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CIA Review Discounts and Promo Codes [Updated for 2020 CIA Exam Discounts!]

Check this page for the latest CIA review discounts and coupon codes! When you get a CIA review discount from this page, you can save money on the process of passing the CIA exam. 

Featured CIA Review Course Discounts

CIA Review Course Discounts & CIA Coupons (Updated 2020 CIA Course Discounts)

Gleim CIA Discounts

gleim cia review discount

Save 20% with the Gleim CIA Premium Review Discount 

 Gleim CIA discount applies to 3-part Premium CIA review materials and individual parts. With this Gleim discount, you'll save on Gleim CIA Part 1, CIA Part 2, and CIA Part 3.

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gleim cia review discount

Save 20% on the Gleim CIA Traditional Review & 10% on the Gleim CIA Test Bank

Gleim CIA discount applies to Gleim CIA Part 1, 2, and 3.

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Surgent Discounts

surgent cia review discount

Save 20% on Surgent CIA Review Courses 

This Surgent CIA discount applies to Surgent CIA Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Save $

Get the Surgent Code & Save!
surgent cia review discount

Save 20% on Surgent CIA Review Courses 

Surgent CIA discount applies to individual parts of their CIA prep course.

Save $

Get the Surgent Code & Save!

Read my Surgent CIA Review evaluation. 

Hock CIA Discounts

hock cia review

Save 35% on Your Entire Purchase with the Hock CIA Discount 

Save 40% on everything on the Hock CIA website!

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hock cia review

Save $349 with the Hock CIA Discount 

This Hock discount applies to the Hock CIA Review package when videos are added.

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Save $

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hock cia review

Save 20% with the Hock CIA Discount 

This Hock discount applies to all Hock courses and materials!

Save $

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Read my Hock International CIA evaluation.

Wiley Discounts

wiley ciaexcel review discount

Discover Available Discounts

Save $

Save $

Get the Best Price on Wiley CIA

Read my Wiley CIA Review evaluation.

Using Discounts on CIA Exam Courses

Once you earn the CIA certification, it will pay for itself with career benefits like increased salary, incentives, and job opportunities. Until then, you will pay for the certification not only with time and effort, but also with finances, as you’ll have to foot the bill for exam fees and review course costs. Why pay any more than you have to? With these CIA exam course discounts, you can save hundreds of dollars on your CIA exam prep and make the process of earning the CIA much more manageable. These discounts are here to help you minimize the sacrifices you must make to pass, so take advantage of them today!

These discounts, in most cases, have been provided exclusively for my readers. Therefore, you won't find discounts like the Gleim test bank discount or the 20% Gleim CIA review discount on Premium systems anywhere else. Whether you're looking for Gleim CIA discounts or Wiley CIA discounts (or anything in between), you'll find them all here.

Finding the Best CIA Prep Course Discounts

There are a lot of CIA prep course discounts on the market, so how do you choose? First, you must consider what you absolutely need in a review course. Use what you know about your learning style and your knowledge levels to assess how well a review course will adapt to your preferences and provide all of the information you need.

If you find a course that satisfies these standards but is beyond your budget, look for a CIA review course discount for that course. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars. If the course you really love still costs more than you want to pay, consider how much value you’re getting for the price. You might realize that it’s worth it to pay a little more if it means that you’ll be able to work efficiently and effectively and pass the first time.

Redeeming a CIA Review Course Coupon Code

To use a CIA review course coupon code, you must copy the code published on this site and then travel to the review providers site. Believe it or not, you can do both simply by clicking the button on this page that says something like, "Get the code!" for the discount you want. At the review provider's site, add the CIA review course you would like to purchase to your cart. At checkout, paste the coupon code into the specified field and click “Apply”. The cart will refresh to show you how much you’ve saved. Then, get the CIA review course of your dreams. It’s that simple!

Other Ways to Save Money on Your CIA Exam Preparations

You can save at least $500 if you're able to pass on your first try. Passing on your first try lets you avoid paying for retakes, program extensions, and new review course materials. It also spares you intangible costs like the sweat and tears. Passing in one go should be your priority!

1. Don't Miss the Free Trials

Both Gleim CIA Review and Wiley CIAexcel offer a free trial. Wiley's trial lasts for just 48 hours, but Gleim's extends for 18 months. This awesome free trial is a big reason why Gleim is my top pick. You should definitely utilize this opportunity.

2. Make the Most of Your Course 

A CIA review course is more than just a bunch of questions. It's a very useful set of study materials authored by professional educators who know what it takes to pass. So no matter which review materials you end up choosing at the end, please make the best use of them.

Take the test prep for example. The course providers have designed each question to test a concept. If you are able to answer correctly, then you can put that concept into practice. But if you get the question wrong, you have the opportunity to discover why you were wrong and why the correct answer is right for the right reasons.

3. Create Your Own Flashcards

People have different learning style preferences, but most readers seem to find the good old-fashioned practice of rewriting the concepts to be excellent for retaining information.

When I was studying for the exam, I made CIA exam flashcards by writing the key concepts and important points on 3×5 index cards. Some of my friends wrote out a few pages of notes. A few of my younger bloggers used Quizlet. Either way is fine as long as you take the time to let your brain process the newly gained knowledge.

Similarly, a few readers find it very helpful to record their own audio reviews. This particular technique doesn't work for me, but I can see how recording and listening to the information helps us make good use of our different senses, which stimulates learning from many different angles.

Have Other Ideas for Saving Money on the CIA Exam?

Please share your thoughts! If you have other coupons or study tips to tell of, let us know in the comments section below. Thanks so much, and good luck to all of you!

CISA Review Discounts (Best CISA Review Discounts for 2020)

Save 25% on CISA SuperReview

Save $


Read my SuperReview evaluation. 


Read my Simplilearn evaluation. 


Read my Surgent CISA Review evaluation. 

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