I Pass the CIA Exam!

Passing CIA Exam Part 3 First time!


Passing CIA Exam Part 3This is Lynnel’s blog. She has been documenting her CIA exam journey right from the beginning. This is the most exciting post — she passed her final part of the exam!

(Lynnel actually wrote this right after her exam, on May 18, but I have been sick and so haven’t really been publishing this post until today. My apologies to you all who’ve been eagerly waiting)

Hi everyone! As promised, I am back with a good news, I passed part three first time. Even until now, I really can’t believe it. It is just a dream before but now a reality. I want to thank everyone who believe in me and who include me in their prayers. Also, I want to thank Stephanie, Art and the whole community for their huge contribution in Part 3 without you all I can’t make it.

For those who are first time to read my blog, on my previous blog posts. I stated there that I am almost ready for Part 3. I will be writing another blog on how I prepare few weeks before the exam. Meanwhile, you may click here for my study technique for part 3.

During Exam Day

Honestly, I really don’t feel so relaxed compared to the time I studied for Part 1 and 2. There’s a little bit of worry and doubt, but I conquer it by meditating and focusing on the present moment.

Since I lived in the province area, I woke up 5 hours before my scheduled exam, 10:30 in the morning, to make sure I arrived at the test center a little bit earlier. I made sure that on the exam day I would be at my best, including my mood and how I felt about my clothing. I ate a light meal, snack and drank vitamins which helped me focus on my exam.

As usual, before I started the exam I said a prayer and it gave me the confidence to have a clear mind during exam. On my first 30 minutes of exam, I had technical difficulty. My computer suddenly shut down and I was glad there was a quick response regarding the issue, as the administrator moved me to another station.

I was worried about the time being wasted because the questions were very hard and I couldn’t answer it just by reading once. My strategy on answering questions was, to answer short and easy questions and then to go back to the questions that look very hard. In addition, I did not flag or change answers.

It’s true that this is the hardest part on the CIA exam. I was running out of time and there were only 8 minutes left when I finished the 100 questions. I’m glad I still finished it on time with few minutes left and I knew that I did well.

Looking at the print out that said “PASS” was one of the best feelings I felt. After all the hard work, worries, doubt, I conquer it through prayers and by believing in myself.

Note from Stephanie

This is certainly the most wonderful news we got after Annette’s amazing pass. I still feel bad about my belated congrats but really, this makes my day 🙂

I know that you would pass on your first try (and I told you so privately right?) but it’s still a different feeling when we know for sure that you’ve nailed. Excellent work Lynnel! Look forward to your next insightful blog post.

About the Author Lynnel

Lynnel is a recent graduate, with a BSBA Major in Internal Auditing in the Philippines. Lynnel passed Part 1 and 2 on the same day, and Part 3 on her first attempt.

  • Diane says:

    Congratulation Lynnel! So happy for you! I am glad to hear that it is possible to succeed part 3 but not glad to hear that it was very hard 🙂
    I remember that feeling for part 2 when I read ”pass”. On my way home, I had to stop and look again at my paper to make sure that it was my name on the paper and that the girl did not make a mistake by giving me another’s person document ! Hope to have that same feeling soon!
    Thanks again for all you comment. It is very generous of you to take the time and help you collegues. I wish you all the best in your new carreer! Congratulations again!

    • Lynnel says:

      Thank you Diane. We’re actually the same I checked my result twice to make sure it’s mine. Good luck on your exam. 😊

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