New CISA Syllabus: Change Effective June 2016

new cisa syllabus

The CISA syllabus is changed every few years to reflect the constant changing business environment of IT auditors.

In the latest round of changes, a team comprising CISA task force members, independent reviewers and 1,500+ practicing IS audit professionals participated in a review process that spanned over nine months.

New CISA Syllabus in 2016

In August 2015, the new syllabus was announced, changing the weighting of the 5 domains:

 Domains Before After
1. The process of auditing information systems 14% 21%
2. Governance and management of IT 14% 16%
3. Information systems acquisition, development, and implementation 19% 18%
4. Information systems operations, maintenance and support 23% 20%
5. Protection of information assets 30% 25%

new CISA syllabus changes in 2016

Other CISA Exam Changes

The number of exam questions is reduced from 200 to 150. The duration remains to be 4 hours.

This means that candidates can now spend, on average, 1.6 minutes on each question instead of 1.2 minutes previously. I wonder if this implies the exam questions are becoming more complex…

There is no further information on the details of the changes. We’ll find out in the upcoming June exam.

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