ practice questions. Though the Gleim test bank is smaller than Wiley’s, the questions are of higher quality. Additionally, the Gleim test bank emulates the exam environment better than anything else and also includes detailed answer explanations for every question. You can also purchase the Gleim test bank separately, but you’ll receive the most questions and the most complete preparation when you purchase the Premium Gleim CIA Review Course.

If you prefer drilling questions to build your confidence, I recommend relying on the test bank found in one of these 2 courses.

Best CIA Review Video Lectures

Turning on video lectures is a great way to add some variety and interest to your CIA exam studies. Video lectures are video recordings of instructors teaching about the exam concepts and questions. Watching video lectures helps you process information faster and retain it longer, deepen your understanding, enjoy the learning experience, and have more convenient study sessions.

CIA Review Course

Video Lectures

Gleim CIA Review

Yes (45+ hours)

Hock CIA Review

Yes (43 hours)

Lambers CIA Review


Wiley CIAexcel


Surgent CIA Review


 The IIA’s CIA Learning System


PRC CIA Review


Gryfin CIA Review


As you can see from the chart, video lectures ​are a less common feature, and only the most comprehensive CIA review courses include them at this time.

  1. Hock CIA Review

Hock CIA video lectures are thorough and based in a classroom environment. Brian Hock, CMA, CIA, will instruct and guide you through all the relevant CIA information in over 40+ hours of helpful videos. Brian has over 15 years of teaching experience, and the lectures will help you to understand detailed theory questions. Additionally, the videos will walk you through complex calculations as well. So, the Hock CIA lectures are great for candidates who need in-depth instruction.

The Hock CIA lectures can also be purchased separately and would be a great supplement to any review materials you already own.

  1. Gleim CIA Review

​Gleim led the way in creating video lectures for the CIA review industry. The Gleim Instruct CIA video series is the first of its kind, and it is still best in class despite a few other providers catching up with video content. In the Gleim Instruct series, professional educators lead CIA candidates through detailed examples and multiple-choice questions about the most important topics in the CIA exam syllabus.

If you plan to integrate video lectures into your CIA exam studies, you should plan to use Gleim CIA Review or Hock International CIA.

Best CIA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

The CIA exam consists entirely of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), but that doesn’t make the exam easy. You’ll see several different types of CIA exam MCQs, and each will assess you for distinct skills.

So, to answer these MCQs successfully, you must do more than just memorize information. Instead, you must consistently answer exam-caliber questions so you can achieve the knowledge levels required to perform well on the MCQs. Realistically difficult MCQs are essential to good CIA review, so you must use a course that delivers them.

CIA Review Course

# of MCQs

Wiley CIAexcel


Lambers CIA Review


Gleim CIA Review


PRC CIA Review


Hock CIA Review


Surgent CIA Review


Gryfin CIA Review


The IIA’s CIA Learning System


Two courses are known for having the best MCQs.

  1.  Gleim CIA Review

The MCQs in Gleim CIA Review represent the difficulty and functionality of real exam questions better than any other. Though the Gleim test bank is not the largest, it includes the most comprehensive and accurately challenging questions available. As the first CIA review provider, Gleim has the experience needed to create MCQs that sound and function like those on the CIA exam. Therefore, Gleim CIA Review gives you plenty of opportunities to get your knowledge where the exam expects it to be.

  1. Wiley CIAexcel

Wiley CIAexcel offers more practice questions than Gleim, and these questions are almost as good. Wiley is also a well-established accounting exam prep provider, so you can count on them to write questions that will effectively prepare you for the exam.

While CIA review courses with bigger test banks can help you develop your understanding of the exam content, I believe you should seek quality over quantity in your CIA review test bank.

Best CIA Review Audio Lectures

If you ever want to study for the CIA exam on the go, then you should turn on CIA review audio lectures. Audio lectures are the auditory content of a lecture, which means they’re great for audio learners and CIA candidates intending to maximize their time.  

Listening to audio lectures lets you study for the CIA exam while doing less mentally demanding tasks like exercising, cleaning, or commuting. Only one CIA review provider offers audio lectures, so you don’t have a lot of options. However, with this one option, you will get what you need to be completely ready for the CIA exam.

  1. Gleim CIA Review

The Gleim CIA Review audio lectures address critical exam topics for every exam part about as thoroughly as the books. They are also available to stream or download for your convenience. Audio learners will not be disappointed by these professor-led audio lectures, as Gleim’s reputation for candidate-focused excellence extends to these resources as well.

If audio lectures are an important review component for you, you’ll find the Gleim CIA audio lectures to be extremely comprehensive and effective.

Best CIA Review Study Planners

One of the most significant plans you’ll make in the process of passing the CIA exam is your study plan. Formulating your CIA exam study plan is a big job, but depending on the CIA review provider you choose, your course can actually help you get it done.

CIA Review Course

Study Planner

Gleim CIA Review


Hock CIA Review


The IIA’s CIA Learning System


PRC CIA Review


Surgent CIA Review


Wiley CIAexcel


Lambers CIA Review


Gryfin CIA Review


As you can see, not every course contains a study planner. But of the planners available, I recommend easy-to-use study planners that generate a personalized agenda, record your progress, and hold you accountable. Such study planners keep you on track for success, and Gleim and Hock have.

  1. Gleim CIA Review

The Gleim CIA Review study planner is the best on the market because it lets you add test dates and input your availability before producing a tailored schedule of sessions and assessments. The Gleim study planner adapts when you add or remove blackout dates and notifies you about missed study sessions.

  1. Hock CIA Review

Hock provides a study plan that tells you what to focus on each week, but they also allow you to alter your individual study agenda with their online study planner. The online planner automatically adjusts the general study plan according to your needs once you select a target exam date and day to begin studying.

Whether your course includes a study plan or not, establishing your study schedule involves determining how fast you want to pass, carving out time for regular study sessions, accumulating 1-2 study hours a day, and figuring out when you can finish studying. However, these study planners simplify this procedure.

Best CIA Exam Customer Support

The best CIA review provider goes to the extreme to prepare you for the CIA exam. One measure of how far your provider has gone is their customer support. Exceptional customer service is a true mark of quality CIA review, and only a few providers deliver.

Standard contact methods for CIA review providers include phone, email, live chat, and social messaging. Therefore, extraordinary customer support features access to teams of experts. The courses that distinguish themselves with these services are Gleim CIA Review and ​Hock CIA Review.

  1. Hock CIA Review

Hock CIA also allows you to reach out to course and content experts when you’re in need. And the Hock CIA Review Course makes it easy to get answers from individuals who know all about the course, the study process, and the exam material. Hock provides its candidates with an easy-to-use forum, and candidates can email Hock instructors directly as well. Hock has one of the best customer service teams available!

  1. Gleim CIA Review

​Gleim CIA Review has an outstanding reputation for customer support for 3 reasons. First, Gleim’s team of exam mentors called Personal Counselors will help you create a study plan, give advice, answer questions, and motivate you as needed. Second, the Gleim also has technical experts on hand to assist you with computer or course access problems. Finally, you can easily tap into the knowledge of Gleim’s accounting experts using the practice question inquiry system within the course.

Dynamic customer support makes a noticeable difference in the ease of your CIA exam journey, so put review providers who prioritize it at the top of your list.

Best CIA Exam Flashcards

Flashcards may be uncomplicated, but they’re still effective, even when it comes to studying for such a professional test as the CIA exam. Flashcards are ideal for improving your memorization of definitions, formulas, and more.

Making your own increases your comprehension and retention of the information, but because several review providers offer them, you can save time and effort by buying pre-made flashcards.

CIA Review Course


Wiley CIAexcel


PRC CIA Review


The IIA’s CIA Learning System


Lambers CIA Review


Hock CIA Review


Surgent CIA Review


Gleim CIA Review


Gryfin CIA Review


I suggest flipping through the flashcards found in these courses.

  1. Hock CIA Review

Hock provides CIA candidates with over 700 digital flashcards about critical exam content. These flashcards come in a convenient PowerPoint file, so you can also add your own flashcards if you like.

  1. Wiley CIAexcel

​Wiley calls their flashcards “Focus Notes”, and for good reason. With these portable printed flashcards, you can really drill down on vital exam details and build your confidence in the testable topics using acronyms and mnemonics. These flashcards even help you refine your skills in performing research activities, completing financial calculations, and working with spreadsheets.

One of the best parts about the Wiley and Hock flashcards is that they are included in the courses. But, you can buy the the Wiley flashcards separately as well, so don’t let your preference for a different review course keep you from utilizing these top-notch tools.

The Definition of a CIA Review Course

A CIA review course is a collection of resources candidates can use to study for the CIA exam. These resources focus on presenting and explaining the exam content. You can access most of the materials in a CIA course online. CIA review courses usually have:

  • Digital or physical books
  • A bank of practice questions
  • Video lectures
  • Audio lectures
  • A study planner
  • Performance tracking software
  • Customer service access
  • Limited time access

You can buy CIA review courses for each exam part separately or as a complete set.

Reasons to Use a CIA Review Course

There are quite a few advantages to using a CIA review course to pass the exam. 

Content Coverage and Explanations

A CIA review course explains the exam content in a helpful and easy to follow way.

The 3 CIA exam parts test how well candidates know current internal auditing practices and understand internal audit issues, risks, and remedies.

Part 1: Essentials of Internal Auditing

  1. Foundations of Internal Auditing (15%)
  2. Independence and Objectivity (15%)
  3. Proficiency and Due Professional Care (18%)
  4. Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (7%)
  5. Governance, Risk Management, and Control (35%)
  6. Fraud Risks (10%)

Part 2: Practice of Internal Auditing

  1. Managing the Internal Audit Activity (20%)
  2. Planning the Engagement (20%)
  3. Performing the Engagement (40%)
  4. Communicating Engagement Results and Monitoring Progress (20%)

Part 3: Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing

  1. Business Acumen (35%)
  2.  Informational Security (25%)
  3. Information Technology (20%)
  4. Financial Management (20%)

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) shares the CIA exam content in the CIA exam syllabi. This information is very broad and doesn’t go into much detail about what you need to know to pass the exam. As a CIA candidate, you could review this information for yourself, but finding and learning the specifics of the material and developing the skills you need on your own would take a lot of time and effort. You would have to do so much research that your studies would take much longer than necessary.

You have 3 years to finish all of the CIA program requirements once your application has been approved, but you don’t need to spend the majority of that time preparing for the exam. A CIA review course already contains all of the information you need to pass and arranges it in expertly-authored books, videos, practice questions, and more. A review course will save you a great deal of time while giving you immediate access to everything the exam may cover. With a CIA review course, you can focus on mastering the material rather than compiling it all yourself.

Knowledge and Skill Development

A CIA review course makes sure that you reach the levels of knowledge and skill that you need to pass in time for exam day.

With a CIA review course, you can not only review the exam content, you can track your learning progress. When you have access to tools such as performance tracking software and study planners, you can ensure that you develop the knowledge and skills you need to pass in time for your testing appointment. The CIA exam syllabi expect you to be proficient with many of the content areas on the exam. According to The IIA, proficient means that you can

  • Apply concepts, processes, or procedures
  • Analyze, evaluate, and make judgments based on criteria
  • Put elements or material together to formulate conclusions and recommendations

The CIA exam uses multiple-choice questions to determine your proficiency. The best way to become proficient is to practice what you’ve learned, and the test banks of practice questions found in CIA review courses give you the opportunity to do so. If your CIA review course also emulates the look and feel of the exam (as some do), you can get not only reach the right level of knowledge with the exam concepts, but you can also get familiar with the exam environment. Accomplishing both of these tasks before you take the exam gives you a great deal of confidence and lowers your chances of being surprised on exam day.

