​​Hello, I am Stephanie, and thanks so much for checking out my mini-course! Let me clear some common questions before going ahead...

Wh​at exactly is your ​mini course?

It is a series of newsletters to be emailed to you for 5 days. There are no strings attached and is absolutely free, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

Why do you provide this course​?

Most (but not all) of the e-course materials can be found somewhere on this site, but given there are hundreds of pages of information in IPassTheCIAExam.com, chances are that you’ll miss something important.

The e-course is just a way to make sure you can go through all important articles in an efficient, effective and coherent manner.

How can this course help me pass the CIA exam? ​

You’ll learn:

  • ​Why you may, or may NOT, want to become a CIA
  • ​How difficult the CIA exam can get
  • ​Which is the BEST CIA review course?
  • check
    ​Why focusing on getting more correct answers could be a wrong study tactics
  • check
    ​And much, much more!

See what some of our ​readers have to say:


Hi Stephanie,

Your course has been extremely helpful to me as a person contemplating obtaining the CIA designation.  The short course was informative (answered all of the questions that were in my mind), well organized (relevant content separated appropriately email by email),  and relatively brief (enough to keep a truly interested engaged in the content).

Thank you for this website and email course!



​Hi Stephanie,

I forgot to mention that your course content is very informative. I like that it allows an aspiring candidate to examine the reasons for wanting the CIA designation as well as providing resources information.
Keep up the good work. I really appreciated it.



​Dear Stephanie, I would like to thank you for your efforts and dedication that you are putting in to help student around the world by coaching, motivating and showing them the way.

It should be highlighted that in today materialistic world, it is indeed very rare to come across people who take initiative to help others without requesting any financial benefits. I was surprise with the fact that everything is free and also our simplicity and respect in your words is very appreciated on my side.