Surgent CISA Course: Study Tool with Adaptive Learning Technology

Surgent CISA Review is a unique prep course option for CISA exam candidates. Surgent offers some distinct features, but, of course, has its downsides as well. So, to help you determine if you should use Surgent CISA Review as your CISA review course supplement to the CISA Review Manual, use the following assessment to discover the strengths and weaknesses of Surgent.

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Surgent CISA Course Overview

Jack Surgent founded Surgent Professional Education in 1985 and grew the company to become a leader in continuing education and exam prep for accounting, tax, and other professions. Then, in 2015, Surgent acquired ExamMatrix and the accounting certification exam prep courses ExamMatrix had produced. Consequently, Surgent now offers prep courses for 5 different professional accounting exams, including the CISA exam.

So, despite the rebranding process, Surgent has decades of experience in the industry. And they’ve applied that experience to each exam prep course to create an effective and efficient study experience for their candidates. To produce Surgent CISA Review specifically, Surgent updated the content of the ExamMatrix CISA course and enhanced the adaptive technology. The end result is a CISA course unlike any other on the market.

Surgent CISA Review 2021 Course Components

Though Surgent has expanded some of its other exam prep offerings to include more than 1 course, they currently maintain just 1 CISA review course. So, what does Surgent CISA Review provide for CISA exam candidates? Well, the features included in this course include:

  • Unique adaptive learning technology
  • 1650+ multiple-choice questions with full-text answers
  • Unlimited practice exams
  • ReadySCORE technology
  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet compatibility
  • PDF textbook
  • FREE automatic content updates
  • A pass guarantee
  • 12 months of course access

As you can see, these features range from very-nice-to-have to downright essential. Therefore, Surgent CISA Review offers many advantages to exam candidates. But understanding the quality of some of the main Surgent course components requires a bit more explanation.

1. Adaptive Learning Technology

By aligning with ExamMatrix, Surgent entered the adaptive learning space and applied the technology to all of its courses. Consequently, Surgent CISA Review features Surgent’s state of the art, proprietary A.S.A.P technology. It is also the only CISA course to employ such technology.

The purpose of Surgent’s adaptive course platform is to save candidates considerable amounts of study time by pinpointing their weak areas and presenting custom daily study plans that enable candidates to improve on these weak areas. These “daily surges” provide the study suggestions candidates should follow according to their performance on practice quizzes covering the exam content. Therefore, by avoiding a rehash of information you already know, Surgent CISA Review helps you maximize your study time.

Surgent A.S.A.P. Technology

The adaptive learning technology from Surgent allows you to create a customized study program that is specific to your needs. It will not continue to rehash information you already know but will go into more review on the topics you need to know better. This tool will help you identify your weaker areas as well as your strengths and maximize your study time.

And while Surgent has enhanced its CISA course with such technology to help you study efficiently, you can still choose to take a more linear approach through your studies or even switch between the adaptive and the non-adaptive systems as you study.

surgent cisa exam

2. Surgent ReadySCORE

Another truly unique innovation found in the Surget CISA course is the ReadySCORE tool. This tool supplies a specific measurement of your CISA exam readiness by analyzing the real-time performance analytics, progress data, and study time reports contained within the course.

Your ReadySCORE is a number representing your current strength of knowledge in all CISA exam domains. Therefore, it indicates what you would score on the CISA exam if you took it at that time.

Surgent has programmed the ReadySCORE so that it does not overestimate your abilities. Therefore, candidates usually get a higher CISA exam score than ReadySCORE. So, if your ReadySCORE says you will pass, you can be pretty confident in your CISA exam performance.

3. Practice Questions and Practice Exams

Another one of Surgent’s strongest course attributes is their test bank. Surgent CISA Review includes over 1,650 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in their test bank, which is the largest amount among the other CISA courses I recommend.

Having a multitude of MCQs to answer really helps you refine your performance with each exam domain and ensures that you won’t memorize any of the practice questions you’ve seen. Memorizing practice questions is a bad strategy because you have little to no chance of seeing those exact questions on the CISA exam. So, the more practice questions you have, the better prepared you’ll be for every kind of question you receive on the exam.

CISA Practice Questions

What’s more, Surgent’s practice questions come with full-text explanations. These explanations help you understand why you got a question wrong and why the correct answer was right. They also point you to the places in the course where you can learn more about the subject matter of the question.

Additionally, Surgent CISA Review supplies unlimited practice exams. Consequently, this quantity of practice exams is another aspect of the course that surpasses other CISA study materials. Taking practice exams familiarizes you with the format and functionality of the CISA exam. So, the more practice exams you take, the more confidence you can have on exam day. Other CISA courses come with a pre-determined number of practice exams and exam simulations, but Surgent CISA Review doesn’t hold its candidates down in this way.

4. Surgent CISA Course Access

The length of course access for Surgent CISA Review is adequate, but not awesome. Surgent gives you 12 months with its CISA course. The fact that the CISA exam now has continuous testing gives 12 months of course access the potential to be more productive than before when the exam was only available during testing windows. However, you may crave more time with your course if life gets in the way of your CISA exam studies.

Compared to the other CISA courses on the market, Surgent’s course access length outshines that of CISA SuperReview, which is only 180 days long.

The Positive Aspects of Surgent CISA Review

1. The Only CISA Review Program with Adaptive Learning Technology

The biggest advantage Surgent CISA Review has over the other CISA courses available is its adaptive technology. Adaptive technology is already a popular course component among CPA, CMA, CIA, and EA exam prep courses, so its presence among CISA courses shouldn’t be so surprising. Yet, no other CISA review provider has implemented adaptive technology into their courses like Surgent, so Surgent remains the outlier. And if adaptive technology is a must-have for you, then Surgent is your only real CISA course option.

