HOCK CIA Challenge Exam: Can HOCK help you pass the IIA Challenge Exam?

The HOCK CIA Challenge Exam materials are designed for anyone who wants to pass this special opportunity to become a Certified Internal Auditor. After all, the pass rate for the IIA Challenge Exam is notoriously low. Therefore, studying with a provider like HOCK International could boost your chances of passing. So in this article, you’ll find a review of HOCK’s Challenge Exam materials to see if they fit your learning style and budget. Plus, I’ve also included links to a HOCK CIA Challenge Exam coupon.

Why You Should Use the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Course

  • First, the digital detailed textbook presents a systematic review of the content of the IIA CIA Challenge Exam.
  • Second, the test bank has over 1,340 multiple-choice questions with answer explanations.
  • HOCK also gives you access to 22 hours of engaging video lectures taught from a classroom-like setting.
  • A mock CIA Challenge Exam is included, too.
  • Plus, HOCK users benefit from several layers of personal support, including a student question-and-answer forum.
  • And finally, HOCK is also an affordable option for CIA Challenge Exam review.

HOCK’s Background

Brian Hock (CMA and CIA) is the accounting pro behind HOCK International. He actually kicked off HOCK Training in Moscow over 20 years ago. Initially, HOCK Training offered in-person, classroom-style reviews of materials to pass the CPA, CMA, CIA, CFA, and other accounting exams. His courses were a big hit, so he founded HOCK International in 2003. Through this company, Brian has created web-based review courses that are helping candidates pass their accounting credential exams across the globe.

Overview of HOCK International

HOCK is already known for its CIA prep courses, including the CIA Review Complete and CIA Review Standard courses. However, HOCK also has a course specifically dedicated to passing the CIA Challenge Exam. In short, this special opportunity is a faster route to become a CIA if you already have another accounting certification like the CPA. Consequently, let’s take a look at the HOCK study materials and see if they can help you pass on your first attempt.

HOCK Challenge Exam Course Features

The HOCK materials go over everything on the CIA Challenge Exam ACCA syllabus. Additionally, HOCK includes lots of learning tools to keep you studying. And if you get stuck on a topic, HOCK’s personal support is there for you when you have questions.

1. HOCK PassMapTM and Personal Study Plan

The HOCK CIA Challenge Exam materials include access to an online personal study planner. To use it, you start by inputting your anticipated exam date. From there, HOCK will estimate the total number of hours you need to study per week, based on previous candidates’ experiences. As a result, the study planner can really help you envision the study commitment you need to pass the IIA CIA Challenge Exam.

Furthermore, all HOCK courses use a platform called PassMapTM. And basically, it does just that—it creates a map to help you pass the Challenge Exam. For instance, your PassMap will suggest textbook units to read and videos to watch before tackling practice questions centered around those same topics. In this way, you’ll never have to guess what to study or when to study it. HOCK essentially takes the guesswork out of studying!

2. Video lectures

When you purchase Hock’s Challenge Exam materials, you’ll also receive access to the HOCK CIA videos. Over 22 hours of videos are included. The videos mainly have slide text on the left slide of the screen, while Brian Hock lectures from the right side.

All videos must be watched online, however. In fact, they are streamed directly from the HOCK You’ll also get copies of the slides used in the videos, but you’ll need PowerPoint to open them. Although many of the slides contain a lot of text, it’s nice to have them. You can even print them out and take notes as you follow along with the videos.

HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Videos

3. HOCK CIA test bank

You should closely consider the strength of a course’s test bank since practicing questions is one of the most common ways to study. Within the HOCK test bank specifically, you’ll find over 1,340 MCQs (multiple-choice questions).

HOCK provides explanations for all answer choices, too. That is, detailed clarifications are given for both the correct and incorrect choices for each MCQ. After all, it’s often just as important to know why a choice is right as the other choices are wrong.

But like the videos, the test bank is all online. For that reason, you’ll need to have an internet connection to answer practice questions.

HOCK CIA Challenge Exam MCQ

4. Student forum

When you’re studying with your HOCK materials and have a question, you can turn to the Student Forum. Basically, you can also search the forum by topic when you have a specific question. In the forum, you’ll find previous questions and the answers provided by HOCK’s content experts. I’ve read through many of these student forums myself, and I’ve been impressed with the level of detail that the HOCK team goes into with their replies. Actually, even if you don’t have a question, it’s not a bad idea to skim through the topics yourself and read the expert replies—you’ll probably learn a thing or two!

5. HOCK CIA digital textbook

The Challenge Exam materials include a digital version of the HOCK CIA books, too. The book blends paragraphs of text with bullet lists and shaded callouts. The layout is easy to follow as well. And although the textbook itself doesn’t have a built-in note function, you could take notes in a notebook or Word doc.

The textbook is comprehensive and covers all of the topics on the exam CIA Challenge Exam syllabus. In fact, the HOCK CIA books are actually so thorough that even people without a background in internal auditing can learn from them. For example, they start with the basic concepts and build from there.

HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Materials

With the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam package, HOCK includes a digital textbook, practice questions, a personalized study plan, digital flashcards, a student question/answer forum, and a mock exam.

What’s included with the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Materials?