Support System

A CIA review course offers a support system of information, advice, and encouragement.

Most CIA review courses include customer service in some form or another. For example, your course may connect you with exam mentors who can answer your questions, help you create a study plan, and encourage you all throughout your studies. It’s also very likely that your course will supply access to a technical team who can assist you with computer issues. You can usually contact these teams via phone or email.

How Much Does CIA Review Cost?

While the cost of a CIA review course varies by review provider, most complete courses come in at less than $1,000. This is good news when you remember that you’ll have to pay other CIA exam fees as well.

You can save money on CIA review by using the free trials, making the most of your course, making your own flashcards if your course doesn’t include them, and using these CIA review discounts. Additionally, when you choose a course with an extended access period or an access until you pass guarantee, you don’t have to worry about your course access expiring before you finish the exam. This step spares you from having to pay for access renewal or another course.

When you’re ready to buy, research your options and look for a course with good guarantees. That way, you can find the best course for you the first time and pass the exam faster!

Best ​Affordable CIA Review Course

Prices for CIA review courses are not as high as exam prep for certifications such as the CPA and CMA. However, there are still CIA review course options that are fairly expensive and not worth the price. If you need to stick to a budget while making the most of your money, you’ll be happy with ​Hock CIA Review.

​Hock CIA offers a lot of value and comprehensive materials for the price. With study guides, a test bank, ​flashcards, ​optional video lectures, digital and print resources, and more, you get so much for the money. You also get just the right level of detail at every turn through the course. And because they all bear the ​Hock International name, you also know that these study materials are high-quality and trustworthy.

With this special Hock CIA review discount, the Hock CIA course costs just $600 when you add the optional lectures and still supplies everything you need to succeed. With Hock CIA, you can pass the CIA exam even when money’s tight.

My Recommendation: ​Hock International CIA

How Do I Find My Learning Style?

Did you know? We all learn differently. Each person depends upon a unique combination of tools and experiences to understand information. To study effectively for the CIA exam, you must find a review course that accommodates your learning style. Therefore, you must figure out what type of learner you are.  

  • If you understand concepts faster when someone explains them to you, you might be an auditory learner.
  • Do you find yourself moving constantly when you’re trying to concentrate? You could be a kinesthetic learner.
  • Watching a video really can help you learn, and when it’s your preferred means of gaining insight, you may be a visual learner.
  • Love reading books and taking notes? Most likely, you’re a linguistic learner.
  • When you want to see the reasoning behind an idea in order to truly grasp it, you’re not being difficult: you’re being a logical learner.
  • If you prefer to take on the investigation of new information on your own, you may be a solitary learner.
  • Find yourself feeling most ready to learn when you’re with other people? You’re probably a social learner.
  • And, if you take a different approach to learning based on the material you’re trying to consume, chances are that you have more than one learning style. This is common.

Once you’ve discovered your learning style, judge each CIA review course according to how well it promises to meet your learning needs. The best way to do this is to access any available course demos. Most providers offer limited-time access to a free course demo that shows you how the course looks, operates, and addresses your learning style. Trying out these free trials lets you feel confident in your review course decision before you make a monetary commitment. 

How to Pick the Best CIA Review Course

When you’re ready to pick the best CIA review course for you, you should assess your options based on the following criteria:

  • How well the course components fit your learning style
  • Who has written the materials
  • How often the course is updated for the current exam version
  • What kind of customer service and support you will receive
  • How customers have reviewed the course
  • Who presents the lectures
  • How much value you will get for the price
  • What guarantees and course access periods are included
  • How long the course provider has been in the industry
  • Whether you can preview the course before purchasing
  • How well the course replicates the exam experience
  • How many practice questions are included

This list is long and not arranged in any particular order. You should determine which course qualities are most important to you and compare how well each course performs in these areas. Different courses work for different candidates, but I believe you can find the best CIA review course for you that meets your needs and helps you pass.

Best CIA Review for Candidates Who Failed the CIA Exam

If you fail part of the CIA exam, it could be for one of several reasons. These reasons include a lack of sufficient study time, study effort, or study materials. Blaming your review course right away might be your gut instinct, but I strongly suggest that you analyze your personal study habits first. Only if you can honestly say that you put all of your effort into studying, used the course exactly as designed, and still failed should you officially call your course into question. At this point, if you do need to seek out new study materials, I recommend trying Surgent CIA Review.  

Surgent has defined its course as the champion of CIA exam re-takers because of its adaptive technology. This tech continuously assesses your knowledge levels and points out your weak areas until you’ve reached proficiency with all of the exam content. Focusing on your weak areas saves you time and enables you to overcome the topics that tripped you up before. Surgent CIA Review also includes a free trial and a great pass guarantee. When you use this Surgent CIA Review discount to save on your switch, you can get back into the CIA exam game faster than you think.

My Recommendation: Surgent CIA Review

Best CIA Review for Accounting Students

Great news: You can take the CIA exam as a student! Specifically, you can sit for the exam during your senior year of college. You just need to graduate and then meet the experience requirement within 3 years in order to get certified.

Taking the exam during school is wise because the exam content overlaps with some of your accounting courses. Therefore, the information will still be fresh in your mind, and you’ll still be in study mode. On top of that, the CIA exam fees are cheaper for students, so you can save money on the certification. However, you will still need a CIA review course to pass the exam, and for students, I recommend Gleim CIA Review.

Gleim CIA Review is good for students because its outstanding content coverage reinforces everything you’ve been learning. Plus, its intuitive study planner makes it easy to fit study sessions between classes. And don’t forget: your Personal Counselor will be there for you every step of the way on your CIA journey: you won’t have to go it alone. When you use my Gleim CIA Review discount to save on your exam prep, you’ll be well on your way to passing the CIA exam in a semester or two.  

My Recommendation: Gleim CIA Review

Best CIA Review for Auditors

With the CIA certification, you can take your internal audit career to the next level. The certification is your ticket to increased skills, income, job opportunities, and more. So, if you’ve been contemplating the CIA, what are you waiting for? Even if you’ve been out of school and in the field for some time, you can rely on CIA review to get you up to speed on everything you need to know for the CIA Exam. The CIA review course I recommend for professional auditors like you is Gleim CIA Review.

Gleim’s CIA course covers all of the exam content in a clear, concise, and relevant way, you can pass the exam faster than you think. Gleim specializes in easy-to-read content outlines presented in short, digestible sections. Furthermore, the Premium course includes video lectures and access to accounting experts to give you extra insight into the exam topics. And, the comprehensive test bank will help you be completely ready by exam day. Use my Gleim CIA Review discount to save big on exam prep and start your CIA certification journey today!

My Recommendation: Gleim CIA Review

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  • Sharon Brown says:

    I’m a CPA, CFE, and CISA. I passed CIA Parts 1 and 2 without any problem. CIA Part 3 has proven to be extremely challenging. I have scored 574, 594 and 574 again. I have tried the IIA’s material, Gleim’s material, and Exammatrix. Please provide some insight. Also, on the last testing (score 574), I went from proficiency in 4 areas to proficiency in 2 areas. HELP!!!!

    • Stephanie says:

      Dear Sharon, first of all, you are definitely not alone. My own analysis is that Part 3 covers topics outside of audit. Since many candidates are internal auditors, you are not as familiar with the materials as they were for Part 1 and Part 2. Also, since the earlier parts were quite easy, many were not adequately prepared and caught off-guard…

      Please read this page I wrote for candidates in your situation: https://ipasstheciaexam.com/fail-cia-exam/

      It guides you through a self-evaluation process, with a bit more explanation on why Part 3 is hard. If you can share your experience and thoughts on Part 3, we can expand on that too. Hope it helps and don’t give up! Stephanie

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        Hello Stephanie,
        Thanks a lot for your comments. it really gives a good idea of what to use to get ready for the cia exam.
        Being a new candidate,more french speaking, I would like to know if there is a french version of gleim material?

        • Stephanie says:

          Hi Charles,
          Thanks for your note! I don’t think Gleim has French version but I will ask them now (will get back to you). Your English is pretty good, so shouldn’t be a problem using either English or French review materials. Cheers, Stephanie

    • AHMED MOHAMMED says:

      the same 🙁 i Passed part 1 & 2 but the most problem in P 3

  • Mary says:

    I am a finance major and will be graduating from University in a week. I am interested in studying for the CIA, but I do not have a solid accounting background nor do I have any auditing experience. Which review course do you recommend using based on this info?

    Also, I have read that some people have passed parts 1 & 2 of the exam using Gleim and Wiley, but not part 3. But once they used Exam Matrix for part 3, they passed. Do you recommend using Exam Matrix just for part 3?


    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your note. Gleim is the “standard” course which I think should work well for you with a strong general accounting background. It is easier for people with experience to pass (same as the CPA and CMA exams) but there are clearly fresh graduates passing on their first try with no problem. So don’t worry — as long as you prepare well, and try to imagine yourself as an internal auditor and use common sense when working on the practice question, it should be all good.

      In terms of whether exammatrix will help you pass part 3, I think any review course can help you pass Part 3… There are many factors involved when passing or failing a part, and it is often hard to generalize.

      It is true that Part 3 is considerably more difficult for many candidates so expect to a possibility of a retake, either based on existing or new study materials. Best of luck! Stephanie

      • Bettina Abou Nader says:

        Hello Stephanie,

        I am using Powers Resources Corporation as a course. Any feedback about it? There is sections that I answered with a 80% and some other less than 80%


        • Stephanie says:

          Hi Bettina, thanks for your note, but I don’t have readers giving feedback on Powers Resources… There’s probably nothing wrong, but from what I know it is only used by candidates in the Middle East. Regards, Stephanie

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Ayyaz, do you still have the material available? Are they 2014 or 2015 version?

  • Mohamed says:

    Am an internal auditor at one of the big 4 and I just Took Part 1 Exam yesterday and unfortunately I scored 564 and I used Gleim Materials which proves to be easy for study as it is organized and grouped in an efficient way but the issue is that although I covered the whole material yet I Found some new terminologies in the exam that I couldn’t found any reference to it in the syllabus and this reduce my confidence regarding the coverage of Gleim am planning to continue with part 2 but am looking for the best materials available, some people recommend (PRC) Materials what do you think?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Mohamed, I see. Did you take the English version of the exam or in other languages? I heard that the translation isn’t that great for some languages and this could be a reason. Most of my readers use Gleim. Powersup could be good but I haven’t looked at the materials and can’t provide comments at this stage. Regards, Stephanie

  • Ankush Jain says:


    Planning to take CIA Exams by august/september 2015. Can anyone help me with the model test papers to gain confidence?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Ankush, you can get the review courses which include questions in exam mode and mock exams. I am afraid nothing is available for free 🙂 Regards, Stephanie

  • Prasanth says:

    I am a Chartered Accountant from India having good experience in Internal audit, but failed in CIA part-1, last day with 570 marks only.I have covered Gleim 17th edition,material only but many questions were relatively new to me, now what i have to do, it seems like i have to change my preparation style, whether i have to go for new material please advice.

