Gleim CIA Challenge Exam: Can Gleim help you pass the CIA Challenge Exam?

If you’re thinking of fast-tracking your way toward a CIA certification, the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course can help get you there. After all, the test is called a “challenge exam” for a reason! Therefore, you will need the right CIA Challenge Exam study material to ensure you study the entire syllabus. But does Gleim have the best CIA exam prep to get you across the finish line? Read on to learn more about how Gleim can help you pass the IIA Challenge Exam.

Why You Should Pick the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System:

  • First, it’s based on Gleim’s Premium CIA Review System, our #1-rated CIA review course.
  • Second, it uses SmartAdapt Technology, an adaptive learning system that guides you toward what topics to study next.
  • Gleim’s mock exam replicates the actual IIA Challenge Exam testing environment.
  • The course also includes thousands of questions explaining correct and incorrect answers.
  • The digital book covers everything on the CIA Challenge Exam syllabus.
  • What’s more, supplemental videos break down and teach you how to answer the toughest questions.
  • And finally, your Gleim Personal Counselor is a mentor who can keep you on track.

Gleim’s Background

Gleim has actually been a leader in exam prep for 40+ years now. Dr. Irvin Gleim, Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, initially developed his Knowledge Transfer System for accounting and aviation exams. (He’s also an avid pilot.) But today, the company specializes in CIA review courses and reviews for the CPA, CMA, and EA exams.

Overview of the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course

Gleim’s CIA Challenge Exam Review System essentially follows the company’s Premium CIA Review System. After all, the ACCA CIA Challenge Exam is a way to save some time and money to gain your CIA certification. Still, you need to meet a few qualifications first. So let’s review them.

IIA CIA Challenge Exam

Via the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), the IIA (or the Institute of Internal Auditors that awards the Certified Internal Auditor designation) offers a Challenge Exam every year. In short, this exam is a way to become a CIA through an expedited process. However, you can only take this Challenge Exam if you already hold certain other accounting certifications, like the US CPA.

The IIA assumes that since you’re already an accounting pro, you have a certain amount of standard baseline knowledge. For that reason, there’s no need to test you on that material. Therefore, the ACCA CIA Challenge Exam covers the topics not tested on your accounting body’s certification exam.

Nevertheless, you can only tackle the Challenge Exam if you’re already a US CPA, CA, or have a similar designation. (In fact, you can even take the CIA Challenge Exam if you have a CISA certification, at least for a limited time.) Moreover, be sure to read this article about the CIA Challenge Exam before deciding to proceed.

Course Features

Gleim’s special CIA Challenge Exam course has all the learning tools you need to study for this unique opportunity.

1. SmartAdapt Technology

First, the Gleim method uses SmartAdapt Technology, an adaptive learning platform that helps you study more effectively. Each learning unit starts with a diagnostic quiz. After that, the software prompts you to read outlines or passages from the Gleim Review digital book. And when you’re finished reading, you can take a short true/false quiz of 5 questions to ensure you understand the main topics in the learning unit. This way, you’re not moving ahead before you’re ready.

2. Gleim Instruct videos

Gleim has developed a series of videos called “Gleim Instruct.” But still, you should consider them supplemental videos to your overall learning. That is, don’t plan to rely on these videos as your only learning tool. Besides, each video is short and only covers a specific topic. However, they show you how to answer the most complicated problems on the IIA Challenge Exam. Plus, all the instructors are professors or other content experts from the Gleim CIA team.

3. Digital Gleim CIA books

As with all Gleim courses, the Challenge Exam course has a digital version of the Gleim CIA books. However, I don’t consider them books but rather detailed outlines. Although some users find the outlines a little jarring, they do a good job of detailing the topics on the exam syllabus. And really, because of the format, you don’t have to read a lot of fluff. In the end, that could save you study time.

Additionally, the books have an embedded feature that allows you to take notes as you read. This feature is quite handy!

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Outline

4. Gleim CIA test bank and practice questions

The Gleim course includes thousands of sample questions to keep you studying. And more importantly, each question explains both the right and wrong answers. With this feature, you can learn faster, especially if you read all the explanations. In fact, you should read them all, even if you answered a question correctly.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Session

5. Mock exam in the Exam Rehearsal mode

Gleim also includes a mock exam that replicates the actual testing environment as closely as possible. That is, this timed exam in the Exam Rehearsal Mode has the same functions and pacing as the real ACCA CIA Challenge Exam.

