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Many of you have been emailing me, specifically about which materials would best prepare someone for the CIA Challenge Exam. You’ll find recommendations to prepare for BOTH the CIA Challenge Exam, and the 3-part CIA Exam below. If you’re preparing for the 3-part exam, skip to the discount section, as the middle of this email is for Challenge Exam candidates 🙂

However, please note I have one discount for the CIA Challenge Exam that’s deeper than the ones below. If you’re interested in the Hock CIA course AND are taking the Challenge Exam, please reply to this email and let me know. Once I validate your Challenge Exam registration, I can share the deeper Hock discount with you.

Because the IIA CIA Challenge Exam covers all 3 parts of the CIA exam, with minimal exceptions, it’s important to prepare with a complete system like the ones below. There isn’t a course that has Challenge Exam versions of their CIA courses, because it’s not necessary — as I mentioned, the material on the Challenge Exam is nearly exactly the same for the 3-part CIA exam.

If you study with only the materials included by the IIA, you’ll only have access to basic reading materials and 150 practice questions. That’s not enough, so please don’t rely on that alone.

Also, since the Challenge Exam is more expensive than the CIA exam and the re-take costs $795, it’s imperative that you prepare properly for the first attempt. The Challenge Exam pass rates have been as low as 38%, globally, in recent years, likely due to a lack of quality prep materials and study time.

August is ending, and the CIA discounts below are too! If you need to purchase your CIA review course, use the best coupons below.

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