  • stacy says:

    I am new to this site and have found it is very informative. Thank you Stephanie! I want to take the exam by the end of this year and have the following questions:

    1. I am from accounting background, but haven’t do lots of internal audit tasks beside interacting with internal auditors form companies auditing process. Is the Review System package is all I need to study the exam as someone doesn’t have experience?

    2. I have noticed the IIA bookstore also offer Gleim book review packages (book and Test Pre) in much lower prices ($125 for one part and $399 for all 3 parts) V.S. Gleim website offers $265 for one part and $749 for 3 parts. Do you know what are the differences on study materials?



    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Stacy,
      Thanks for your note! On your questions:
      1. It helps the most if you imagine yourself as an internal audit and understand what they do and why they do it. Given your exposure to internal auditors you should be able to do that. Because of this, I think you will be fine.

      2. The ones on IIA website is the book + test prep, without Gleim Online. If you click on the test prep product button on Gleim website, it also costs $125. The $265 is the CIA review “system”, which includes Gleim Online. I personally like it a lot, but it depends on your budget, of course. If you click on the link below, you will be able to get Gleim review system for $252 instead of $265 (discount doesn’t apply to the $125 package). Hope it helps!



    Dear Stephanie,

    I just recently took and failed part 1 of the CIA Exam with a score of 585. I used the Gleim study material, because I’ve read it is the best. I did all practice questions associated with each study unit and was extremely confident going into the exam. However, during the exam I did not feel adequately prepared and there were even terms that were completely foreign to me. As you can imagine, my confidence level has dropped significantly as now I’m beginning to prepare for part 2. I’m considering using other study material as well as the Gleim study material for part 2. Can you please give me any advice?


  • Viet Nam says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m Viet from Vietnam,I have just known about CIA though I had 6 years experience in auditing. I’m going to attend the exam at the end of this year. Can you give me some advice related to the materials should be used? Now I have: 1.Wiley CIA excel exam Review 2014 with focus note and revision kit; 2. Fourth edition CIA preparatory program of Hock and Burch, 3. Gleim 17th edition, how do you think about them? are they enough and suitable with this exam of 2015?

    Pls give me some advices, thanks.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Viet, So you have: (1) 2014 Wiley; (2) June 2013 Gleim and (3) “4th edition” of Hock.
      I couldn’t figure out which year the Hock material was published, but for (1) and (2), they have at least incorporated the new 2013 format. So the content shouldn’t be far off.

      Having said that, I always encourage readers to get the latest version, because if you score a 595, you will blame yourself forever for missing that one question because you don’t study based on the latest materials. I assuming that with 6 years of internal auditing you should be able to afford a new set 🙂 At the very least, study based on what you have, but get the latest set of online questions so at least you get yourself covered. Hope it helps! Regards, Stephanie

    • Hi Viet,

      I was wondering since you are from Vietnam, you can kindly help me check out- Vietam Association of Public Accountants( VACPA).

      Is this a recognized body in your country?

      Sorry I digress from your enquiry, thanks Stephanie.

  • Nikki says:

    Hi Stephanie!

    I am LOVING your website! I’m a second year staff internal auditor preparing to take the CIA exam. I’m planning on doing self study (mostly to save on cost). Do you still recommend Gleim for self study?

    Thank you!!

  • Seshadri Narasimhan says:

    Hi Stephanie, I have been reading your comments/suggestions to people’s posts. I’m finding this forum to be really helpful. I appeared for the CIA part 1 last year but couldn’t get through. I used Gleim for my 1st try but failed (got 588). I used Hock and failed again (564). With disappointment, I gave up. Now after reading your advises, I’m planning to appear again. Any suggestions, you can provide me on which materials will suit me better keeping my past attempts in mind. Thank you, Seshadri

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Seshadri, I am glad you are giving it a try again! The CIA exam is a conceptual exam. In part 1, you rarely see computational questions. Because of this, we really need to understand the concepts well to pass the exam. Practicing using test prep is really important, of course, but we have to make sure we understand the underlying theories.

      I also have this page written for retakers. Hope it helps!


  • Laxman Subramanian says:

    Hi Stephanie,


    I appeared for the CIA exam paper 1 and scored 595. I was very sure of getting through and was shocked when I got the results. Is there any way of getting my results revaluated? I referred to Gleim edition 2016 and note that not more than 10 questions out of 125 were out of the gleim material (around 800 practise and test questions). It was shattering. Do you suggest I refer to some other author?

    Thanks and Regards


    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Laxman, that was really close indeed… you can log in to your IIA CCMS account and create a New Incident requesting that your exam be reviewed by a person.
      It would be great if you can elaborate what you mean by the questions being “out of the Gleim material”… so I can take a closer look.

      For the benefit of other readers, I guess we shouldn’t expect to see the same set of Gleim questions popping up in the actual exam. In fact, Gleim is well known for “odd” questions because they mix in questions from other exams, e.g. CPA and CMA. The purpose is to train the candidates to think on their feet and to “holistically” understand the accounting concepts.

      There are other review providers as listed above, and I have analyzed them based on their pros and cons. Before you jump in and get another course though, I’d like you to check out my write up for retakers: https://ipasstheciaexam.com/fail-cia-exam/

      Regards, Stephanie

  • Ramzi says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Great thanks on this informative site. I have fair expose to internal audit and currently preparing to study for cia and i have read comments on other cia review materials and i come down to two providers that i feel fit me more, gleim and fast forward academy, but i need a help in choosing one review material. What do think of fast forward academy in compare to gleim review material package?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Ramzi, I don’t cover Fast Forward Academy so can’t really comment on that (I also don’t have enough readers’ feedback to stand for or against it). So my apologies, I can’t make a comparison. You can sign up for Gleim’s free trial and see. Not sure if Fast Forward has a free trial? If so it’s the best way to find out which one you prefer. Regards, Stephanie

  • Naman sethi says:

    Hi Stephanie

    I am from India, I appeared for cia part 1 but scored 489 marks. I have been in internal auditing since the past 3 years. I only studied from gleim study material.
    I am however starting to prepare for part 2 but would want to know the website where I can purchase the question banks for both level 1 and level 2. I am willing to practice atleast 1000 questions before the exam as today I have the exam without practicing any questions except those in the study material.
    Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Naman, there are several practice question database available. You have Gleim — not sure if you only have the books or the questions as well, but they are generally considered tough (and therefore good). Another option is Exammatrix and readers have been telling me that they like the adaptive learning technology, which which the system feeds them questions based on their weaker areas. Please check out these posts for more info:

      • Naman sethi says:

        Thank you for the reply.
        I have 17th edition study material which expired in feb 2015. So I was unable to practice the questions. I wanna complete the course as soon as possible. So request you to tell me that should I purchase a new version of gleim or the other one which you suggested. The marks I scored were based on study material only.

  • Farhan says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    I have Gleim CIA Review Books 2013 Edition. Are these sufficient to prepare for exams in 2016 or should I buy new 2016 edition?


  • HK says:

    I have tried part 1 two times but dint pass. I used Hocks material previously. Should I go for Gleim online? I have audit & accountancy experience too and the questions appears easy to me during prep and I score well in practice but I don’t know what is happening while exam. Cant figure out!

  • David Yang says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I just took exam today for CIA Part III and failed as score 594 (my previous two scores were 575 and 588) My Gleim prep material is already expired and I think I studied it very well that I even can remembered the answer. What is your suggestion for me to pass the exam and which study material do you suggest if I want to try a new one? Thank you very much for your time and concerns.

  • James P Gremillion, Jr says:

    Stephanie, First I would like to thank you on the website. I wish I would have found it back in 2013 when I purchased the IIA CIA Learning System. Because I was working so much as a IA/Internal Controls/SOX contractor so much during 2013/2014, I never started studying. However, since Jan of 2015 I have not been able to find work in the Houston market where I live. A lot to do with the Oil & Gas recession and all the Houston layoffs. Plus, I had my CPA license in active status from 1991 until 2004, however, after being laid off from Enron in 2001 and then again from Nabors in 2004, the state of Texas wanted over $4,500 in fines and penalties, anyway I screwed up and now it’s been to long since my CPA license was active and I would have to sit for it again. Between 2004 and 2008, I become a SOX auditor and because of my experience and the need for SOX auditors during that time no one ever even asked if I had an active license. However, in today’s market everyone wants a Certification of some kind either the CPA or the CIA. I decided on the CIA first because I do enjoy Audit work. I started my career with AA back in the late ’80’s when AA was the big boy in Houston. Anyway, enough about all that. What I am concerned with is the limited questions in the IIA’s on CIA learning system. I have already scheduled to take the Part 1 test next Sat Jan 16, 2016. I am scoring in the 85-90% range with their easy questions. I also have a Wiley CIA Exam review book I purchased why back in 2005 and I am going thru their questions and I am not doing so well with them, only barely making 65-75%, so I am getting nervous because I cannot afford to reschedule the exam at this point. Are the actual questions on the exam actually more like the one’s with Wiley or will I be ok just with the IIA learning system. I am going to call the IIA on Monday and found out why they would not include more difficult questions and I wasted my money. Please can you give me any advice? I only have 7 days until the Part One exam.

    James P Gremillion

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi James, thanks for your note. I replied to your email but looks like this is slightly different so I am going to respond to this one as well. The CIA exam questions are randomly picked from a huge database so it is hard to comment based on individual’s experience. But from gathering comments from readers, I believe IIA questions are quite ok. Some candidates feel more comfortable preparing with slightly harder or out-of-the blue questions. For example, Gleim includes questions from other accounting exams so you’ll see questions that are off the track, but the purpose is more to train their students in thinking on their feet.

      So all in all I think you will be fine, especially that you have practical experience. The exam is quite theoretical but in my opinion, experience helps especially in audit questions. Remember to bring your confidence to the exam as well. It’s very important!

      I would focus on your weaker areas (if any) and do one mock exam if there is one. Good luck and let us know how it goes! Stephanie

  • C. Dong says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am a recent college graduate who majored in Economics. I am planning to study for CIA exam and I have no background in accounting. Which study material should I get in my situation?
    Thank you very much.

    C. Dong

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi C. Dong, it’s worth reading on a book on accounting or taking a couple introductory courses. Accounting isn’t rocket science but the rules are quite technical and it’s hard for layman to jump from knowing nothing much to passing a professional accounting exam. Not saying that it isn’t impossible; but you need extra work.

      The review courses are all designed for those with basic accounting knowledge. I think Hock has some reference materials for customers in your situation. You may want to check them out (but still, not sure if reading those supplementary materials is enough in my opinion).

      • C. Dong says:

        Thank you so much Stephanie for your prompt response. It is really helpful. I actually did studied business law 1, managerial accounting, and financial accounting on my own for the past two months, and I’m wondering if those classes are considered as introductory courses. If yes, are the courses good enough to help me understand either Gleim or The IIA’s CIA learning System?

        Thank you so much, and I really appreciate your help.

  • Kimberly says:

    Thank you for creating this avenue for CIA questions and insight. I have been an auditor for the past 10 years. I have become discouraged as I have not been able to pass Part 3 but this year I’ve made up my mind to give it another try. I recently read about Fast Forward Academy CIA study materials. I am trying to choose between Fast Forward and Hock study materials. I tried passing Part 3 using Gleim materials 3 times and did not pass. I did pass 1 & 2 with Gleim. I’m trying to decide if I need to take a refresher financial accounting course or study using a different CIA preparation package. My desire is to prove to myself that I can pass Part 3. You have any general advice?

