Let’s Welcome Sylvia our CIA Exam Blogger!


sylvia-cia-exam-bloggerSylvia is our latest blogger from Nebraska working hard on her CIA exams. This is her first post.

This journey to achieve passing the CIA has been a looong (notice multiple o’s) one, but admit that I am also learning and rewarding along the way.

I am recently divorced, and a mother of two children, ages 12 and 8. They remind me of why it’s important to stay committed and disciplined to achieving this designation.

I am a native of Omaha, NE and earned my undergrad and grad degrees at Bellevue University. I am an internal auditor at an insurance company and have been in this role for a little under three years.

All through high school and college my goal was to become a CPA for various reasons. I enjoyed math, and this profession would be able to provide for my family, but mainly because it was a field that lacked diversity and here I was – an African American and a woman – double bonus in the accounting field!

I decided to pursue the CIA exam after giving myself permission to forgo the CPA exam, as I felt that was no longer my passion. I was in this new role as an internal auditor and felt the position, role and responsibilities fit me like a glove. I’ve always thought I was a detective (maybe too many episodes of Law and Order SVU), but also enjoyed improving processes.

I’ve attempted this exam multiple of times… seriously! I’ve even started keeping count on my board and since hung my “failed” reports on my wall. Now one would probably ask why go through the trouble of reminding myself of how many times I’ve failed at something… especially the same thing.

But you have to look at it this way, it shows that my score increased each time I sat for the exam, and there were other lessons I was learning. Remember what I said earlier — recently divorced, therefore take that process (which with God’s help I got through), my new role at work, and the dynamics of my family changing… I would count that as a success.

Note from Stephanie

It’s great meeting you here Sylvia! After reading your story, I have to redefine what’s meant by juggling 😉 I am glad you are passionate in your profession and you’ve got two kids as the anchor. Despite all the challenges, you are studying positive and still working hard towards the CIA certification. Our great role model!

We as a community will be supportive along the way as well. Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to your next post.

About the Author Sylvia N

Sylvia is a busy mother and Internal Auditor in Nebraska, USA. She is working hard to retake her CIA exam.