Besides, taking a timed mock exam is one of the best ways to make sure you’re ready for exam day. It’s crucial to practice how quickly you need to tackle each question so you don’t run out of time.

6. Real-time analysis and feedback

The Gleim system also includes instant feedback and analysis of your performance. For instance, you’ll receive a diagnostic score when you complete a quiz.

But you’ll receive more granular levels of analysis than that. Gleim also shows you how long it takes to answer a question, for example. After all, one of the most important aspects of passing any accounting exam is learning to answer all the questions within the given time frame. With this feedback, you can practice your timing, too.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Grade Report

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Material

Here’s a list of important details about Gleim’s Challenge Exam course.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Course

Price (before discounts) $499
Video lectures
Audio lectures
Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) Thousands
Adaptive learning technology
Textbook Digital
Unlimited practice exams
Full-length mock exam

How much does the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course cost?

Before discounts, the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System is $499.

Gleim CIA discounts

IPass readers can save big on the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review course when you use our Gleim discount link. The discount is embedded in the link, and your final discounted price will be reflected in the shopping cart.

Best Parts of the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Material

1. Guided review for the CIA Challenge Exam ACCA

Because of Gleim’s SmartAdapt Technology, you don’t need to guess what to study next. That is, simply work through your Gleim course and follow the prompts. In short, the system takes you through a series of readings and brief videos followed by practice questions to reinforce the content. So just trust the system; it will make sure you study the entire IIA CIA Challenge Exam syllabus.

2. Gleim Study Plan + Personal Counselor keeps you on track

Like other Gleim courses, the CIA Challenge Exam Review System includes a study planner. When you start the course, you’ll be prompted to fill it out. To begin, you enter the date you plan to take the challenge exam. Next, you input the number of hours a week you have available to study and potential blackout days (like important holidays). And then, your Gleim Study Plan will create “due dates” for each learning unit. Moreover, you can also set up phone, email, or text reminders from your Gleim Personal Counselor when a study unit is due or behind.

Basically, if you stick to these due dates, you’ll be able to review the entire CIA Challenge Exam syllabus before your exam date.

Gleim Study Planner

Worst Parts of Gleim’s Challenge Exam course

1. Gleim CIA books are intense

Gleim is well-known for the very detailed explanations included in the CIA review books. However, some users might find the books a bit overwhelming.

And this is a fairly minor criticism, but the reading materials included with the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System are in outline form. Still, the outlines are thorough and easy to understand.

2. Videos are similar to presentations

The supplemental videos included with the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course are really more like PowerPoint presentations. To be more specific, don’t expect a classroom-like experience with these short videos. Instead, you’ll see a series of slides and graphics with an instructor talking over the presentation. Still, the info presented is strong. And the videos definitely help you understand how to answer the questions better.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam FAQs

What credentials are needed to take the ACCA CIA Challenge Exam?

That’s a great question! Read this article about the IIA CIA Challenge Exam to learn the specifics.

Is the Gleim Challenge Exam course online?

Yes! Like other Gleim courses, the Gleim challenge exam review is totally online. Therefore, you’ll need an internet connection to access your study materials.

What’s the cost of the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course?

Before discounts, the cost is $499.

Is the CIA Challenge Exam Study Guide enough to pass the exam?

Not really. When you sign up to take the CIA Challenge Exam, you’ll receive materials from the IIA, including study guides. However, most candidates need some supplemental learning tools to pass the exam.

For instance, you can certainly read the CIA Challenge Exam syllabus independently. But that doesn’t give you enough details to really learn the topics you don’t know. By studying with a company like Gleim, though, you can guarantee that you’ll review all of the topics and be ready on exam day.

Is Gleim enough to pass the CIA Challenge Exam?

Absolutely! In fact, Gleim is our top-rated provider of study materials for the CIA exam. And since Gleim has been in the accounting education business for over 40 years, the company understands how to help you reach a passing score.

My Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System Conclusion

If you’re already a CPA or hold a similar accounting designation, you should consider the benefits of the CIA designation, too. And once you weigh the pros and cons, start looking for a review course that will prepare you to pass the CIA Challenge Exam. Depending on your learning style, Gleim could be the right IIA Challenge Exam course for you. After all, when you combine Gleim’s great team with SmartAdapt Technology, plenty of practice questions, the Gleim CIA books, and mock exams, the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam study material could be exactly what you need to become a CIA.

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