  • Noora says:

    I am currently using Gleim for the cia part1 exam that i’ll take within 3 days. The book is simple and helpful but I realized that there were some contradictions. In addition, one of the Prep exam answers denies/contradicts explicitly with a fact that is stated in the Gleim book. The prep exams are more difficult and when compared to the difficulty level of the sample questions from the iia, the iia sample questions appeared to be much more clear and direct.

    Please advise

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Noora, I can’t speak for Gleim, but given the large number of Gleim users and the fact that the books have been around for a long time, the vast majority of contradictions should have been addressed. I suggest that you check with your personal counselor and see if you misunderstand or misinterpret some of those questions and answers.

      Also, Noora, I would just relax and be mentally prepared for this exam. As Art Yip pointed out earlier, people pass with Gleim. In fact, people pass with any sort of review courses, be it IIA materials, Gleim, Hock, etc. They are only tools, not the golden ticket to ace the exam. With 3 more days, it is more important that you make good use of the materials on hand. Stay confident and good luck!

  • Yasmins says:

    First of all I wanted to thank you for this informative website!
    I am planning to take the CIA exam part one in 10 days, I have no background in internal auditing, I majored in finance minor accounting.
    I chose HOCK as my study material.I’ve been studying for months.. And now I am getting 92% on the hock mock exam, my question is.. Is that a good indicator that I will pass?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Yasmins, you will be fine 🙂 Just make sure that for the 8% incorrect ones, go through them and redo until you get the answer right (for the right reason). Best of luck! Stephanie

  • Sajid Mehmood says:

    Dear Stephanie I’m very grateful for this helpful site of yours. I just love how you are helping us little grasshoppers.
    I have recently done my ACCA qualification. I have had my eye on CIA for quite some time. Now having found your site, I got the much needed final push to start my CIA journey. So I’ll be picking your brains along the way. Sincere wishes from Pakistan.

  • Sinra says:


    I am searching for material for CIA exam and found this site informative. I am in my last two papers of ACCA and looking to hold CIA as additional to ACCA since i am internal audit and i think it will help me more.

    I am interested in your CIA Exam Review Course, and considering level one but there are something i need your help as i dont know much about CIA.

    Let assume I am new to CIA and going to take level one exam, the cost would be

    – Exam Application : USD 100 ( Required)
    – Exam Fee : USD 350 ( Required)
    – Pricing (single-part) : USD 252 ( Optional)

    Total including optional : USD 702

    Can you advice on the cost above or if there any additional cost that I need to pay?

    I am Sinra, from Cambodia

    Very appreciate your advice


  • Anna says:

    I have a question about the Gleim test prep. I did all the study units and scored between 70 & 80% on them. I scored 81% on the exam prep but I have done over 500 questions on the test prep and am scoring between 65 & 69%. Are those questions harder? My exam is tomorrow and I’m feeling super nervous. I have failed this exam 4 other times scoring between 572 and 597 each time.

    • Anna says:

      Never mind. I figured out why. It’s Gleim’s adaptive program so it keeps picking my week areas to test. It must have worked because I finally passed today.

  • Melvin Matias says:

    Hello, I appreciate the information you have on your blog. I love you see on the website of gleim have parts in Spanish at a lower cost, you know what the difference to the course in English? for me would be easier to study in Spanish, but I want to make sure it is worth the risk of purchasing this version. Can you help me please.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Melvin, I will let Gleim address the Spanish question, but you don’t need to take much risk of trying out the English version, as you can sign up for the free trial and see it for yourself. This is the best way to find out. You can sign up for that at the bottom of this page: https://ipasstheciaexam.com/gleim-cia-review/

      By the way, from what you wrote, your English is pretty good. Shouldn’t be a problem in my opinion 🙂

    • Alex says:

      Hola Melvin

      I have used Gleim en Espanol tambien, no se si ya has tomado el examen y lo has pasado. Gleim en espanol solo es online access, no es un sistema tan completo como lo es en ingles. El otro problemita de Gleim en espanol es que you get lost in translation meaning algunas traducciones se pierden y cuando lees la oracion no logras entender el contexto. Yo deci y retome el curso en ingles, esta vez con el sistema del IIA y asistiendo a seminarios de orientacion. Esperemos que todo esto haya ayudado por que estare presentando el examen. Manana.

      Best of Luck

  • Mick says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for the information on this page. I have an Economics Degree and CISA. I work as an internal auditor. Is it possible to study for the three parts in four months? Believe me I have read all the comments and I have concluded that I will go for Gleim. I would like to be done by September 2016.

    Thanks Mick.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Mick, if you are an IA it is possible. Part 1 and 2 should be relatively easy for you, so the focus would be more on the practice questions (to get better feel of the question style, rather than the knowledge itself). Part 3 is generally more difficult for IA professionals but since you have a Econ degree, you have an advantage. Having studied for CISA is obviously helpful. Best of luck! Stephanie

  • Linda says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve posted the following on your about me page, but I think you’re monitoring this page more, just wondering if you can provide some guidance??

    I’m writing my CIA Part 1 Exam in about two weeks, and very nervous after finding out about the low pass rate! I have 7 years external audit experience, but only about 6 months internal audit experience. I do have my CPA, CA designation (Canadian equivalent to CPA) and CFE designation, but this is a different type of exam – in that I find the questions are designed to trick you. I have been studying very diligently – setting aside time every day (and more time on weekends) studying.

    My problem is, I find I can usually narrow my answers to two answers. However, I almost always pick the wrong one out of the two! I find this as I was doing the exam prep – I have Gleim (test bank and book) and IIA Learning System. And when I read the explanation, I do understand why the correct answer is better than the one I chose. But I find that the next time, I’ll pick the wrong one again out of the two. Do you have any tips on how I educate guess more correctly or improve my chances at doing so?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your note. Are those questions related to internal control? Those are often tricky ones, also in the CPA exam. I suggest that you identify the wrong ones (Gleim has tools for that). Then, take the time to go through the scenario as if it is a real business situation. Since you can correctly narrow down to 2 choices, go through option 1 with answer A, and option 2 with answer B. It may take 5 minutes to work on one, but it’s ok because you need to overcome the fear with a systematic approach.

      Remember you said you do understand why the answer is correct, so unconsciously you do know the answer but the concept is not firm enough for you to know consciously. That’s why you have to repeat the process of putting the whole thing in a scenario, tell yourself why Answer A is right with the right reason, and Answer B is wrong, also with a reason.

      Let’s give that a try and see if it improves. Good luck! Stephanie

      • Linda says:

        Thank you Stephanie! I’ll be sure to try that. Yes – some of these questions do relate to internal control – which I find difficult as the questions usually relate to manufacturing company, but in my work experience, I have never encountered manufacturing companies (which makes it a bit difficult to relate to real life situations). Some other questions also relate to the persuasiveness of evidence choices as well..

        • Stephanie says:

          Hi Linda, that’s great! I see what you mean re the manufacturing companies… I had the same problem. I do hope the suggestion helps 🙂 Stephanie

          • Linda says:

            Hi Stephanie,

            Thank you for your help! I passed my exam for Part 1 this week (phew). I found the exam to be difficult (nerves and first exam). I used Gleim Test Bank & CIA learning system and I found the Gleim questions were useful in showing how the IIA could ask questions (not that they are familiar, in fact I found only 2% to be recognizable from Gleim test bank). And CIA learning system to be useful in explaining in more detail.

            However, I did find that Gleim’s book was more up to date. Gleim’s book seem to be more Sparks Notes version while CIA learning system is more like a textbook. I think I can only pick one for the other two parts of the exam, guess I’ll pick Gleim again. Would you suggest I get the Gleim system or test bank again?

            Again, thanks for your help! I’ve told a coworker of mine about your website, hope that is okay 🙂

          • Stephanie says:

            Hi Linda, thanks for sharing, and I am so glad you passed! I really like your summary of Gleim vs CIA Learning System. I’d love to quote it somewhere on my site 🙂 Probably the CIA Learning System page as people tend to ask me about such comparison there.

            I like Gleim myself so sure, use the one you feel more comfortable with. Many find Part 2 slightly easier (not on the syllabus, but in terms of the actual exam). Best wishes to you and thanks for spreading the word about my site! Stephanie

  • sandesh sharma says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I am from India and just got enrolled for CIA. I have been looking for the best exams preparation materials online and got confused with so many options available in market. As i was going through your suggestion i guess GLEIM should be the best one to prepare. Just wanted to help me out in choosing two types of review course that GLEIM provides.

    1. GLEIM CIA Review system Package ($749)
    2. GLEIM CIA Review online ($549)

    Can you please suggest out of above to which one should i take and what is the major difference between these two. Please suggest if you have any better option apart from these two.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hello Sandesh, somehow the pricing I looked up is different from yours. But in general, there are two options: the premium and traditional. The premium has video instruction, access until you pass and free shipping of books. I think it is a good deal, but it really depends on the budget as these are nice-to-haves, not a must.

      You can also choose to get the test prep + books only. This is the bare minimum and again, people pass with that but you may need to put extra effort in self-discipline and track your own progress. Regards, Stephanie

  • stacy says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I noticed Gleim just launched the 2017 version, which has Premium and traditional set. I have the following questions,
    1. Do you know what is the difference on the Test Prep and the # Practice Questions? Having enough practice is my main concern when making purchase.
    2. It also looks like the traditional doesn’t provide “18 months or until you pass*” Can you help to verify that?
    3. Will you have the 5% coupon for the 2017 version if I want to buy part by part?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Stacy, thanks for your note.
      1. If you get the test prep, you mean you are getting the one that is the largest database in the market.
      2. Yes, that’s right.
      3. No I am afraid Gleim decided to only give out the coupon for bundled offer 🙂

      • stacy says:

        Hi Stephanie,

        Thank you for your reply. I’m going to get the Gleim Review System and was wondering what the difference will be between the 2017 (Premium version) and 2016 (Traditional version) on the test prep part.

        I was able to speak to one lady from Gleim yesterday. According to her, the 2017 version will come out in 3 weeks and the online question bank will eliminate the stuffs that no longer in the test. But she didn’t give one or two examples what stuffs are ‘old’ or it won’t be test on the exam. By any chance, do you know if there any changes on the exam? New definition, new concept? I plan to finish all 3 parts by next year.

        As for the discount, the lady was willing to offer 5% off when only buying part once I mentioned your site. I think your site is well known on helping people to prepare the exams 🙂

        • Stephanie says:

          Hi Stacy, that’s great to know! Glad you can get that special discount arrangement. I don’t know much about the new 2017 version yet, but as far as I know there is no major change anticipated in 2017 for the CIA exam. So the updates are more likely based on feedback on what’s on and what’s not, instead of an official change in the syllabus. Maybe that’s why it is hard for the lady to tell you exactly where the changes will be made 😉

  • Dennis says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I click on $252 (w/ coupon) tab but Gleim doesn’t offer the material at this price. Would you have the coupon code?

