HOCK International CIA Review 2024: Uncovering the HOCK CIA Course

Hock CIA 2021Should you take the HOCK International CIA Review Course to help you prepare for the CIA exam? We’ve got the answer to that question as well as information about how to save on HOCK CIA Review.

What we love about HOCK: It’s the best CIA review course for engaging video lectures at an affordable price.

Number of MCQs: 2,700+ | Number of Instructional Hours: 42 | Access Length: Unlimited/Until you Pass | Cost: Options range from $579 to $1,669, before our exclusive discounts.

Why You Should Pick HOCK CIA:

  • Dedicated instructors who help you pass through video instruction, forums, and an online course
  • Highly affordable — it’s the highest-quality affordable course on the market!
  • Excellent guarantees because they truly stand behind their products

You must prepare properly to pass the CIA exam, but especially on your first try. A CIA review course is essential for effective exam preparation, so you must know which one to use. If HOCK International CIA Review is the course for you, you can determine that with our assessment of it.

HOCK International CIA Review History

In 2000, Brian Hock, CMA, CIA, created Hock Training in Moscow, Russia, to offer a classroom setting for the CPA, CMA, CIA, CFA, and other accounting certification exams. Based on the success of Hock Training, Hock founded HOCK International in 2003 in the U.S. with a focus on providing accounting certification exam study materials worldwide.

Contents of HOCK CIA Exam Prep

For CIA exam prep courses, HOCK offers 3 options:

  1. CIA Review Complete: includes unlimited access to 42 hours of in-depth video lectures, textbooks, digital flashcards, a test bank of practice questions, teacher support, a mobile app, a You Pass or We Pay Guarantee, a final review study, and mock (practice) exams
  2. CIA Review Standard: includes unlimited access to textbooks, a test bank of practice questions, a mobile app, teacher support, digital flashcards, a final review study, and practice exams
  3. CIA Questions, Videos, and Textbooks: videos, a test bank, and textbooks are available for purchase separately

You can choose to purchase courses for each exam part separately (HOCK CIA 1, 2, or 3), or you can buy all 3 parts together.

With the nearly 5-star rated HOCK CIA Review Complete course, you get:

  • 752 pages of comprehensive text: The textbooks come in PDF or hardcopy versions.
  • 42 hours of videos: Brian Hock leads the video lectures that follow a classroom-style format.
  • 2,700+ multiple-choice questions (MCQs): MCQs are available in the online class or mobile app and include answer explanations.
  • 689 flashcards: Flashcards are in a digital format.
  • 6 mock exams: The mock exams contain new questions that don’t appear in the test bank.
  • 5 guarantees: HOCK give you five guarantees, including the You Pass or We Pay, One-On-One Support, Up-To-Date materials, No Expiration, and Best Price Guarantees.

Furthermore, HOCK provides its candidates with three layers of support:

  1. Teacher support – The HOCK experts answer all of your questions.
  2. Technical support – You receive assistance on using your materials correctly.
  3. Exam support – HOCK helps you complete the process of registering for your exams once you’ve completed your studies.

As you can see, with these three levels of assistance, HOCK goes above and beyond the technical support to which some review providers limit their support. Consequently, candidates who would like a little more hand-holding through the study and testing process will appreciate HOCK’s commitment to them.

Strengths of HOCK CIA

1. The Textbook Provides Comprehensive Content

HOCK CIA prides itself in its textbook, as HOCK writes its textbook for those who do not have a background in internal auditing. Therefore, the textbooks start with the basics and are also easy to read and understand. So, if you are the type of person who likes to learn from a textbook, then the HOCK textbook could be a big draw for you. Not everyone is a linguistic learner, but nevertheless, HOCK creates good textbooks.

2. You Can Study On the Go

Printed books are available, but you may also read the PDF format on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Kindle, and other mobile devices. So, this benefit enables you can take your study materials with you everywhere. Preparing for the CIA exam takes a lot of study time, so flexibility on when and where you can study is essential.

Additionally, you’ll find that you can answer the multiple-choice practice questions using the app. This is especially convenient for candidates who aren’t always connected to wifi. CIA candidates who purchase HOCK CIA Review can download the app to their mobile devices for free.

