CRMA Pass Rates vs. CIA: Which exam is harder?

The CRMA pass rates show how candidates view the CRMA exam vs. the CIA exam. On average, the CRMA pass rate is higher than the CIA. So is the CRMA exam harder than the CIA exam? Well, the rates alone can’t answer that question, especially since the CRMA requirements changed in 2021. Therefore, this article breaks down the pass rates and gives you some insight into both exams. At the end of the post, you’ll find links to more information about the CRMA, too.

What is the CRMA Certification?

The CRMA is just one of the specialty certifications offered by the IIA. The Institute of Internal Auditors began issuing the CRMA, or Certification in Risk Management Assurance, in 2013. Since then, the CRMA certificate has become the global standard for professionals who plan to advise audit committees and executive management on risk management concepts. In fact, it’s the only certification for internal auditors specifically focused on risk management assurance.

In the past, candidates could pursue the CRMA certificate after only passing Part 1 of the CIA Exam. However, the IIA CRMA prerequisites changed in April 2021. So now, you must be an active CIA holder to go after the CRMA, too.

CRMA Exam Pass Rates vs. CIA

First, let’s look at the pass rates for the CRMA exam. The average rate from the last 6 years is about 58%. That figure doesn’t yet include the 2022 and 2023 numbers because those rates haven’t been released yet. Still, it seems that the pass rates have been fairly consistent for a while.

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
CRMA Exam Pass Rate 59% 56% 58% 58% 58% 60% 54%

Over the past several years, the CIA exam pass rates have hovered around 43%, probably because of the difficulty of the CIA passing score. Since 2015, the rates have slightly risen, though, and were even as high as 48% in 2021. Nevertheless, the increase probably isn’t a direct response to the CIA exam itself. After all, the questions or exam format are not getting easier. Instead, exam review providers have really stepped up their game and offered more learning tools to help candidates study better. So, it seems more likely that candidates are doing a better job of prepping for the CIA exam.

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
CIA Exam Pass Rate 39% 40% 42% 43% 42% 41% 48%

(The results for the 2022 and 2023 CIA exams are not yet available from the IIA.)

Comparing the CRMA and CIA exams

Therefore, based on the pass rates, is the CIA exam harder than the CRMA exam? Well, there are several factors that affect pass rates.

  • First, the CIA exam is a global exam. And even though it is offered in several languages, candidates might not be able to take the exam in their native language. In fact, some candidates claim that the translations for the CIA exam are hit-and-miss, which could affect the global scores.
  • And second, compared to the CRMA program, the barrier to entry into the CIA program is fairly low. That is, you can start the CIA program with just an associate’s degree. Consequently, some CIA candidates may lack the educational background to ace the exam on their first try. In contrast, CRMA candidates already have their CIA certificate, meaning that they’ve built up a certain amount of knowledge and experience. Basically, that existing knowledge can make passing the CRMA exam a little easier.

Is the CRMA Difficult?

How hard is it to pass the CRMA exam? Well, think of it this way: about 58% of exam-takers pass. But on the flip side, 42% of candidates thought they would pass and didn’t. Plus, the CIA and CRMA exams present different challenges. So, if you’ve already passed the CIA exam, don’t automatically assume that you’ll pass the CRMA exam.

Some of the topics in Part 1 of the CIA exam also appear on the CRMA exam. But, the CRMA exam questions all tests at the proficient level. So, that means you need a deeper understanding of the CRMA content if you plan to pass.

2021 CRMA program updates

Plus, the CRMA program changed as of April 2021. And therefore, the exam pass rates could change in the future, too. I have an entire post dedicated to the 2021 CRMA changes, but here’s a summary of how the exam itself was modified:

  • Number of CRMA exam questions: increased from 100 to 125
  • Type of questions: changed from multiple-choice only to a mix of question formats
  • Exam length: increased from 120 minutes to 150 minutes

In addition, pre-2021, the CRMA exam tested at the basic and proficient levels. But since the 2021 changes have taken effect, the questions test your knowledge at the proficient level only. Therefore, based on these changes, it’s possible that candidates could find the 2023 CRMA exam to be more challenging. And even more, the CRMA pass rates could go down in comparison to the CIA exam.

Final Thoughts

In general, about 43% of CIA candidates pass their exams, while 57% of CRMA candidates pass. Since some of the content overlaps, it makes sense that the CRMA rates are a little higher. But still, you need to study if you plan to master the CRMA exam, especially because of the recent changes. Click here to find more information about practice CRMA questions and where to find a CRMA practice test.

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