  • Linda says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I was trying to reply to your comment but I guess I could not as the thread was getting long. Thanks! I’m glad you think my summary of Gleim vs. IIA learning system would be helpful to other candidates 🙂

    I also noticed that Gleim launched the 2017 version – as was mentioned above. Glad that I didn’t buy Part 2 yet! I’m also curious to know the answers to Stacy’s questions above…

  • Carol says:


    I’ve taken the CIA exam part III over three times. I plan to sit for the exam in early July 2016. I’ve purchased the CIA Online and the book to prepare for the exam. I don’t know where to begin…. please can you give me any suggestions since I only have about five weeks to prepare? I am a working mom, and I’ve been beat down before in preparing for this exam, but I’m hopeful in passing this one last time.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Carol, I would identify your weaker areas, and work really hard on those. Think hard to see whether the issue is on the concepts, or on how you may get tricked by the style of the questions. This is the most efficient way to improve your score. Best of luck! Stephanie

  • Ifi says:

    Hi, I am preparing for CIA part 1 and purchased Gleim part 1, but I find Gleim a bit difficult to follow compare to Hock international which has a better explanation. Anyone has a soft copy of Hack CIA part 1 textbook. if someone wants to exchange Hock with Gleim that wouldn’t be a bad idea

  • Noora says:

    Hi Steph,
    I am sitting for CIA part 2 tomorrow. The material is really easy as outlined in Gleim. However, the practice exams are very tough compared with the content of material provided by Gleim. I would say 50-60% of the questions of the practice test are not explained in depth and not explained on a proficiency level, but rather in a very basic awareness level. I think this is a major weakness in Gleim.
    Additionally, I also used Gleim for part 1 (which I passed in) and again part 1 practice exam were more difficult when compared to the real exam. In this case I think that the performance analysis provided by Gleim for the taken practice test is a misleading indicator.

    I have put so much effort in Part 2 and wish to succeed tomorrow.

    Your wishes..

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks Noora for the feedback. It’s good to know and I will show your comments to the Gleim team. In the past Gleim reading materials were criticized to be too dense and they made a conscious effort to slim things down. To some readers I guess that’s too much. I guess it is quite hard to balance.

      As for the Gleim questions, they are known to be pretty tough, especially because they mix in some questions from related certifications. Some people like it while others don’t. I’ll indicate this more clearly on my Gleim page.

  • Lucas says:

    Hi Steph,

    I just took part 1 of the CIA exam this morning, and I passed based on the unofficial result! Here is my honest opinion using Gleim as CIA review course. The notes are easy to understand and explained thoroughly. They have lots of practice questions to do. However, my biggest issue is that there are many concepts and terminology that Gleim did not cover but end up on the exam. My first initial reaction after completing the exam was that I did not pass, but I guess I did well enough to pass. I had to guess on so many questions not because I don’t understand the question but because I’ve never seen the concept or vocabulary before. This comes from a guy who passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam on first attempt. Another issue I have with Gleim is they are too general on many concepts but were tested very details on the exam. I usually comprehend and understand materials easily providing that the review course covers most of the things on the exam. Now, I’m kind of scared of using Gleim for Part 2 and 3.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks Lucas. Yes it is really important to get honest feedback from you guys. You aren’t the first person to mention the coverage issue. I’ll show your comment to Gleim and see if any improvements are in the works. Regards, Stephanie

      • Lucas says:

        Hi Steph,

        So I decided to use Gleim for part 2 as well. I noticed that some of the concepts I mentioned beforehand are now covered in part 2! For example, part 1 actual exam asks a couple of questions about change management which is not covered until part 2 in Gleim. I guess this is what happens when there are overlapping materials between part 1 and 2.

        • Stephanie says:

          Hmm… interesting. Let’s see how the Gleim Team thinks about this. Thanks for sharing! Stephanie

          • Gleim CIA Review says:

            Hi Lucas,

            Congratulations on passing Part 1!

            Thank you for your feedback. Gleim appreciates any feedback on how we can improve. Have you taken Part 2? If you are still studying for Part 2, are you using the new 2017 edition, which was released last week?

            The exam is non-disclosed so Gleim really has no ways of knowing what The IIA will test other than by following the IIA Syllabus to determine what topics need to be covered in each part. That being said, The IIA has reported that Part 1 candidates have exhibited concerns that Part 1 has tested topics that should be tested in other parts. The IIA has clarified that while a Part 1 question may mention a topic from another part,the question is not testing that concept. Rather, it is testing a candidates understanding and interpretation of a Part 1 concept using the an industry related scenario that may reference another part(s) topic.

            That being said, one of the ways Gleim teaches candidates with our review system is to be prepared of anything and expect the unexpected since the exam is non-disclosed. It looks like with you passing Part 1 that our methodology was useful in passing the exam.

        • Lucas says:

          Yes, Gleim Team, I started studying part 2 using the 2017 version. I am planning to take part 2 towards the end of this month. I will just have to study my best and expect the unexpected ?

    • Reanda Brandy says:

      Ohh my, this is scary. I am doing my CIA Part 1 exam next week Friday and the study material I used is Gleim. If what you are saying is so what advice can yu give me

      • Lucas says:

        I passed part 1 so Gleim must have done something right. My huge advice is to practice as many questions as possibles. If you’re using Gleim Premium, they have a big test bank questions. Literally 4-5 days before exam, I just do questions after questions including their practice exam. For every question you get wrong, make sure you understand why you got it wrong in the first place. A lot of times, I got it wrong just because i did not read the question carefully. You should also get into the habit of making educated guess; that is try to eliminate answer choice you know for sure is wrong then guess when there are only 2 answer choices left (very helpful to me).
        Gleim questions are typically harder and more complex than actual exam questions. So for those topics that they do cover, I found those topics to be easy on actual exam. For those topics that they do not cover, you just have to guess based on your interpretation and subjective judgment. For me, I mostly had trouble with things that Gleim did not cover or not going into details enough. But I passed the exam, so can you! Also, each exam is different. You might get an exam that you found to be relatively easy.

        Just fyi, if you understand part 1 very well, it would be very helpful for part 2 as many concepts will reappear in part 2. Part 2 is just an extension of part 1 with more details added.

        • Rere says:

          Thank you for the advice. I noticed with myself after I reach the 60th question, I start to get tired. I know that has to do with “focus” thus to remain focus I start reading the questions out loudly and this seems to work. Did you expierence lose of focus because of so much questions?

          However I wonder if this can be done in the exam room. How is the setup and exam environment?

          • Lucas says:

            Yes, it happens to me too. I usually do practice in sets of 20 questions. By the time i finish the second set, I have to take a break. For practicing purposes, I do 7-10 sets a day on variety of topics. Part of the reason is Gleim questions tend to be complex and require more “brain power” to analyze the issue. For some reason, this does not happen in the real exam where questions are more straightforward and not as long or complex as Gleim’s. As long as you know the materials, you should do fine. You will stumble on a few questions, but that’s just the nature of any exam. I did get tired by the time I got to the 100th question or so.

            In terms of exam environment, it’s very quiet, so I don’t think you will be able to read the questions out loud. This would disrupt other testers in the room. Also, arrive at the test center 20-30 minutes before your scheduled time to allow check-in process. Bring your ID!

            Good Luck! You will know whether you pass or not right after the exam.

        • Stephanie says:

          Thanks for the encouragement Lucas. Reanda, don’t worry you can do it! Stephanie

  • Lucas says:

    Yes, I started studying part 2 using the 2017 version. I am planning to take part 2 towards the end of this month. I will just have to study my best and expect the unexpected 🙂

    • Art Yip says:


      Don’t worry too much about the overlaps. There are some but not to the point where it becomes a concern. When I took Part 2 back in Jan of last year, I felt Gleim practice questions helped me the most. Also, most candidates seemed to find Part 2 a little easier than Part 1, so you should do fine. Part 3 is whole another story! Let me know if you have any questions when you get to Part 3!

      • Lucas says:

        Thanks Art. I found part 2 to be relatively straightforward compare to part 1 for some reason. Once I get to part 3, I will ask you specific questions. Kinda want to know what’s the hype about part 3 all about.

    • Karla says:

      Dear Lucas,

      How was your experience with the CIA exam part 2.. was it more difficult compairing with part 1?… If you have some advices please share with us. I’m planning to take the exam as soon as possible and I want to be well prepaired. I appreciate your comments. Regards.

      • Lucas says:

        I passed part 2 on my first attempt. I thought it was not that much more difficult than part 1 although part 2 is now focused all about audit techniques and procedures. My advice is to do as many questions as you can. Gleim questions for part 2 are hard, but it prepares you well for the exam. Just make sure you understand concepts thoroughly. As you study, you will find part 2 is more difficult than part 1 as there are a lot more things to memorize in part 2 but level of difficulty for exam is the same as part 1. Definitely spend more time in part 2 than part 1 if you don’t have experience in audit. The questions are now all about audit practices. Good luck!

        • Karla says:

          Dear Lucas, I’m very thankful for your advices, they are very useful for me and anybody who reads this site. Congratulations for passing part 2. And my best wishes for you in part 3.

        • jon says:

          Hi Lucas, what are your thoughts on the CIA exam vs CPA exam? is one more difficult than the other? i heard that since the CIA has very little calculations, it could be easier than the CPA. the pass rates for both are abt the same, but CPA covers lots more stuff as expected. i am debating between the two not based on career, but based on which one i can achieve faster. i don’t have much time with all the responsibilities in my life, so i have to get ONE designation, not necessarily THE BEST one.

  • Alan says:

    Anyone actually read some of the materials listed here or did most just go by the study guides? If I go with IIA’s study guides, will that allow me to skip reading these references that encompass the body of knowledge for the CIA exam? Thank you.


    International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), including*:
     Definition
     Standards
     Code of Ethics
     Practice Advisories/Implementation Guides
     Practice Guides
     Global Technology Audit Guides (GTAGs)
     Guide to Assessment of IT Risk (GAIT)

  • Dev says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve already become your fan after reading CIA Exam Mini-Course and other resourceful mails. I’m from Bangladesh.

    About five/six years ago I heard about CIA but I never thought of pursuing it seriously before I get your website by googling in June 2016. Now I’m planning to sit for the exam in a convenient time.

    I’ve passed CISA recently in June 2016 Exam. I’ve four years of experience in Internal Audit in MetLife Bangladesh. Before joining MetLife I worked in KPMG for 3.5 years as an articled student and audit supervisor. I’m yet to finish only 3 papers (out of total 18 papers) of CA (Chartered Accountancy). I’m waiting for the CA result to be published at the end of August 2016.

    As I’m planning to sit for the exam, I’ve collected CIA study materials. But the Gleim study materials are of Seventeenth Edition (First Printing: May 2013). I’m a bit confusion whether this materials will help me to have good preparation for CIA Exam. I’m also considering the huge cost of materials (when USD converts into Bangladesh Taka it gets more money!). Would you please let me know whether these comparatively old materials would be sufficient for me?

    I really appreciate if you please advise me the ‘minimum materials’ I should have to pass the exam.

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Dev, thanks for your note and kind words! I believe 17th edition is the latest version. There was a major change in the CIA exam (from 4 parts to 3 parts) back in 2013 so I don’t think that’s a good idea to get a version earlier than that…

      To me the minimum material is (the latest) Gleim book plus questions, preferably the online version, because the exam is 100% computerized. If budget is tight, you might want to take it later when you start working and save some money. These exams could be expensive if taken outside of the US, just because of the different cost of living.

      I’d rather get very prepared and pass on first try, than not getting prepared enough and fail. The re-examination itself costs money, not to mention the time and effort lost.