3. The Videos Offer a Classroom Setting

HOCK records the video lectures in a classroom setting, and Brian Hock is the instructor. During the lectures, Brian covers the main points from the textbook, gives insights into complex concepts, and solves calculation-based problems. Consequently, many people enjoy these videos because they differ from the standard YouTube videos of someone talking to you through a screen. Some CIA candidates find classroom-setting videos to be better for their educational needs, so these videos are great for them.

What’s more, there are 42 hours of video lectures, so you’ll be immersed in all of the critical CIA exam topics. For candidates who are visual learners, the ability to watch CIA lectures may be key to passing the CIA exam on the first attempt.

Finally, HOCK’s videos allow candidates to turn on Closed Captioning (subtitles), which can further your understanding. Whether English is your 1st or 3rd language, the Closed Captions drive concepts into your memory because you’re both reading and listening to your instructor.

4. HOCK CIA Offers Free Financing

Unlike other CIA review courses, HOCK allows its candidates to sign up for free financing. And there are truly no strings attached. For example, no credit checks or social security numbers are required. So, international candidates and candidates with relatively new credit histories will appreciate the easy financing offered by HOCK.

Additionally, financing is interest-free. HOCK is the only CIA review provider to offer interest-free, easy-to-apply-for financing. It’s helpful for most candidates who do not have the ability or desire to spend a large amount on a single purchase.

5. HOCK Fully Supports You at Every Point in Your Studies

If you have a question about the content you’re learning about in the lectures, multiple-choice questions, or textbook, you’ll appreciate HOCK’s helpful support. For instance, you can email the instructors or ask questions in the HOCK forums. I can verify that the HOCK experts are quick with their responses and can assist you so that you understand each concept fully.

Additionally, HOCK provides you with free updates to your materials. At the beginning of 2019, the CIA exam experienced many changes that left many candidates having to purchase brand-new study materials. Luckily, whenever the CIA exam changes, you won’t be forced to buy new or updated materials if you are buying HOCK CIA Review. You’ll be supplied with the updates without asking or paying for the new material.

Plus, your materials do not expire. In fact, you’ll have access to the materials for as long as you need them. Some CIA review courses expire after 18 months, but this is not the case with HOCK CIA. So rest assured that your investment is covered since you won’t lose access to the materials you worked hard to pay for.

Weaknesses of HOCK

The Amount of Practice Questions Is Limited

Based on readers’ feedback, HOCK has comprehensive practice questions, but the breadth and depth of the HOCK test are somewhat limited. For example, HOCK supplies 2,700+ practice questions in their 3-part course. Over 2,700 MCQs may sound like a lot, but when you see that HOCK spreads this number of questions out over all 3 parts of the CIA exam, you realize HOCK’s question bank could improve its question count.

Practice questions are essential for being completely CIA exam-ready. Therefore, the more practice questions a review course has, the more in-depth they are, and the higher we can rate that review course. However, while HOCK doesn’t supply as many questions as we’d like, they are constantly adding more. And the questions they do offer are extremely high in quality. Not only does HOCK provide detailed answer explanations for the correct answer choice, but they also provide these same in-depth explanations for incorrect answer choices as well.

How Much Does HOCK CIA Cost?

The regular cost of HOCK’s Complete Course is $1,699. And HOCK does offer a payment plan if you make a minimum purchase. This accommodation is convenient for candidates who can’t or prefer not to pay for their entire review course upfront.

If you are looking for a more pared-down CIA prep course due to budget concerns, you can purchase the HOCK CIA Standard Review Course for $1,049 before discounts.

Further, if your budget is especially tight, you can purchase the test bank or videos for $529 and the textbooks for $589.

My Recommendations

HOCK CIA Review is a good choice for candidates; we just wish this course included more practice questions as well.

But because it doesn’t, you may want to consider some alternative CIA review course options. These courses are not necessarily better than HOCK, but they may have different features that you would prefer.

How Does HOCK Stack Up to the Other Courses?

HOCK CIA is a high-quality CIA review course, so we feel strongly that this course can help you pass the CIA exam. Frequently, I get questions from readers about how HOCK differs from other courses, and I am happy to help you understand the differences.

HOCK International CIA vs. Gleim CIA Review

Gleim CIA Review is a highly regarded course, but so is HOCK. So, how do you choose?

Gleim CIA Review has a great interface, CIA videos, supplemental books, and study guides. Of course, it also has a great CIA test bank that imitates the real exam environment and ensures that you’re ready to test.

