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Simplilearn is one of the largest online platforms for certification training, and the CISA is one of 40 certifications that their review materials address. Furthermore, more than 6,000 students have completed the Simplilearn course, and the course has earned a 4 out of 5 rating from almost 500 students. So, is Simplilearn CISA Review the course for you? Use this information to learn all about Simplilearn and make your CISA review course decision!


Simplilearn CISA Course Review Savings

simplilearn cisa

Simplilearn CISA Course Overview

Simplilearn is a very complete, popular course for CISA training and study. Simplilearn’s CISA certification training aligns with ISACA’s CISA exam syllabus to help you ace the exam on your first attempt. Furthermore, the Simplilearn CISA video instructor is Chuck Easttom, an individual who not only has a lot of experience with the CISA but with knowledge sharing in general.

Dr. Chuck Easttom has many years of experience in all aspects of IT. First of all, he holds a Doctor of Science in cybersecurity and 3 master’s degrees, including 1 in applied computer science and 1 in systems engineering. He has also written 26 computer science books to date.

Additionally, he is an inventor with 16 computer science patents and over 50 research papers on similar topics. And, he was a subject matter expert for CompTIA in the creation of their Security+, Linux+, and Server+ certification tests. He was also on the Job Task Analysis team for CEH v8.

Next, he created the OSForensics certification test and course. And finally, he currently holds over 40 IT certifications, including A+, Network+, iNet+, Linux+, Server+, MCP, MCAD, MCSA, MCSE, MCDBA,MCTS, MCITP, CEH, CHFI, CISSP, CCFP, ISSAP, and more.

So, clearly, this man knows IT and is highly qualified to contribute to a CISA review course. And when your CISA review course features such an expert, you can trust it to maintain a high level of quality.

Contents of Simplilearn CISA Course

To individuals preparing for the CISA exam on their own, Simplilearn has 2 course options:

  • Self-Paced Learning: includes lifetime access to high-quality self-paced e-learning content curated by industry experts and 24/7 learner assistance and support. This option costs $2,499 without any coupons or discounts.
  • Online Classroom Flexi-Pass: provides 90 days of flexible access to instructor-led online training classes, lifetime access to high-quality self-paced e-learning content and live class recordings, and 24/7 learner assistance and support. This option costs $2,899 without any coupons or discounts.

Each of these courses includes:

  • An exam pass guarantee
  • 5 simulation exams
  • An included exam voucher (India and Africa are excluded from the voucher)
  • 10 industry-based case studies
  • 5 domain-wise test papers

If you purchase the Self-Paced Learning course, you’ll receive 40 hours of in-depth learning, and if you buy the Online Classroom Flexi-Pass, you’ll receive an additional 32 hours for a total of 72 hours of in-depth learning.

Simplilearn also supplies the Corporate Training Solutions course for businesses, but I’m choosing to focus on the options for individuals.

And within these course options, you’ll find the following features:

1. Online Interface

The online interface is user-friendly and gives you direct access to everything you need. When you enter the login area of the online interface, you’ll find high-quality, self-paced e-learning content curated by industry experts. The interface is user-friendly and accessible on different devices, so you can still study on the go.

2. Video and Audio Content

Both Simplilearn CISA courses contain a mixture of videos and audios to help you navigate all the learning material in the way that suits you best. Specifically, the course contains 27 hours of in-depth audio and video content. This content covers all of the subjects on the CISA exam and gives candidates more great ways to learn.

3. Books and Study Guides

Simplilearn includes 5 domain-wise test papers to prepare you for the CISA exam. These test papers provide further explanations of the content in each of the CISA exam domains. In addition to these test papers, you’ll also receive e-books on the exam content.

4. Practice Questions

After you finish consuming the video and audio lessons for each domain, the Simplilearn course will present you with some brief questions. Furthermore, the course also has 1-2 case studies and an online practice exam for each domain.

So, to complete the lessons for one domain, you must work through the case studies. Then, you’ll take the online exam. Simplilearn has 5 practice exams that simulate the real CISA exam environment, and they grade these exams for you. Simplilearn actually holds candidates to a higher standard for passing their practice exams than the real CISA exam does. So, if you pass the Simplilearn practice exams, you’ll know you’re definitely ready for the real test.

