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CIA Part 1: An Overview


cia-part-1Waqar is our first blogger for this CIA exam site. He writes for us every Wednesday.

I’m finally at the stage where I start reviewing the whole syllabus of part 1. I wanted an overview for the whole part to look for similar topics from the CMA exam; and yes, I found tons of similar topics. I learned a lot from the CMA exam, and I am pleasantly surprised by the similarity of the two certifications.

Let me share with you my favorite quote:

 No matter how far the path is, once started you’ll reach the end eventually.”

CIA Part 1 vs CMA Part 1: What are the Similarities?

Again, I’m using Gleim CIA review. It contains 7 chapters in part 1. I will not go so deep like explaining the topics so I don’t break any laws because I don’t do and support illegal work.

One topic that I find extremely surprising is ratio analysis. It is one of the areas from the CMA exam I really love. It is not as big as that in the CMA exam, but it’s there in the CIA part 1 syllabus, with 6 to 7 ratios under the topic of Data analysis and gathering.

Flow charts (both horizontal and vertical) are also there in CIA syllabus which is super good. I still remember the diagrams from the CMA exam which will surely help me here. Other topics are risk management, classification of controls (which includes primary and secondary controls e.g detective controls, corrective controls, compensatory controls), the foreign corrupt practices act of 1977 and the Sarbanes-Oxley act of 2002.

Another major area I have learned is the COSO Model with its graphical depiction. There are other minor topics, such as the budget and accounting systems, policies and procedures.

A beautiful quote for your progress:

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

Am I Happy with These Topics?

Absolutely yes! I have been grateful to the CMA certification for the knowledge they gave me. It will surely help me in future and now during the CIA exams. I have planned the way I’m going to study the other topics which will be totally new for me, but I’m not that worried as I got a mentor who will help me all the way to the end.

I will be waiting for your comments to further discuss part 1 with you guys. I just remembered a quote from my father who used to say:

Knowledge is the key of many doors.”

So let’s open these doors, help each other and make a better community here in IPasstheCIAExam where we interact for the sake of knowledge.

Waqar Akmal

About the Author Waqar Akmal

Howdy guys, I am Waqar Akmal from Pakistan. I am currently enrolled in MBA program (Third Semester) and have completed the CMA exam. I am now working towards the CIA exam.

  • Agshin Isayev says:

    Hi Waqar,

    First of all thanks for your comparison. Currently I am studying CIA part 1 at the same time I would like to start CMA which also intresting to me.

    As I know each part has 2 sections, multiple choise questions and essay. Could you please tell me if I will answer 80% to multiple choise and failed to answer essay? In this case can I pass exam or not?


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