CRMA Exam Fees Breakdown: Is this $1000 Investment Worth It?

How much is this CRMA certification cost? Is this investment worth it in the long run?

CRMA Exam Fees at a Glance

Here is a list of various CRMA exam fees (in US dollars) for quick reference. You can find further explanation below.

Membership type IIA
1. Membership fee $250 *  [1]
2. Application $115 $230  [2]
3. Exam registration $380 $495  [3]
Total $745 $725

* Membership fee varies in different country. In the US, the fee ranges from $40 for students to $250 for regular professionals. Source: IIA

1. IIA Membership Fee

You don’t need to be a IIA member to take the CRMA exam, but it makes sense for you to apply because the discount often offsets the membership fee.

The difference from the CRMA exam alone may not justify the membership, but if you take the CIA exam Part 1 into account, then you are definitely better off as a IIA member.

If we look beyond the monetary benefits, joining the membership keeps you up to date on industry news, and enhances your networking effort in the community.

2. Exam Application Fees

Unlike the membership, this application fee is mandatory. You get half price as a IIA member.

This application fee is valid for 4 years. If one fails to pass the CRMA within this period and would like to try again, he/she must pay again.

3. Exam Registration Fee

We pay this every time we sit for the exam. It is the same for first-timers and retakers.

Optional CRMA Exam Costs

Most candidates get a copy of the CRMA Exam Study Guide and the practice questions which cost $99 each.

Some candidates may need to travel to another city or even country to take the exam. In this case, travel and accommodation cost should be counted in the budget.

How Big is the Investment?

For a typical candidate, the cost is $750 + $200  = Around $1,000

This does not include the cost to take the CIA Part 1 exam, which is part of the CRMA exam requirements. Please refer to this page for CIA exam expenses.

For Your Further Reading

Check out our CRMA master page for further information on this exam.

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