Few Weeks before My PART 3 Exam


Lynnel is our blogger who just passed her Part 3 and final exam this month. She has been writing a few reflection posts since then.

Hi everyone! I want to share with you all what I did few weeks before my exam. For those who are reading my blog for the first time, you may want to check out the blog posts on my study technique as well as my six weeks of preparation for Part 3.

In my post last week I also shared what happened on my exam day. So, after all the hard work, prayers and guidance luckily I passed.

The CIA Exam is not easy. I believe some may agree while some will not. CIA Exam Part 1 and 2 may be easy but Part 3 is a game changer. I really understand the struggle of other candidates with regards to Part 3 so I triple my effort for this part.

In addition, changes on Standards will be in effect by July 2017 even though there will be a little bit of changes for Part 3, I might need a new review material.

My biggest constraint is the material. Since I am only using Gleim and the free IIA Resources for part 3, I have to maximize my resources. But, I think it is doable, thanks to Youtube for some of the lectures.

The following are the steps I did a few weeks before my exam:

1. Watch IIA Webinar Archives

I discovered just recently the webinar archives. I was looking for a lecture for CSR and ISO 31000 on Youtube when suddenly webinar archives popped in my mind. Since, I am actively participating on live webinars I thought of having discussion for ISO 31000 and CSR on webinar archives but unfortunately there wasn’t. But, the thing is other supplemental guides that was suggested for reading for Part 3 was there. (ex. GTAG 1, 4, 17)

2. Study Your Own Summarized Notes

Summarized notes are the most tedious part of my study plan but thankfully I did it. I used my summarized notes six days before my exam to get an overview of all the topics.

3. Study Summarized Theory from Gleim Test bank

Not all the concepts are in reading, some are on practice questions. So I decided to create new notes for this and for the questions I always tend to be incorrect.

4. Take the Practice Exam

My review is not complete without the practice exam. Practice exam simulates the exam environment as well as your performance on the real exam. I did it multiple times and sometimes I do not include the accounting parts in Gleim because they are very hard. I am glad I did not focus that much on accounting and listened to Stephanie.

5. Be at your BEST

Prior to my exam day and on exam day itself I make sure I am or feel at my best. I make sure I had a good sleep, wore my best clothes and remain positive and calm.


Even though others may claim that Gleim is insufficient, I believe it is doable. But, one must assess hie or her own weaknesses prior to picking the right tools. Remember, every person is different. I hope this is helpful and thank you for reading.

Note from Stephanie

I was trying to pick my favorite tips but I couldn’t — all of the above are important! I didn’t know about the IIA webinar archives, so that’s a great one. And to wear the best clothes on the exam — I like that LOL

I know you have another post coming. Looking forward!

About the Author Lynnel

Lynnel is a recent graduate, with a BSBA Major in Internal Auditing in the Philippines. Lynnel passed Part 1 and 2 on the same day, and Part 3 on her first attempt.

  • Eduard says:

    Hi lynnel!
    This is eduard.. filipino din 😊
    I took part 3 last month but i unfortunately failed.. just wanna ask you lang to clear my confusion regarding regulator.. ang regulator ba ay may influence at interest sa company or corporate governance?

    • Lynnel says:

      Hi Eduard, I’m glad there are Filipinos who follows this website. Anyway, regarding your question I do not know if you’re asking about the list of stakeholders who has interest or influence in corporate governance which you may find in IIA website, under supplemental guidance topic is Corporate Social Responsibility.

      On the other hand, I believe regulator has influence on both organization on public and private sector. Also, regulator is part of corporate governance of an organization. You may read about it on IIA website, under supplemental guidance Assessing Organizational Governance in Public Sector.

      I hope it clears out your confusion a little bit. If you have additional questions, just let me know. 🙂

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