  • Muhammad says:

    Hey guys,

    It’s too late to reply on this thread, but just want urgent response I have CIA part 1 exam on Monday and I have studied from 17th Edition CIA review, but when I booked my exam last couple of days I got to know that GLeim CIA review has updated their book version. I am now so fed up and confuse what to do .

    I don’t have enough time to get a new book as its too late and my exam expiry is near too. Suggest me what to do or if I can know what changes they have done it will help me out.

    Anyone reading this comment please reply back or email me talhasiddiqi[@]hotmail.com

    • Stephanie says:

      Hmm… do you mean the 2017 version?
      Muhammad, I think you are fine, don’t worry. The 17th edition covers the syllabus after the major change in 2013. I don’t think there are big changes after that. If you are still worried, call up Gleim and they can tell you the difference. Regards, Stephanie

  • Alan Brenton says:

    $100 Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Application Fee to be waived in August

    I was inquiring whether I had submitted all the requisite forms prior to my application for the CIA Certification Program and was told:

    Please note, for the month of August 2016 we will be having an application fee waiver. This means that if you apply for the CIA any time in August 2016 you do not have to pay the application fee of $100. I would recommend waiting until then to apply for the CIA Certification program.

    The CIA program application can be found on CCMS under “Complete a Form”.

    If you should require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,
    Member Advisor, Customer Relations
    The Institute of Internal Auditors, Global Headquarters
    Tel: +1-407-937-1111 | Fax: +1-407-937-1101

  • Sinra says:

    I am Sinra. Currently I am pursuing ACCA and it is the last one paper to get ACCA. I am currently register for CIA and looking for material to prepare the exam.
    I am consider Gleim, and I want to ask some question

    – Does the Gleim package here also include text book?
    – How many device we could assess to our account?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Sinra,
      Yes, the Gleim Review System comes with electronic version of text books. If you want physical copies you might need to call them to get it arranged (may have shipping cost).

      I tried assessing Gleim on desktop and ipad. From Gleim’s site: This program will work on most mobile devices, including Google Android, Apple iPhone and iPad, and Windows Phone.

      So I guess it does work on pretty much all devices. Hope it helps!

  • Asif says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I just got my application approved for CIA. I am planning to take part 1 during Nov/Dec 2016. I have good accounting and auditing background as well as practical experience in both mentioned fields. Which course material should I follow/use to prepare well for pat 1? Please also share the link for free trial / demo for the study materials.


  • Luis Abanto says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    A friend of mine recommend to use the “Wiley CIA Excel Exam Review” to prepare well for part 3. Do you have any idea of this material or could you give me any reference about it? Is it better than Gleim material?


  • Ihungwa Gowon Abel says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I have the Gliem 2012-2013 CIA part 1 materials which I’m reading as part of my planning phase of taking CIA exam, would like to know if they are sufficient and relevant for the 2016 CIA exams or do I need to purchase the 17 edition.
    I have accounting background and internal Audit experience.
    Counting on your advice.

  • Nick says:

    Hello Stephanie.

    I cannot really understand the reason why you highly recommend the study material offered by GLEIM. I have recently purchased the 2017 GLEIM CIA Review, and I have to state that the textbook provides the minimum information to cover the most important concepts of the exam.

    It literally does not expand or elaborate at all on most topics.

    For example, there seems to be very little coverage on the accounting cycles and associated controls – if a candidate does not understand the accounting cycles in full he/she will not be able to determine the sufficiency/reliability/relevance/usefulness of the required information. Also, he/she will not be able to determine the types of the various audit procedures that should be actually used in relevant questions. Personally, I was very disappointed to see that the “audit procedures” part is covered in only 1.5 pages. There are literally no practical explanations or justifications whatsoever – All I can see is a copy/paste of the standards, and their interpretations. Well, guess what? I do not need to spend a significant amount of money to purchase the standards and their interpretations; I can just get them for free from the IIA website.

    I have not taken the CIA exam part I yet, but I was informed by the local IA institute that the majority of the questions are going to be highly practical. Within the GLEIM material, there are simply no practical guides/explanations of the concepts that will be tested in the exam – only the definitions are provided and that’s all you get.

    As for the practice questions, nearly 80% of them ask for an exact definition, while I am 100% sure that there are not going to be any questions at all at the real exam that would simply ask you to state a specific definition.

    I have zero experience from the other material providers – but I can for sure state that the GLEIM 2017 CIA Review Book by its own will not get you a pass score.



    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Nick, sorry to hear that you don’t find Gleim useful. I recommend Gleim based on my own evaluation (in comparison to what other providers are offering), as well as feedback from readers who have taken the exam. If you go to my Part 1/2/3 pages, you’ll see the many feedbacks people have, mostly on Gleim.

      I see that you haven’t taken any part of the exam. It’s probably better to go through the exam first, and share your thoughts again.

      Another point is the Gleim study material is not designed to be a text book. You can get those elsewhere with lower price, or free even if you look up the concepts on Youtube or Khan Academy. For US based accounting professional exams, it’s the practice question “bank” that matters. For now, Gleim has the fullest set of practice questions.

      I agree that Gleim CIA isn’t as good as their other products (e.g. that for the CMA exam). Sometimes they fail to cover some exam questions. But then, in my opinion, the other providers are not doing a better job… For Part 3, we have recommendations on where you get (mostly free) supplementary materials for better preparation. Thanks and best of luck to your exam.

    • Kimberly says:


      I agree. I used only Gleim for part 3 and recently failed the exam. I have taken it twice and scored approximately 567 each time. I did pass parts 1 and 2 with Gleim. There were too many terms on the part 3 exam that were not addressed in the Gleim study material. I would recommend a candidate to choose another course.

  • Niv Sudhan says:

    Hello Stephanie ,

    I just got my CIA application approved and in the process of registering for exams . Which review materials would be good from the examination point of view ? When i looked at Gleim – they have premium cia and traditional CIA . Would Traditional CIA course solve the purpose . Pls advice .

    • Niveditha Sudharsan says:

      Stephanie ,can you pls respond ?

      • Stephanie says:

        Hello, sorry that I missed your note Niv. The main difference is that the traditional package doesn’t have video instruction, pass guarantee, access to accounting expert and US free shipping of text books. In other words, it is pretty much a self-study materials. You do have access to the personal counselor which works as your personalized customer service and technical support.

        If this is good enough for you, then sure. The content of text book and practice questions is the same. Regards, Stephanie

  • Isabela says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Do you recommend CIA’s in person classes to pass the part 3 exam? There is a 2 day part 3 available and i m wondering if it is worth it



    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Isabela, not usually, simply because I have no idea on the quality of the instructor. The online classes are usually more affordable, more convenient and most importantly the quality is guaranteed. If you are able to find out how good that in-person class is, then you can of course consider it.

  • Hee Jeong Kim says:

    Hi, I have full credentials for USCPA. In this case, Part 1 is exempt for me?

  • Kimberly says:

    I have been trying to pass CIA-3 for the past year by using Gleim. I recently failed the exam last week. I found that the course content is not in line with what is actually on the exam. There were terms on the exam that I hadn’t read before. After the exam, I went home to find the words and terms in my 2016 Gleim book but they weren’t there. I feel that I need to consider another CIA study course. Have other candidates have a similar experience?

  • Saurabh says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    First of all I would like to thank you for helping everyone and providing such an informative website. I am from India, and I have completed my Master’s degree in Science and an MBA in Oil and Gas Management, looking forward to pursue my career in internal audit. I have recently got the membership of IIA and am planning to give CIA exam in december 2016 or january 2017. I have Gleim’s CIA review books, 2016 version. But I recently came to know that there is also a further revised 2017 version. Being from a Science stream, I do not have any accounting background or any professional experience, I have recently passed out. So do you think the 2016 version will be ok for me to pass the exam? Also do you suggest any tips regarding the order of the exams i.e which part should be taken first..?

  • Neha Tewari says:

    Hi Stephanie – I have picked up Gleim for studying for CIA Part 1. I downloaded the planner that you have prepared however it says its for 2016 CIA review. Though i don’t see much change but i wanted to check and confirm if you will be posting one for 2017 or shall i go ahead and use the 2016 one? Thank you

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi Sinra, that’s great!

  • Merey says:

    Hi Stephanie.

    First of all, thanks a lot for such a nice website.
    I have a question regarding study materials for CIA. From your website and also other reviews I can see at the moment Gleim is the best source for preparation for CIA. However, the problem is that I live outside of US (in Poland) and have concern regarding international shipment (e.g. how long does it take to receive all materials?). I checked out IIA website and found out recommended review courses by countries and for Poland it was Powers Resources CIA Review. I would prefer to get this one as it is simply easier and faster to get it:) but at the same time I want to be sure that it covers everything, so I will succeed during the exam. What is your opinion regarding Powers Resources? or it still better to get Gleim? and do you know something about their international shipping? Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Merey,
      Thanks for your note! Unless you insist to have a physical book, there isn’t any issue to sign up with Gleim because everything is online. The exam is 100% computerized anyway so I personally don’t see why we can’t study 100% online, you know 😉

      As for Powers Resources, it is basically the same as Becker CMA Review. To be honest I haven’t got a favorable review from readers (but sample size very, very small — no one seems to talk about Power Resources/Becker).

      You can check out this page here. Don’t need to read my content because it’s geared towards Becker, but in the comment section where people talk about the content of the materials. http://ipassthecmaexam.com/becker-cma-review-course/

  • Rita says:

    Hello Stepahnie,

    So I have passed CIA part 1 and part 2 with Gleim. I had to take part 2 twice. I used Gleim for part 3 and then I decided to supplement my studies with IIA leaning system. I took part 3 and failed(587). It seemed that I was taking a wrong exam because nothing seemed very familiar and there were some topics that I never saw even though I was using both systems. So I blamed my self for using two systems at a time and felt confused more than helpful. I decided to just utilize Gleim for my second time taking part 3 and I failed again even though I felt that I understood the concepts better after reviewing again. I even scored lower(547). So I feel hesitant in using Gleim because from studying it so much i memorized the questions and I feel that IIA leaning system does not have enough mutiple choice questions for the parts that i scored lower on. I don’t know what to do. Any advice? I feel stuck! Do you think i benefit from using the Exammatrix CIA Review?

  • Shadi says:

    I just passed part 1 yesterday, I used gliem because I had good experience with CMA gliem material
    But even I passed I founded many topics not covered by gliem that’s why I thinking to use additional material
    Do u advice using 2 materials?!

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Shadi,
      Yes it also seems to me that Gleim CMA is better than Gleim CIA, but for now I don’t think we have other better suggestions… the next popular review materials should be the IIA materials, but it also has its own pros and cons as you see from the above.

      I guess for Part 2 it’s ok to use Gleim again, but you might want to check out some of the supplementary materials that you can download. Lynnel suggests some of them in her blog posts: https://ipasstheciaexam.com/author/lynnel/

      Or you can see our list of suggested downloads in Part 3 and pick the relevant ones for Part 2:

    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Shadi!

      Congratulations on passing Part 1. I attempted it on April 1 and failed. I too, found that the Gleim material/sample questions did not cover the material on the exam. The exam was totally not what I expected in terms of structure and content.

      Its taken a few weeks but I am getting the ball rolling on consistently studying again. I created a group on LinkedIn called CIA Exam Study group with hopes of getting a group of motivated individuals together. Would you mind sharing your current progress on Part 2? I was advised to move forward and not take Part 1 again and instead study for Part 2.

      Thank you.