5. Expert Help

The Simplilearn course offers a few different layers of 24-7 learner assistance and customer support. Specifically, you can contact Simplilearn through email, chat, and phone calls. And, if you subscribe to the live virtual classroom training, then you can attend ongoing course batches, revisit concepts, and submit queries through the website. The website even features Simplitalk, a live chat medium you can use to ask questions of the Simplilearn support team. The variety of ways you can receive support from Simplilearn is definitely a distinguishing feature in the industry.

6. Lifetime Access

Simplilearn gives you lifetime access to their course, so you definitely have access until you pass the CISA exam. And no other course offers an access period this long.

If you use just the self-paced learning course option, then you can finish the course in 40 hours. And if you add on the Online Classroom Flexi-Pass, you’ll get another 32 hours worth of instructor-led online training classes, so the course will take you 72 hours to get through. But with lifetime access, there won’t be any need to speed through the course!

Best Parts of Simplilearn CISA Course

1. Clear and Well-Organized Instruction

I like Chuck’s lecture style. He explains concepts in a way that everyone can understand, and his manner is clear and relaxed. I believe Chuck facilitates a positive learning experience, and I think most candidates will agree.

2. Bite-sized Videos with Quizzes

Each domain is 2.5 to 3 hours long. But Simplilearn divides the domains into units, and each unit is no longer than 26 minutes, with most under 15 minutes. This bite-sized approach makes it easier to process and retain the information that you are taking in.

After you get through all the videos, you’ll answer 4-5 questions and 1-2 case studies to help you see what you remember and retained from the videos. The quizzes and case studies come with full answer explanations. With these answer explanations, you can learn why you got a question wrong and why the correct answer is what it is.

As mentioned, your study of each domain ends with a practice exam, and Simplilearn grades these exams with an 80% passing mark, which is higher than the passing score for the actual CISA exam. Consequently, passing a Simplilearn practice exam serves as an insurance policy for passing the real CISA exam.

3. Very Complementary to CISA Review Manual

This course addresses the weakest points of the CISA Review Manual: that the manual does not explain the concepts thoroughly and that the book itself is pretty dry. Therefore, these 2 study materials complement each other perfectly. I definitely think you should supplement the CISA Review Manual with a CISA review course, so this pairing is ideal.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back guarantee is certainly one of the most attractive aspects of Simplilearn. The guarantee reveals that if you don’t find the course helpful within 7 days, you can get your money back. As long as you send the refund request in within 7 days, Simplilearn will give you 100% of your money back without asking any questions. 

Worst Parts of Simplilearn CISA Course

1. The Course Is Not the Most Engaging

Simplilearn has a tendency to crank out review courses. After all, they supply study materials for all sorts of professions. Consequently, the Simplilearn CISA course feels a bit institutionalized and lacks a personal touch, even though the lecturers are good.

2. The Practice Questions Are Only Available in the Mock Exams

Other than the few sample questions that you can answer after each domain lesson, Simplilearn doesn’t offer a lot of practice questions for you to work on. The majority of their questions are in the practice exams, which contain 150 questions each, just like the CISA exam. So, the lack of a test bank is definitely a con, since test banks are one of the best study tools you can have for the CISA exam.

3. Both Course Options Are Quite Pricy

Simplilearn’s Self-Paced Learning Course costs $2,499 at full price, and the Online Classroom Flexi-Pass Course is $2,899 without a discount, as stated above. Simplilearn’s courses are therefore the most expensive among CISA SuperReview (a fully integrated review course) and Surgent CISA (a practice question database with a basic reference book).

These prices are very high for the CISA review industry, so Simplilearn is not very accessible to CISA candidates on a budget. Is Simplilearn worth it despite the steep costs? Well, Simplilearn probably justifies their course prices with the presence of their expert instructors and quality videos, but I can’t say that I agree with them.

My Conclusion About Simplilearn CISA Course Review

So, is Simplilearn good?

I do believe that Simplilearn has good material. It’s definitely a top contender of the CISA review options. The instructors are excellent, and the videos are well-made. And with so much audio and video content, Simplilearn has created the dream CISA review for visual and audio learners. So, individuals with those learning styles can benefit greatly from studying for the CISA exam with this course.

On the other hand, I always prefer to study actively by answering lots of practice questions. This exercise lets me really learn and apply the key terms and concepts. And because the Simplilearn course doesn’t include easily accessible practice questions, it doesn’t help learners like me. So, when making a decision about whether to use Simplilearn, you must consider what type of learner you are.

If you decide Simplilearn is best for you, check out the discount code below to save some money on your purchase. If you’re still unsure, watch Chuck’s introductory video.

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