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Lynnel’s CIA Part 3 Progress – Week 4 and 5


CIA Part 3 Progress Week 4 and 5Lynnel is our CIA exam blogger from the Philippines. She passed Part 1 and 2 and is now studying for Part 3. She writes every Friday.

There are really times you ask yourself whether you can do it or not. And there are people who lose hope toward their achievement of goal in life. Those people who lose hope need a helping hand and I find this entire community as a helping hand toward the achievement of my goal, to be a Certified Internal Auditor.

I don’t usually post on the Part 3 page on this site, but I can say that I almost read the entire thread. I am really fascinated about these people and to the entire community who help each other towards being a CIA. That’s the reason why I want to keep track and share my progress toward my achievement of CIA.

Moving on to my progress, as I looked through my CIA exam study planner, topics for week 4 and week 5 are:

  • Unit 11- IT Security and Application Development
  • Unit 12- IT Systems
  • Unit 13- IT Systems and Business Continuity
  • Unit 14-Basic and Intermediate Concepts of Financial Accounting
  • Unit 15-Advanced Concepts of Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Unit 16-Finance
  • Unit 17-Managerial Accounting I

To my entire part of review for Part 3, these topics for me are the hardest, complicated and challenging one. Can you feel as how I describe it?

IT topics really are my weakness and these topics are very new to me. I can feel how other CIA exam candidates complain about Gleim’s lack of content about IT. But my question is, if it lacks content why would others pass CIA part 3 using only the Gleim material plus supplementary materials like GTAGs and PGs if the content aren’t enough?

I like how Gleim explain topics in the simplest way and I believe I would be able to work on my weakness using my materials through practice questions and watching videos on Youtube. Luckily my boyfriend’s major is IT so I can ask for help, anytime.

Meanwhile on accounting, I do not have much to worry about because I had courses related to all the above during my college. I also relate to CIA exam candidates who worry about how Gleim includes complicated calculations. But who knows what I would encounter during exam, might as well study the concepts well and be well prepared.

Note from Stephanie

Looks like it is the whole 2 weeks of IT and Accounting for you! Except for IT auditors, most IA aren’t particularly strong in IT so we are all in the same boat in terms of having not much clue on IT stuff 😉

Yes, if people can pass, so can you.

Glad to know your boyfriend can help. It’s awesome not only because of his knowledge, but that he would feel happy to be able to help you out with his expertise. I mention somewhere on my site and newsletter but having your dear ones buy in (and help) in your CIA exam journey is such a big motivator to get this exam done.

On the computation, it is hard because Gleim includes some CMA exam questions in the practice questions. That’s an exam specifically for management accountants and it’s real tough (their Part 1 pass rate was 35% last year).

I normally tell people to skip the really complicated questions. But if you have the time and courage to tackle them all, I am all with you. It’s going to be helpful in enhancing your overall accounting skills. Excellent work Lynnel. Keep it up!

About the Author Lynnel

Lynnel is a recent graduate, with a BSBA Major in Internal Auditing in the Philippines. Lynnel passed Part 1 and 2 on the same day, and Part 3 on her first attempt.

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