Surgent CISA Course: Study Tool with Adaptive Learning Technology


Have you heard of Surgent CISA or ExamMatrix CISA Review? Surgent and ExamMatrix are now one in the same because recently, ExamMatrix has been brought under the Surgent umbrella. Because of this, the course received a much-needed facelift, but the technology is still just as effective.

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Surgent CISA Course Offering

I would say a clear feature that sets them apart is the “Adaptive Learning” Software. This is likely the biggest draw to Surgent’s CISA course, so if you’re a big fan of this kind of technology, let’s keep going!

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1. The Only CISA Review Program with Adaptive Learning Technology

The adaptive learning platform automatically identifies your weaker areas based on the performance of the practice questions. Then the system feeds you more questions that cover these topics and the system tracks your performance.

The adaptive learning technology that Surgent employs is used to make your review process more efficient.

2. Extensive Database with Full Explanation

Surgent CISA offers over 1,600 multiple-choice questions, all with full text explanations. The questions also come with full solutions.

3. Pass or Refund Guarantee

This guarantee is available for all Surgent test prep products. Certain requirements must be met though. Because Surgent requires you to achieve certain goals within the course before you are able to qualify for a refund, it allows you to know if the course is really going to work for you or not.


1. Not an Integrated and Guided CISA Review Course

Surgent CISA is a test bank, plus it comes with PDF reference textbooks. If you need a more robust course with videos and rich textbooks, Surgent CISA may not be the course for you.

2. Can You Actually get the Pass Guarantee?

There are some stipulations that you must meet before you can activate the pass guarantee. This may be very difficult for some candidates, especially those who are no longer committed to taking the CISA exam. In order to qualify, you must answer all the questions and spend a minute on each. Furthermore, you must achieve a 50% accuracy level on all the questions. Finally, you have to send in the results within seven days of your actual exam date.

My Conclusion: Great Set of CISA Practice Questions

Surgent CISA is a great supplement, and it’s a great option if you’ve failed using another course too. But it’s not a full course, and because of this, I would recommend Surgent CISA only to be used as a test bank, and not as a full CISA exam study platform.

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