CISA Review Course Comparison: 3 Best in 2018!

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Loading...CISA review courseHere is my analysis on the pros and cons of CISA review courses based on readers’ experience and comments from various IT audit forums.

Let Me Find the Best CISA Review Course for You!

The default study material is CISA Review Manual, but it is dry, boring and lacks explanation and examples.

If you are looking for a supplement, or a more efficient way to understand the concepts, we have the following recommendations:

CISA SuperReviewSimplilearn CISA coursesurgent cisa courseX
CISA Course NameCISA SuperReview
SimplilearnSurgent CISA Review
# hours of video instruction30-40 40 None
# multiple choice900+1,000 1,650+
# simulation exams4 5 Available
Access time limit180 days180 days 12 months
Customer serviceInstructor phone
and email
Tech support ($599)
Live support ($1,499)
Technical support
 CPE credits counted?Yes No No
Guarantee6 month extension
if not passing *
7-day money-
back guarantee *
Pass or Refund
guarantee *
 Pricing $665.95 (save 25% – discount auto-applies) $599 (Save 30% w/ code M30) $349 (save 15% w/ code IPASSCISA15)

& Analysis

CISA SuperReview

* Conditions apply. Please check the respective review course providers for details.

Detailed CISA Review Course Comparison

CISA SuperReview

This is a popular review course run by renowned info security expert Allen Keele.


  • The only CISA full review course with video instruction, hundreds of practice questions, simulation exams with an affordable price.
  • Great customer service with direct phone and email contact available.
  • The course can be counted towards the CPE requirements.


  • Unlike the others, there is no money-back guarantee.
  • Number of practice questions not as many as that from Exammatrix.


  • An excellent fully integrated course that supplement or even replace the CISA review manual.
  • Check out my evaluation here>>

SimpliLearn CISA Course

Simplilearn is one of the largest online training platform covering over 40 certifications. More than 4,800 students went through their CISA review course.


  • Very clear and organized video instruction.
  • There is a money-back guarantee: students can try out the course for up to 7 days. As long as they don’t access more than 50% of course content, they can receive a full refund (please read the terms and conditions for details).


  • There are quizzes after each study module, but there isn’t a database of practice questions (questions only in mock exams).
  • Relatively expensive.


  • Good choice for those who look for further explanation of concepts via video.
  • Check out my evaluation here>>

Exammatrix CISA Test Prep

Exammatrix is a exam prep platform for various accounting and tax certifications. It prides itself on the proprietary adaptive learning system, from which questions are fed to students based on their weaker areas.


  • The adaptive learning system is one of the most efficient way for students to learn, and is especially helpful for retakers to improve their scores.
  • There is a pass or refund guarantee.


  • It is not an integrated learning tool. There is no video, audio, flashcards and personalized customer support. The reference book only covers basic concepts.


  • Great supplement to CISA review manual, especially for those who understand the concepts and only needs more practice questions.
  • Check out my Exammatrix evaluation here>>

My Recommendations

cisa-superreviewI believe most candidates would agree that CISA SuperReview has the best video lectures, practice questions, CPE credits, excellent customer support with access to Allen himself… all in one nice package. What do you think? Drop a note here and we can discuss.

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