Access length Unlimited
Textbook Digital only
Test bank 1,340+ MCQs
Video lectures
Audio lectures
Adaptive learning platform
Flashcards Digital
Personalized study plan
Mock exam
Price (before discounts) $699

Best Parts of HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Materials

1. HOCK CIA is known for engaging videos

Brian HOCK himself leads all of the HOCK CIA videos. Besides, Brian’s engaging teaching style is one of the biggest strengths of the HOCK videos. As soon as you watch your first video, you’ll quickly grasp Brian’s enthusiasm for the profession. That enthusiasm is contagious, and it makes studying for the CIA Challenge Exam much more pleasant.

Plus, Brian records the HOCK videos in a classroom-like setting and lectures as if you were sitting right in front of him. I personally find this approach more engaging than some other providers’ “videos” which are not much more than slide presentations.

2. Support from the HOCK team

HOCK provides its users with three levels of personal support. First, technical support is available if you’re having tech-related issues with your HOCK materials. Second, instructor support experts can answer any questions about the topics on the Challenge Exam syllabus. Third, HOCK even has exam support. And their experts can help you register for your exam if needed, too.

3. Personal study plan

The HOCK materials include access to a personal study planner. When you start your HOCK course, you’ll find an introduction called “Start Here: How to Study.” It goes over how to use your HOCK course and how to set up a study plan that you can stick to.

In short, the planner analyzes your progress through the materials. Then, it estimates how many more hours you need to study to make your way through the entire Challenge Exam syllabus. With this kind of feedback, you can better plan your week to ensure that you’re building in enough study time.

3. Detailed analysis and feedback

Additionally, when you answer a set of questions in a HOCK Study Session, you’ll receive feedback on your performance analysis. For instance, the analysis shows you what topics you are missing. Afterward, you can go back to the book and re-drill these topics. Then, you can create a new Study Session that only includes the questions you answered incorrectly and try to improve your performance.

HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Feedback

4. Mock exam

Before your big exam day, you should definitely plan to take a simulated exam. That is, you should sit down in a quiet place and tackle a mock exam from start to finish. Because in the end, you won’t know if you’re truly ready to pass the IIA CIA Challenge Exam until you take a practice test. Plus, you can rehearse your pacing to make sure that you can answer all the questions in the allotted time.

For this reason, HOCK includes a full-length mock exam with the CIA Challenge Exam study materials. Moreover, it has new questions you haven’t seen elsewhere in the course to further replicate the exam environment.

5. Unlimited access

And finally, you’ll have unlimited access to the online HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Study Materials. In contrast, some companies only give you access to online materials for 12 or 18 months. And even if you plan to pass the Challenge Exam within that time frame, life and work events can often slow down your study progress. Therefore, it’s best to pick a review course with online materials that never expire. Otherwise, you might have to re-subscribe to your course if it expires after a certain period, adding to your overall cost.

HOCK’s online materials, however, don’t expire.

Weaknesses of HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Materials

1. Web-based materials

All of the materials included with the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam course are online. That is to say, if you want to access anything from the videos to the textbook to the MCQ test bank, you’ll need an internet connection. Of course, most of us usually have internet access these days. Therefore, web-based materials might not be an issue. Still, it’s something you should be aware of.

2. Test bank is a little limited

The test bank included with the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam materials includes over 1,340 MCQs. Although this might seem like a lot of questions now, most candidates spend a lot of time working on practice questions. As a result, you might work through these questions before you are finished studying.

Nonetheless, the questions are still high-quality. And at the end of the day, it’s better to have a smaller amount of high-quality questions than thousands of poor-quality ones.

HOCK CIA Challenge Exam FAQs

Does HOCK include flashcards?

Digital flashcards are included with the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Study Materials. However, the flashcards are PowerPoint files. Therefore, users need the PowerPoint program to view the flashcards.

Can I pass the ACCA CIA Challenge Exam with HOCK?

Firstly, the pass rates of the IIA Challenge Exam are particularly low at just 39-42%. However, you can greatly increase your likelihood of passing if you study with the right materials for your learning style. And with everything included in the HOCK Challenge Exam package, it’s possible that HOCK will work for you. After all, HOCK International has been prepping accountants and auditors to pass their credential exams for over 20 years.

What’s the price of HOCK’s CIA Challenge Exam course?

Before discounts, the cost of the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Study Materials is $699.

Does HOCK have financing options?

Yes! In fact, HOCK has free no-strings-attached financing. You’ll find the details on the HOCK page at checkout.

Does HOCK give a free trial?

Yes! You can sign up for a free 14-day trial and test out the HOCK system. Plus, HOCK doesn’t ask for your credit card to start the trial. Instead, you just need to share your name and email address.

Final Thoughts about HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Study Material

HOCK offers high-quality CIA Challenge Exam study materials at an affordable price. For instance, the textbooks are comprehensive, especially if you need a refresher on the CIA Challenge Exam topics. If you’re a visual learner, you could also benefit from HOCK’s engaging videos. Plus, the PassMapTM and the HOCK personal study planner will direct you through the exam topics so you review everything before your exam day.

After all, HOCK International has already helped thousands of people become Certified Internal Auditors. And as long as you have an internet connection to access the online content, the HOCK study materials could help you successfully tackle this challenge.


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