CISA Salary in 2019: Analysis and Trend


Robert Half publishes an annual salary guide for accountants and audits full of useful information. I would like to present the details on IT audit salary, together with the premium if you get a CISA certification.

IT Audit Salary Overview

From 2015 to 2016, the IT audit profession has seen a respectable 5% increase in salary across levels, and across the size of companies. This is in line with the general internal audit profession.

Growth in Large Companies

By large, it means companies with revenue of $250 million every year:

IT Audit Salary in large companies

Growth in Medium-Sized Companies

By medium, it refers to those with revenue between $25 and $250 million:


CISA Salary Premium

According to this recent IIA salary report, the 236 survey respondents with a CISA certification have an average salary of $105K, versus $65K for those without certification.

This is only a rough comparison as they are many factors involved, including the number of years in the field, education level and type of companies they work for. But overall, the 61% premium is a big enough incentive for you to take the CISA certification seriously.


There is wide range of IT audit salary depending on your level and the company you work for. As your role involves more supervision and responsibility, the compensation increases quite considerably.

Also, as big companies tend to have more complex structure, businesses and transactions, they are willing to pay more to attract talents. This is something you may consider in future career path.

Lastly, consider getting the CISA (or CIA) certification as soon as you can, in order to take advantage of the big premium in salary level. You can get more information in our CISA FAQ page.

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