      • Shadi says:

        Hi Tiffany

        Thanks for congratulations

        Am sorry that u couldn’t pass it but never give up
        I missed to mention earlier that before my exam I bought IIA question bank which really helped me a lot I passing my exam
        I started part 2 with gliem only but again I bought IIA questions
        I noticed now that some part 1 exam questions covered in part 2 material, that’s why u must start with part 2 which will help u also passing part 1
        All the best

  • Shadi says:

    Thanks Stephanie for your response
    I will follow urgent advice

  • Shadi says:

    Sorry your advice ☺

  • Yasir says:

    I’m planning to sit CIA Part 1 exam in next 10/12 days. Please guide me about the best seller of mock exam (or solely). I’ve gained more than 80% marks in HOCK Question Bank (a sit of 125 questions). Further, I read almost all comments stated above and getting confused about exam day. Few told, IIA Question bank is okay, and few not. Guide me.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Yasir, I am afraid there isn’t a standalone mock exam package on sale these days. Does Hock have mock exams? (I though they do, but I may have mistaken). You can work on your weaker areas in each topic. That should help quite a bit too.

  • Kiran says:

    Good Day Everyone

    I have recently enrolled into CIA Program. I am ordering the books for CIA Part 1 through IIA Store. I note that there are two Gleim CIA books available and unable to find out the differences. I note that there is a price difference too.

    Please let me know the differences between the 2 textbooks before I order them online.

    Gleim CIA Part 1: Internal Audit Basics (Book & Test Prep) – New 3-Part Exam $ 139


    Gleim CIA Part 1 Review System $279.99

    kind regards

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Kiran,
      I usually go to the Gleim website where they have a clearer explanation on the difference. Looking at the above it looks like the more expensive one is the “system” i.e. including the videos and access to technical team at Gleim for you to ask questions.

  • Bharat says:

    I have completed my graduation in B.Tech ECE and was working in Compliance Team from 3 years in various roles. I developed my interest in auditing and want to drive my career to auditing by taking up CIA.

    Please let me know if I am eligible to take up this certification and also can I move to other industries which are other than IT?

    Any suggestions are appreciable

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Bharat,
      I am not 100% but B.Tech should be considered a relevant bachelor degree, in which case you are qualified (please double check with IIA for sure). Internal audit involves lots of niches. Other than IT audit, there are operational audit that you may consider. Hope it helps! Stephanie

      • Bharat says:

        Thanks Stephanie for the provided info.

        I would like to know some more details regarding the CIA.

        1. Is it better to start the auditing career directly with CIA directly or with any other certifications such as ISO 27001

        2. Whether CIA alone is enough for job opportunities as a fresher (2 years Compliance Experience) or let me know if any additional things are required

        3. Once the CIA certification is completed, for how many years will it be valid? In case of expiry, should we take certification once again?

        • Stephanie says:

          Hi Bharat,
          In order to get this you have to fulfill at least 1 year of IA experience together with 1 year of other relevant work. Because of this you’ve got to get into IA before you get the CIA certifiation.

          You actually don’t need any certification to start a career in internal audit. IAs have various backgrounds — IT, operations, and many have previous experience as external auditors.

          If you would like to get a general internal auditor career (at least as a start), the CIA certification is the most relevant. But if you want to go straight to the speciality, e.g. IT auditor, then specialized certifications e.g. CISA may make more sense.

          The CIA certification does not expire as long as you fulfill the CPE requirements. More info here: https://na.theiia.org/certification/CIA-Certification/Pages/CPE-Requirements.aspx

  • Ahmed says:

    Hello, I have used PRC materials as they have an agreement with my employer (Due to my employer pays the fees). unfortunately I scored 570 in part 1 yesterday could you kindly assist me shall I continue with PRC or shall I have another material beside it? regards,

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Ahmed,
      Does PRC stand for Power Resources? I have to say I have only heard a couple of feedback. So far none of them fall in the positive category 😉
      But 570 is quite close… you can probably still pass with the same materials with more practice in weaker areas.

      Anyway, if I were you and if money isn’t an issue I would switch to a course provider that suits my learning style and with better practice questions.

  • Md Pervez says:

    HI Stephanie,
    This is regarding CISA.
    I am having 4.5 Years of Non IT Audit Experience with PwC & 2.5 Years in Sox Audit (non IT) with my current company AIG Inc.
    I wish to take CISA since i am interested in a career in IT Domain Audit.
    Do i qualify for CISA certification if i pass the exam. Please can you help clarify?

  • Dan says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Do you know what is the different between Exammatrix and Gryfin?

  • Borhan Chaaban says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    What about Powers Resources Corporation (PRC) ? do you recommend them ?

    Thank you,

  • Alex says:

    After finishing college and getting my masters degree I decided to enroll in this new journey and become a CIA; very excited and full of enthusiasm I went online to find out the perfect program for review for the CIA. The majority of users preferred GLEIM so I decided to give a try, signed up for GLEIM, set up a study plan. Studied 6 days a week 3 hours a hours a day for 2 month. I found it was a lot of material to digest and after my preparation I felt really confident, scheduled my test and FAILED. After that decided to put the CIA on the side as I noticed that most of the questions weren’t even related to the material and there were more subjective than anything else.

    Since facing the realization that since is something I really wanted I decided to give it another shot, but this time I went with the IIA System. I got my material and attended an inclass seminar thinking it would be better to have someone there who can answer questions and fuel my motivation. My take from the system is: The material is very extensive and bit outdated as no one uses some of those tools anymore. However, it is great as a reference guide but I do believe that material should be restructured and focus more on what is going to be on the test rather then such a broad spectrum of information. Some of the questions are poorly formulated and to me it felt that someone who knows nothing about Internal Auditing was hired to write them. It seemed to me that I was almost taking an IQ test instead. I even showed some of the questions to a CIA and this reference had no idea what the questions were trying to ask. My skepticism grew more, then I started questioning the exam in general. why would you play mind games or better Words game with people who are willing to spend months preparing for this test ? Why would a company rotate their vendors periodically just because the standards mandate? In which world does a company do this? The world is full of risks and we can only asses and minimize it but can never be 100% avoid it. When you have the same vendors its creates a win win situation, built trust that took maybe years to achieve, why break this trust? Lastly, am I still thinking on taking the exam for a second time. I haven’t yet made up my mind about it though, I feel in a way that I will be throwing money out the window. The system is merely focusing on this Utopian world and that is not how the world works, not how assurance is built or risk is mitigated. Ultimately, I admit that the CIA is a great discipline to be apart of but something needs to be restructured because the exam is not an accurate representation of the material that is used to study. Being an international institution, it should present its questions in a general syntax that is easier to understand for all candidates around the world .

    Thank you

    • Stephanie says:

      Hey Alex,
      I hear you. The exam is indeed quite theoretical. Too theoretical for many. But the fact that the industry is still endorsing this exam, and that there is no competition out there for an alternative certification, pretty much speaks for itself. If we stay in IA, that’s the certification we need to get (yes, I am practical).

      I have readers who are trying to change things by getting more involved in the IIA chapters, and that’s a good beginning. But it takes time. Anyway, I am glad you are voicing your opinion here and who knows, someone important may read this, and give this a good thought. Best of luck to your second attempt! Stephanie

  • Kiran says:

    I agree with Alex. I have more than 6 years experience as a Senior Insolvency Accountant. I transformed and chose my career to be an Internal Auditor. The Job opportunities Internal Audit are very few based on my own experiences. I think I made a bad decision by taking up CIA Course. The course is a total rip off.

    • Stephanie says:

      Sorry to hear that Kiran. I wouldn’t say it is a “rip off”, and there should be lots of opportunities within IA, be it as generalists or specialists in IT, healthcare, operational etc. Unlike general accounting, good opportunities may not be readily available in small towns so one may be ready to move to big cities if IA is what they are interested in.

      Having said that, it’s true that one needs to make sure they are committed to (or at least very interested in) the Internal Audit industry before taking this exam.

      • Kiran says:

        Dear Stephanie

        Please note I am not discouraging anyone. I am sharing my experiences about the CIA course.

        I am also taking an exam by end of this month.

        I said the course is a rip off because. I am a Partly qualified CA from Australia. Most of the job ads I notice the requirements for the job is a CA, not a CIA candidate. (out of 10 ads, 9 ads by the employers require a CA rather than CIA.)

        In my experience and opportunities wise (the course is a complete rip off). I transformed my career from Insolvency & restructuring to Internal Audit. I have applied to Internal Audit jobs, so far there was no proper response. The employers require CA not CIA.

        I believe that I have made a mistake by doing this CIA course.I find the job opportunities in Internal Audit is very niche. I am able to work in 3 countries, such as (Australia, Canada and India).

        • Stephanie says:

          Hi Kiran,
          No problem at all. In fact I am glad that you provide your honest view! People need to know the pros and cons of getting a certification, and your sharing provides insight to those who are similar to your situation. I always encourage readers to research the potential benefits before jumping in, since the benefits can be quite different depending on where one works, career aspiration, etc. Cheers, Stephanie

  • Chris says:

    I’m currently consistently scoring around 70-77% on 30-40 randomized question Gleim Part 1 practice exams. Can someone tell me if this is sufficient compared to the actual exam difficulty for me to take part 1 or should I hold off until I am consistently scoring higher, say around 80 or 85%? Thank you for any advice and input!

    • Diane says:

      Dear Chris, I would try to reach 85%. I did not pass first try part 1. my weaker areas were where I had 80 to 82% results . Then after making sure to get more than 85%, I pass part 1 and part 2. I have no audit experience. Hope this helps. If you have a little bit more time, the effort is really worth it. If ever you do not pass part 1, remember that the first exam experience can be a very important factor and you will learn from it. Be confident, you are on the right path!Good luck!

      • Chris says:

        Thank you for the encouragement Diane.

        I just wanted everyone to know that I passed Part 1 on my first try this Saturday. I’m going to give it a few weeks and start on Part 2 in January. The exam was an absolute beast to me. I have no accounting or financial background at all (I work in compliance and hold a BA in English) and had to read through accounting textbooks before the actual exam material just to make sense of it all. The exam is very theoretical as some on here have mentioned, but it is by no means insurmountable. If I could do it, I firmly believe that anyone here can through enough study and with a great support structure. Thank you to Stephanie and for everyone’s support and have a fantastic holiday season!

        • Diane says:

          Congratulations!!! Part 2 is very similar to part 1 so I am sure you will also do good!
          Whenever you will reach part 3, make sure to read all comments on this site ( see Topic part 3 tips + quick fix ). You will see that you do not need to work very hard on accounting topics… Good luck for part 2!

        • Stephanie says:

          That’s awesome news Chris! It’s especially encouraging that you nail in on your first try as someone with no accounting or financial background. Excellent work! You should be fine with Part 2 as it “feels” pretty much the same.

          Happy holidays! Stephanie

  • Alex says:

    Hey Chris

    I did Gleim and i was doing pretty good in all the practice exam but it gets to the point that you will memorized everysingle questions there is. Just remember that the real test is total the opposite of what you have taken on Gleim. Just read each question carefully and good luck.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for your reply Alex! Sorry, can you please just clarify what you mean by “total opposite of what you have taken on Gleim”?

      • Alex says:

        What I mean is that make sure you don’t get too comfy with the questions. Gleim pretty easy and a lot of material as well.

