CRMA Exam Requirements and Eligibility: Easy to Get Qualified?

The CRMA exam has quite a bit of overlap with the CIA exam. Understandably, the eligibility requirement is very similar. Here is the summary for your information:

CRMA Exam Requirements at a Glance

1. Completion of CIA Exam Part 1

Yes. You need to start the CIA exam program and pass Part 1 before moving to the CRMA.

For the syllabus and tips on the Part 1 CIA exam, please check out this link.

2. Education Requirements

The candidate must have at least 4 years of post-graduate education from an accredited university.

This can be substituted by having 2 years of post-graduate education plus 3 years of general business experience.

Although this is slightly less strict than that required in the CIA exam, you pretty much need to qualify for the CIA exam eligibility anyway given you need to pass Part 1 first.

3. Character Reference

This should be relatively easy but must be done before submitting your CRMA exam application.

CRMA Experience Requirements

Fulfilling the CRMA exam requirements will allow you to take the exam. However you won’t be able to get the certificate and hold yourself out as a CRMA unless you fulfill the experience requirements as well.

You can get this done by accumulating two years of experience in relevant field. Examples include:

  • Auditing
  • Controls-related business experience such as risk management, quality assurance, or CSA

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I need to apply for IIA membership before applying to this exam?

Similar to the CIA exam, the answer is no. You don’t need to but there are certain benefits including discount in exam fees and the ability to download certain supplementary materials.

The one exception is Singapore — you must be an IIA member to take this exam in this country.

2. Is there a cost to maintain the CRMA certification?

Yes. Please expect to take the CPE courses to keep your CRMA certification valid. You can get the summary of the CRMA CPE requirements towards the end of this page.

For Your Further Reading

Check out our CRMA master page for further information on this exam.

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