Surgent’s adaptive technology is attractive enough to make it a determining factor in your CISA review course decision. Focusing on your weak areas is the fastest and most effective way to ensure CISA exam success, and Surgent’s course equips you to do just that. And with ReadySCORE, you can be sure that your efforts to increase your knowledge are fruitful. Finally, because you’re studying so efficiently for the CISA exam, you can pass quickly and not have to worry about only having 12 months of course access. You’ll find that 12 months is plenty of time when you’re able to maximize the productivity of each study session.

2. The Biggest Test Bank of Practice Questions and Exams

As mentioned, none of the other CISA courses I recommend arm candidates with as many practice questions or practice exams as Surgent CISA Review. The CISA exam itself only has 150 MCQs. So, Surgent is giving you 11 times as many practice questions as you need. If you really focus on your studies, you should be able to pass the exam well before you take it 11 times. Therefore, Surgent is going above and beyond the call of duty to sufficiently prepare you for exam success by supplying you with so many practice questions.

Of course, the number of practice exams Surgent offers is also exceptional. And not only can you take as many practice exams as possible, but you can also take them whenever you want, as Surgent gives you the option to take a practice exam within each daily surge. Other CISA courses only let you complete a practice exam or exam simulation for a certain domain when you’ve completed the instructional part of your review for that domain. In this way, Surgent affords its candidates an unparalleled amount of practice question and practice exam freedom for their CISA exam studies.

3. The Most Affordable CISA Course

You may think that adaptive technology and unlimited practice exams justify Surgent charging you quite a racket for their review course, but thankfully, they don’t see it that way. Instead, Surgent CISA Review has one of the best price points in the industry.

Without any discounts or coupons, Surgent’s CISA course costs $419. But when you use my Surgent CISA Review course discount code, you can save 15% and get the course for just $349.

This price is lower than that of many other CISA courses, but you must remember that you’re not getting the exact same things from each CISA course. Surgent does provide adaptive technology and more practice questions and exams, but they don’t have any video or audio lessons. So, you’re essentially getting an enhanced test bank with Surgent CISA Review. If that’s enough for you, then you’ll appreciate the cost of this course even more. But if you need additional instruction in your CISA course, then you’ll have to increase your investment to get the right review materials for you.

4. Free Trial

Not only is Surgent’s course economically priced, but it also helps you save money by presenting a free course trial. With this trial, you can explore everything that Surgent CISA Review has to offer. Then, you can make sure that it’s the course for you.

The free trial lasts for 3 days. So, you should wait to sign up until you’ve got a day or 2 to commit to going through the course. But, you’ll find both the free trial and a free video demo of the course on Surgent’s website. And, they’ll be waiting for you until you’re ready.

The Negative Aspects of Surgent CISA Review

1. No Videos

The Surgent CISA Review course would be practically perfect if it just included videos. But as it stands, the course is lacking a study resource for audio and visual learners, which is quite disappointing. While Surgent’s CISA course does contain PDF textbooks, you won’t find any other instructional material within the course.

And even pairing Surgent CISA Review with the CISA Review Manual doesn’t solve the problem. The CRM is just a reference guide, so you won’t find much additional instruction within it. For this reason, candidates who aren’t well-acquainted with the CISA exam content already may struggle to achieve deep comprehension if they rely on Surgent CISA Review alone.

2. Rigid Pass Guarantee

Surgent CISA Review does have a pass guarantee, which is really nice. But, taking advantage of this guarantee can get tricky. In order to qualify for the pass guarantee, Surgent explains that you must do the following:

  1. Answer every multiple-choice question correctly at least 1 time prior to your exam date
  2. Average AT LEAST 1 minute per question
  3. Sit for and fail your exam section within the license period of your course
  4. Send a copy of your official exam scoring report by a traceable method (certified mail, UPS, FedEx, etc) no later than 30 days after your exam. Official exam scoring report should be sent to Surgent, 237 Lancaster Ave, Devon, PA 19333.

The Surgent CISA Review course will track if you’ve answered every question right at least one time. It can also tell you how long you spent answering the practice questions.

Surgent Pass Guarantee

However, you have to think about the stipulations of the pass guarantee as you study if you want to take Surgent up on it later. You can’t tweak your course performance once you find out you failed the CISA exam. Instead, you have to commit enough time and effort to your work with the course on a regular basis to satisfy these specifications.

And if you do that, you will actually increase your odds of passing. And, hopefully, you won’t need to use the pass guarantee after all!

My Conclusion About Surgent CISA Review

The strong suits of the Surgent CISA Review course are the adaptive technology and the practice questions. So, if you are fairly familiar with the CISA exam content and simply need to refine your understanding of some topics and develop your confidence with the exam format, then Surgent’s CISA course is for you.

However, if you need to lay a foundation of learning with the basics of information systems auditing, assurance, and control, then you will probably need more instruction than Surgent can offer due to its lack of videos. So, in your case, I would recommend CISA SuperReview instead. Surgent’s course can serve as a great supplement to CISA SuperReview or the CISA Review Manual.

If you’d like a more personalized CISA review course recommendation, you can just reach out to me. But if you know Surgent CISA Review is the course for you and you’d like to buy it, then use my Surgent CISA course discount to save big today!

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