GTAG: Supplementary Materials for the CIA Part 3 Exam

GTAG from IIAYou may have read our suggestions on downloading GTAG and other supplementary materials to prepare for your Part 3 exam. Now, you may ask…

What is GTAG?

GTAG, which stands for Global Technology Audit Guide, is a user-friendly guide for internal auditors to understand information technology management, risk, control, and security.

Here is the list of current guides for your reference:

Previous GTAG #
Assessing Cybersecurity Risk: Roles of the Three Lines of DefenseNew
Auditing Application Controls8
Auditing IT Governance17
​Auditing IT Projects12
Auditing Smart Devices: An Internal Auditor’s Guide to Understanding and Auditing Smart DevicesNew
Auditing User-developed Applications14
Business Continuity Management10
Change and Patch Management Controls: Critical for Organizational Success2
Continuous Auditing: Coordinating Continuous Auditing and Monitoring to Provide Continuous Assurance3
Data Analysis Technologies16
Developing the IT Audit Plan11
Fraud Prevention and Detection in an Automated World13
Identity and Access Management9
Information Security Governance15
Information Technology Outsourcing7
Information Technology Risk and Controls1
Management of IT Auditing4

Can You Email Me These Copies?

I used to forward copies of GTAG to readers, but I now realize that the access is part of the privilege for IIA members and therefore, please understand that I can no longer do that.

For IIA members, these guides can be easily downloaded here. They are available in English, French for all parts, and occasionally also in other languages (e.g. Turkish, Polish) for some parts.

For non-members, they are available for purchase separately. Each guide is around US$25.

Do You Need Further Help in Part 3?

We have loads of guidance on how to tackle this most difficult part of the CIA exam, as well as many sound advice from readers. Many of them are recent takers who passed. If you have specific questions, that page is also the best place to get help. Good luck!

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    Thanks for sharing those guides. My question is that do I need to study all GTAG? or are there specific GTAG that I need to study for CIA part 3? to be honest it is impossible to study from gleim/iia and all GTAG given the capacity of a human brain. appreciate your prompt response. Thanks!

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