On the other hand, HOCK CIA has a user-friendly dashboard, engaging CIA video lectures, and truly great guarantees. The quality of MCQs for HOCK equally matches those contained within Gleim, too.

Plus, if you need to finance your CIA review course, HOCK is a much better option because they provide you with interest-free financing without a credit check. Gleim offers to finance your purchase but only for candidates with a social security number (and a credit check is required). Plus, you’ll get charged interest if you finance the Gleim course.

Additionally, if you need engaging lectures to really help you comprehend the material, we love HOCK’s videos. Brian Hock is easy to understand, helpful, and he does not read directly from a textbook. So, we favor HOCK’s lectures.

Finally, HOCK CIA is much more affordably priced than Gleim CIA. Therefore, if budget is a concern, you can purchase HOCK without sacrificing any quality.

You can also get more information in my comparison of Gleim CIA vs. HOCK International CIA.

HOCK CIA vs. Surgent CIA Review

Over the years, Surgent has come a long way in the exam review industry, and they are quickly becoming a leading provider of courses for accounting, tax, and finance professionals.

At this time, Surgent CIA does not include instructional lectures or in-depth textbooks. However, they also have free updates, test prep, and great customer service. Yet, Surgent’s courses have other pros and cons to consider as well, so you should learn more about Surgent CIA Review before you make your decision.

Because HOCK CIA has top-notch lectures, in-depth textbooks, and plenty of guarantees, we find that HOCK is a better choice for students who prioritize having these items in their course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HOCK sell its CIA video lectures separately?

Yes! You can purchase the HOCK lectures separately if you already have another review course and would like to receive expert instruction from Brian Hock.

All of the HOCK lectures follow the CIA syllabus and are filmed in a classroom-style environment. Additionally, the HOCK videos feature subtitles so that you won’t miss important details.

International candidates really appreciate the subtitle features, especially if English isn’t their first language. The subtitles on the videos make Brian’s thorough explanations even easier to understand for candidates, regardless of their native language.

You can purchase the videos per part or as a 3-part set.

Plus, in the future, HOCK plans to add CIA videos to HOCK stream, which is a monthly subscription service. For now, HOCK stream lets you watch all of the CMA videos that HOCK has ever created. But soon, HOCK will add CIA videos as well!

Is Financing Available?

Yes, and HOCK offers candidates a rare financing feature: they do not charge interest! Moreover, you won’t be subject to a credit check and don’t need a U.S. social security number. So, HOCK’s financing is hard to beat, especially compared to other CIA courses on the market, which do require credit checks and social security numbers. Plus, the other courses charge you interest if you also finance your CIA materials.

How Does the You Pass or We Pay Guarantee for HOCK’s CIA Courses Work?

This guarantee pays for a candidate’s exam registration fee following an unsuccessful attempt at the CIA exam. If you fail your first attempt, HOCK will pay for your 2nd attempt. Yes, HOCK will seriously pay you per failed part so you can take the exam again.

What’s more, the guarantee is unique to HOCK, and it provides candidates with an additional layer of support.

HOCK CIA truly stands by its products and is dedicated to helping you become a CIA. They offer four other guarantees at this time (for a grand total of five guarantees), and we know that only a company that’s extremely confident would back their product to this extent.

However, only the HOCK CIA Complete Review Course includes the You Pass or We Pay Guarantee, so we recommend that you opt for this package over any of the other choices.

To qualify for the guarantee, CIA candidates must do all of the following:

  • Watch 95% of the videos
  • Answer 90% of the questions correctly
  • Pass one mock exam with a 70% or better

If you are dedicated to passing the CIA exam, it will be easy to hit the minimum requirements to utilize the guarantee. But because meeting the requirements involves actually studying, most candidates who do will pass. So, while they qualify for the guarantee, they don’t need to use it!

Does HOCK Offer Other Certification Exam Prep?

Currently, HOCK International offers review courses for the following exams:

Plus, HOCK also has a review specifically for the IIA Challenge Exam, the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Material.

My Conclusions About HOCK CIA

HOCK CIA is a great option for your CIA review course. The guarantees are stellar, the content is comprehensive, and the price tag is very affordable. The CIA exam is a significant challenge, and to achieve your goal of passing it, you need the right tools to get you there.

If you’d like to learn more about HOCK in summary form, check out our pros and cons of the best CIA review courses!

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