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Stephanie is the owner of this website and a CISA exam candidate. She writes weekly to share her CISA exam journey.

Last time I blogged about why I go for CISA, and how my better understanding on the CISA cost structure led me change the earlier decision to join the ISACA membership.

In short, I will apply as a non-member. Will do that when the early bird offer for the February to May 2018 testing window is available.

CISA Exam Requirements

In case you didn’t know, there is no specific requirements to sit for the CISA exam. All you need to do is to register, pay the fees and schedule the date and time for the exam.

Since 2016, the exam has been computerized and you can take the exam in any major cities around the world. The ISACA has outsourced the exam administration to a company called the PSI, which runs online testing centers for different professions. It’s the same as the Prometric for the US CPA/CMA exams, and Pearson VUE for the CIA exam.

Checking the Exam Dates and CISA Review Materials

I’ve taken a look at the exam site availability. Looks like February is completely open in my area.

The next step is to check out the review courses. Based on my prior research, many candidates pick the default CISA Review Manual. There are die hard fans (guess those who passed on their first try) but quite a few told me the materials are pretty dry and boring.

Once again I checked out the book on Amazon where they show you some pages for reference. I have to say I can’t really stand this read-and-learn-from-the-book format. Hey, it’s the 21st century!

I have covered enough accounting professional exams and reviewed enough courses to realize how superior the online courses are when compared to the traditional format. I know every one has a different learning style, but I bet the majority will find the interactive online version more engaging and effective.

Afterall, the exam is now computerized. It makes all sense to learn and practice in the simulated testing environment.

How about the CISA Online Review Course?

There are 3 CISA online review courses on the market:

  • CISA Online Review Course (by ISACA)
  • CISA SuperReview by Allen Keele
  • CISA Review Materials by Simplilearn

I’ve done extensive research on these CISA review materials. After rewatching the demos, I stick with my recommendation on CISA SuperReview.

Allen is engaging and a good teacher — he is able to explain boring and technical concepts clearly with real-life examples. I also appreciate the quality of both the practice questions and answers.

I decided to get a set for my own study, taking advantage of the 25% discount of course.

Until Next Week…

I should be able to tell you my thoughts on SuperReview as a customer starting from next week. You’ll see if I’ve made the right choice ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the meantime, you can check out these pages for your own planning:

About the Author Stephanie

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of this and several accounting professional exam prep sites.

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  • Rao says:

    Hello Stephanie,

    Your website helped me clear CIA and CRMA. I am starting my CISA course, please let me know how did u find Super review by Allen Keele. Please share thoughts, waiting eagerly for your response.

    • Mubashir says:

      For Mr. Rao & Stephaine

      By the Grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH,I passed CISA Exam in Dec-2017.
      Material used:
      1-Official Review Manual (Only Section Two of Each Domain)
      2-Official Database (Focused on reasoning of Answers-Why Right?-Why Wrong?
      3-Hameng Doshi Videos and preperation from his Related website (Youtube channel-Best website for CISA aspirants)
      i)-Avoid any type of DUMPS.These are useless and time wasting.
      ii)-Don’t cram ANSWERS Of MCQs.Try to understand logic behind Right or Wrong.
      iii)-At least,read thoroughly REVIEW MANUAL,three times.Then Start Database.
      iv)-After go through Database at least two time.Make habit to solve Daily MCQs at least 50.
      v)-Plan also Revision of Review Manual.

      • Rao says:

        Dear Mubashir,

        Thanks for the response, please help me know the below.

        1) With regard to complexity in the actual CISA exam, were they above or at the complexity level of ISACA Review questions.
        2) Was the duration of 4hours sufficient for the exam!

        Looking forward to your reply.



        • Mubashir says:

          1-Above from Official Database.But If you try to understand logic behind Right or Wrong,you will win.

          2-Quite Enough.

  • harry says:

    Dear Stephanie

    Yesterday I had a test in Yokohama, Japan and could pass it !
    After I passed all CIA tests with great information from your site last year, I decided to take CISA test to improve knowledge on IT area for my Internal Audit work in the company, I would like to feedback some for candidates now studying for CISA ….

    My strategy is, no readying volume reference book (I recognized on my last CIA study, even many repeated reading sometimes comes to be less effects to improve test score), but to take several test preps, which has 600 to 1000 MCQs, now available at android application at very low price !
    Accordingly to advice on your site, I bought Gryfin test prep first stage on my study, but of course, it could not cover all IT matters related to CISA test, which come to clear for me, after I got average 80% or more score on Gryfin, but on other prep materials I found many issues I have never seen on Gryfin, and had lower score ….

    Upon this reality I once postponed my test schedule 3 months later, and changed my strategy to take average 70% up for several test preps other than Gryfin (finally I took 5 or 6 test preps).

    On the actual test of CISA I took last Monday, the real test is not so difficult to answer or not so
    complicated (detailed) on IT issues, almost of which are covered by above mentioned test preps. On my test, there are many questions asking right attitude or decision as IS Auditor.

    It is happy if my comments could help for following CISA candidates,

    Good luck !

    • Rao says:

      Dear Harry,

      Thanks alot for sharing your feedback, please let us know if you read through the ISACA CISA TEXT BOOK and also please let us know any additional material you referred.

      I have my exam in two months.



      • harry says:

        Dear Rao

        Thank you for your e-mail, I was lazy to read the text book because in my experience on CIA exam study, reading book x several times is not efficient for real test, I would like to recommend you to concentrate to take prep materials, such as CISA Systems Auditor Pro, CISA Tutor, CISA Genius, all android applications, costs just @US$10 or less,

        Also for basic understanding, you can check at, this is very good free site for basic understanding (I have less IT background),

        Good luck to you !

        • RAO says:

          Thanks alot for the valuable information, It would help us more if you can tell how much time you took to complete the exam and how many months of preparation you took for CISA.

          • harry says:

            Dear Rao

            I believe it depends on IT background. In my case, I have less IT background, so that it took 6 months (no so hard work/study, maybe 2 to 3 hours a week, I was lazy …)

            But Android applications, it is very convenient, we can study anytime, anywhere … you can try it.

            Good luck !

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