Restarting My CIA Exam Journey (plus New Strategy)


restarting cia examWaqar is our CIA exam blogger. After busy working on his MBA for a few months, he is back with new strategy for the CIA exam.

I was away for a lot of time from the CIA exam.  It’s finally time to go for it, as recently I have completed my second semester of MBA.

I have this burning desire to complete it as soon as possible. I will make a great deal of effort to complete it within a short time.

Restarting CIA Exam… and Take Part 3 First

I have changed my strategy from attempting part 1 to attempting Part 3 first. First, it’s one of the lengthiest exam CIA offers. Second, I do have an upper hand because I am a CMA and know just about everything related to management accounting.

Before we go further with my journey, let’s have a look at one of my favorite quotes:

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

One other thing I would like to share: I will be using Gleim for part 3 of the CIA exam. I just love the way they put things for the students, for them to easily understand the concept.

Other than using Gleim, I will be using a lot of other studying and test bank material. I have decided to make a plan for what to buy for the part 3 exam, to help me out pass the exam on my first try. 600 out of the 750 point is quite a challenge to pass this CIA exam.

My Plan for This Week

This week is very important for me. I will be visiting official sites of the CIA course providers, and will choose the best offer for me to tackle the exam. I will use Gleim book and test bank as primary prep material, and others as supplement tools.

There are a lot of choices for me for the supplement material, like Hock, Wiley, Fast Forward Academy and official learning system for the CIA exam from IIA. I have read their pros and cons, but I also have to consider the cost of the material. Other than this, I need not to overwhelm myself by the material itself.

I will soon be sharing my experience with you. If anybody has recently taken Part 3, I would love you to comment here for any tips or other suggestions.

See you next time and thanks Stephanie for your support.

Waqar Akmal, CMA

Note from Stephanie

Hello Waqar, it’s wonderful to see you coming back again! It’s interesting how you want to start with Part 3. I see how you want to get rid of the most difficult part first, and to make good use of your CMA knowledge while it’s still relatively fresh in your mind. We have readers doing that before. I believe it’s Art Yip, who is a frequent and very helpful commenter on this site.

I encourage that you go to our Part 3 page. There are loads of info and tips, both in the main page and in the comment section. You might want to say hello to Art and the rest. See you next week!

About the Author Waqar Akmal

Howdy guys, I am Waqar Akmal from Pakistan. I am currently enrolled in MBA program (Third Semester) and have completed the CMA exam. I am now working towards the CIA exam.