Prioritizing… Making Time for What’s Important 2 You :)


making time for internal auditSylvia is our CIA exam blogger from Nebraska working hard on her CIA exams.

Hello test takers and test passers!  I have not had a moment to post, hence the title, so I had to stop what I was doing this morning (after grabbing a cup of coffee) and make it happen.

I had been traveling for work and it was by far the longest work trip ever….a whomping 10 days!  I’m sure to my kids it probably felt like a month, but they survived, plus this mommy needed a mental break to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

I kept thinking on my trip that I would have time to post and check out the website and other bloggers.  But then I thought, I have the time, just have to make the time.  Isn’t it funny, once you stop and think about it.  It’s no different than achieving the CIA designation.

First, you have to decide and know what is most important to you and then ask yourself why it’s important.  There are many things that are important to me and passing the CIA exam is at the top of the list.  It’s important not only because I have my children and others looking up to me, but I enjoy what I do and feel the designation will speak for itself.  I know with hard-work and dedication it will pay off.

You will have to miss some of your children games, night out with friends and even going to the show.

Stay tuned!


Note from Stephanie

Hello! A 10-day trip is long for internal auditors isn’t it. Business travel could be exciting but at the same time a burden for those with kids and family and dependents. But as you said, it was a nice break from the chaos at home 🙂

I can’t agree more that prioritization is the key to take things work and make things happen in our lives. Let’s work hard for our goals together!

About the Author Sylvia N

Sylvia is a busy mother and Internal Auditor in Nebraska, USA. She is working hard to retake her CIA exam.