        I will be taking part 1 again pretty soon maybe this week. So far I have spent 1800 dollars and that’s on study materials and onsite seminars. This will be the last shot and will keep you up to date of how it went. I know this is a whole rip off but that’s what the corporate world wants and if we want to go further we must go with it.

        • Alex says:

          When I said rip off I don’t mean the certification but the structure of the exam, the Poorly and misguided questions and of course the fees for the exams.

        • Kiran says:

          Dear Alex

          I am also taking an exam by end of this month.

          Please note I am not discouraging anyone. I am sharing my experiences about the CIA course.

          I said the course is a rip off because. I am a Partly qualified CA from Australia. Most of the job ads I notice the requirements for the job is a CA, not a CIA candidate. (out of 10 ads, 9 ads by the employers require a CA rather than CIA.)

          In my experience and opportunities wise (the course is a complete rip off). I transformed my career from Insolvency & restructuring to Internal Audit. I have applied to Internal Audit jobs, so far there was no proper response. The empoyers require CA not CIA.

          I believe that I have made a mistake by doing this CIA course.I find the job opportunities in Internal Audit is very niche. I am able to work in 3 countries, such as (Australia, Canada and India).

  • Lovejit says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I understand you don’t work for Gliem but I find your reviews really helpful so i find this platform to be a perfect one to get a query answered. Therefore, in order to make a choice for a GLIEM product if I could ask you to provide me a link for a trial or an example for the GLIEM lecture videos?

  • Alex says:

    I am writing this note as I walked out of the test center and once gain I dint make the passing grade. As I mentioned before this was going to be the last shot before heading to any other part. Question still pretty fresh but cant talk much about it; all I can say here is that there were a lot of questions from COSO and its component – Those were a piece of cake- Some others were very technical and I do believe that one MUST have some prior experience on this field before taking the test which I have none to Zero. – How to get the experience when companies don’t hire you unless you have the certification – IRONY- Some questions I just follow my gut, I know this wasn’t the best way to go here but I just didn’t understand the whole scenarios that was presented I have spent valuable time, effort and of course money into this and yet it wasn’t enough; the disappointment I will carried on my shoulders for a while as I wanted to achieve this so bad but it’s ok. I guess this is not meant for me. For now will put this certification on the side and won’t be paying the IIA another $395.00 for a third attempt. – Not Worth it Anymore my time nor my money-

    For those of you who are still pursuing this, GOOD LUCK

  • Lovejit says:

    Hi all & Stephanie,

    From last one Month i have been studying 4 – 5 hours a day, minimum. In the final exam preparation test established by GLIEM I scored 94% that also prior to the final revision. Now I’m going to take the first exam on 14 Dec. I will update you guys on how it went. It will also help you to evaluate how much GLIEM study material are useful as if after scoring 94% doesn’t get you through then something is really is not right. See you guys

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Lovejit, thanks for the update. Waiting for the good news!
      94% is very impressive but make sure you study why you got wrong with those 6%. Best of luck tomorrow, Stephanie

      • LJ says:

        Yes it was. And there was a final revision after that to ensure I do it in a perfectly manner. But despite all that preparations and revisions I couldn’t make it in the exam because the questions in the exam, if not more, then atleast were 80% different from what’s there in GLIEM. I also have an audit background but the questions were completely theoretical that means I couldn’t fully use my own judgment. I would certainly blame GLIEM for it because I did my homework, I read each and every line of their material, I repeatedly did every question but that still didn’t provide me an appropriate guidance and knowledge to pass the exam

        • Stephanie says:

          Oh, sorry to hear that… yes that was odd, and I wish I could help. I assume you took Part 1, but in case you took Part 3 instead, then there is info on where to download supplementary materials: https://ipasstheciaexam.com/cia-exam-part-3/

        • Sammy says:

          Hey Just took the CIA part 1 as well and I had a 570. The Gliem Materials were not helpful or should I say as helpful as expected (Not like I expected the universe though). The practice questions and even the Materials were a far cry from what the exam sense was all about. The questions did not look similar (I wasn’t expecting a copy either but there was no relations to the practice at all. I am actually studying wide and cross-sectionally across other vendors hoping to find something that could provide as least a dept of confidence. I must say that at this stage I have also reviewed wiley and some other docs and unfortunately not any better.

          Furthermore, and unfortunately to take the exams u definitely need some accounting background, terminologies, definitions and process flows that cut across the finance and manufacturing sectors to get along. Not sure Gliem is still in the league, although they seem to still have the most related materials.

  • mohamad says:

    Hello stephne,

    I am planning to take the CIA part 1 exam in a month from now. My issue is I have finished with the Gliem (2016 )and (2013) test bank also I have hock book (2017) version ,but still I did not see it , and now I want to get new review version but I don’t know which one . Should I get Gliem 2017 books and test Bank ?or should I get just new source for question like IIA, Hock, Wiely ?

    so what do you think ?

  • Shahrukh Alam says:

    Is hock course enough for the CIA Part 1 Exam as I am unable to spend so much on other courses.


    M.S Alam

  • RM says:

    I’m a federal government external auditor mostly ensuring the compliance of taxpayers, Do you think it’s a good idea to get the CGAP? Do you have any review course suggestions for the CGAP certification? Or a study schedule?

    What are your thoughts on just taking the CGAP instead of the CIA?

    • Meghan D says:


      I think you’ll get a lot more value from the CIA as it’s more widely recognized. There aren’t many resources for CGAP that you can use during your review. If you’d like to pursue the CIA, email stephanie[at]ipasstheciaexam.com for help.


  • Vanessa says:

    Hi! I failed the CIA exam part I in the previous week and I studied since January through IIA´s CIA Learning System. I did all the exercises and quizzes and I though I was prepared because in all of them my score was more than 85%. Now I am thinking to apply again for the exam but I have some doubts about the best materials and exercises to do. What do you think the best strategy to follow is? Should I order the Gleim Bank Tests to complement the materials that I already have, since I have already done several times the quizzes and execises of IIA´s CIA Learning System? Thank you!

    • Diane says:

      Hi Vanessa, If you can afford to buy the test bank from Gleim, this is what I have done and that I recommend you. There is not enough question in IIA. I also failed part 1 ( did not have any experience in auditing). I taught I was good with IIA but realized that I needed to practice more. After that, I passed part 1 in second attempt and part 2 & 3 in first attempt. Good luck!

    • Sammy says:

      If you don’t mind my asking but is there anyone here who has taken the CIA exam in 2018 and passed?? I am quite curious. This is because I had the same experience 5 months ago and I don’t seem to see anyone Gliem or any other vendor is facilitating to the other side..

      • Diane says:

        HI Sammy, I did pass in 2018 but the part 3 only. The other 2 were in 2017. I do not know if you went trough this entire site but if not, there are other comments in other sections that could answer your question. There were a lot of activities for part 3 tips to succeed the exam. Go on top of this page in the section either CIA exam or blog and there is a section on the right to search by categories. There is a section also for retakers and many others. It is hard to find the comments you are looking for but is goes usually with the subject.. Click also on the hilighted text when available. Hope this can help. From my point of view, for part 3, IIA learning is better that Gleim) but i really needed to have Gleim for part 1 and 2 specially to gain confidence and understand how it works.

        • Sammy says:

          Nice to hear Dianne :)… I do feel some bit of confidence when we talk on part 3. I am preparing to take part 1 and 2 again in a couple of days, but I am pretty scared because I am still yet to see a CIA part 1 or part 2 success since 2018 began. Tried it out on Jan 5 2018 and ended with a 570.

      • Ebonie says:

        I just passed part 1 after studying with Gleim for a week and half. I already scheduled my assessment and severely procrastinated studying and really stressed myself out. I have 1 year of Internal Audit experience and an accounting degree which both helped significantly. Taking the tests in Gleim multiple times was not helpful since the questions repeat themselves and I remember the answer just based of the answer choices. I always studied with answers that offered feedback right away so I knew immediately why that answer was correct. It does no good to know you got an answer wrong and not know why. While taking the test I did not feel very confident and was confident I failed. The exam really tests your ability to apply concepts. Hope the best for your retest.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Vanessa, sorry to hear that… might want to try Gleim test prep because they are known to be tougher. This should help you think a bit out of the box and get prepared for potentially more difficult (and odd) questions in the actual exam. Please see if you can wait till June, I heard there may be a discount coming up but will confirm in early June.

      • Vanessa says:

        Thank you Stephanie, in that case I will wait and see if I can get the discount!

        • Meghan D says:

          Vanessa, if you’re still needing a discount, you can always check out the CIA Review Discounts page on this site 🙂 You may have already resolved this, but I wanted to reply just in case you still needed help.



    Can anyone suggest me from where to buy gleim material?d from USA or do we have some local courset provider for it? I got mail from Gleim to buy it from concord academy which is in MUMBAI, please let me know is it authentic? will it give same material as it would be given by Gleim?

    • Meghan D says:

      Hi Barsha,

      Yes, you can buy Gleim materials from Concord Academy, and they will be the same as the materials you purchase from the Gleim website. I wish you the best with the exam!

  • Mari says:

    I am currently preparing for Part 3 exams and I was hoping to buy a test bank to help with the preparation. I have used Wiley’s Demo for part 1 and it was very helpful. I am currently unemployed and therefore on a tight budget with regards to the review material, I read in one of your detailed reviews specific to Wiley that a lot of exam takers found Wiley’s test prep helpful. I wanted to take your opinion on whether the Gleim or Wiley is a better option, specific to the Practice questions for Part 3.
    I attempted Part 3 once earlier and scored a 588, without any test prep (using just the review materials and the practice guides). I need a test prep that can effectively bridge this gap and instill some confidence on the day of my re-exam.
    If anyone can give me some valuable insights in this regard, It would be really helpful.

    • Meghan D says:

      Hello! Gleim currently has a 20% discount offer and they offer financing. This may still be out of your budget though – I understand that test prep (and taking these exams) is expensive! There’s a Wiley discount code on the test bank as well. I think either of these options would be fine, but honestly, based on your score without an official review course, I might recommend using Wiley because you’ll get everything you need for a lower price point. Gleim is great, but I think it’s best suited for candidates that need more out of a review course (lectures, customer service, guarantees, etc.).

      Check out the available https://ipasstheciaexam.com/cia-review-discount/CIA review discounts here!

  • MARTIN N says:

    Dear Stephie,
    I’m planning to enroll the CIA program in 2019.
    Thank you for this detailed and deep analysis: it is always good to have enough information in order to chose wisely.

  • Vivek R says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    I’m an ACCA member and have written to IIA regarding the holding of the CIA challenge exam in the future for ACCA members. They responded saying that shortly there would be an announcement in their website regarding the same. So what I would like to know is whether there are any tuition providers catering to this particular exam format or would you recommend me going to one of the more regular tuition providers for my needs.

    Thanks in advance. Hoping to hear from you soon.


    Hi stephanie,

    Thank you for having a platform like this, it has really exposed me. I have been working as an auditor for 8 years now and i intend to write the part 1 exam by may 2020, pls i will need a lecture CD.

  • vivek says:

    Hi, i have appeared part 1 scored 530 & part 2 scored 587 & 564, couldn’t clear, currently using gleim material. I have studied each & every line & performed the test bank also. Issue also i face is sometime after doing tests, unknowingly memorize the answer which is huge mistake.

    Looking forward for your guidance

  • Sunny says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Which course has the best and most comprehensive reading material??


  • >